Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sky Blue Pink - Oats/ Makin Love Now

Sky Blue Pink - Oats(My Future Depends on You/ Makin Love Now -Right Now 1571 (US 1970)

Sky Blue Pink were a trio out of Ohio who only ever released this one single. Both sides share a similar philosophy of melding Hard Rock riffing with lush harmonies and lighter psych interludes. The effect is quite striking and accomplished, but mean both tracks don't get to fit on the Bonehead scale of things. The band comprised of Daniel Cadaret  (guitar/vocals), Gary Ameling  (bass/vocals)  and Mark Melnek (drums/vocals). Further info here

Hear a full version of Oats

Hear a full version of Makin Love Now

Friday, August 19, 2016

Bros -Red Headed Woman -Unreleased US Acetate

Bros -Red Headed Woman/ Sweet, Sweet Lovin' -Sound Trek Acetate (US 197?)

Red Headed Woman is a great greased -up Crunchin sizzler that sits somewhere between Bar Band Proto Punk (think Frut's Spoiled Rotten), Bonehead with a twist of ersatz Stones -dig the Bobby Keys-like sax break "C'mon purdy Mama shake it for me"...indeed 
This recording is unreleased ( as far as I can tell), it's by a band called Bros with production by George St. John...My guess it's from 72/73. Anyone out there know more?

 Hear a full version of Red Headed Woman