Thursday, September 25, 2014

50 rare and obscure singles listed on ebay

I have just listed 50 rare singles +1  on ebay including some killer obscure Proto Punk/Hard Rock, Freakbeat and some cool Glam and Powerpop stuff

You can find the listings here:

One recent discovery is the amazing Sweet Leaf single:

Sweet Leaf -Indian Man/ I Need You-Elmwood (1975 US)

“Custer Custer What you’re going to do? You have 10.000 indians down on You…” What can you say about this fake native American-sided extravaganza that throws XIT back into the reservation. With its Heavy riffage and pounding war drums, this make Propeller’s Apache Woman or Moonquake’s Wardance sound positively restrained. From Pueblo Colorado, this was somehow the creation of Norman Petty’s studio. Pressed up in minute quantities, this single was Sweet Leaf’s first and last (recording) stand…

Hear a soundclip of Indian Man

Here is the full list

Ted Mulry -Jump in My Car-Original version -German Pic Sleeve -1976
Barry Ryan -Do That- Glam classic -French Picture Sleeve -1975
Harpo - My Teenage Queen -Glam Thumping Cruncher -1974
Boston Boppers -Did You Get What You Wanted -Killer Junkshop Glam -1974
Scarface -Tootsie Roll Baby -Killer Obscure Crunchin' Glam -Demo -1975
Ricky Wilde-- Teenwave -Crunching Glam-French Pic Sleeve -1974
Sparky-Summertime Woman -Snarly Troggs Junkshop Thumper -1972
Jerusalem -Kamakazi Moth- -Hard Rock FREAK -German Pic Sleeve-1972
Andromeda -Go Your Way -Heavy Psych/Freakbeat/ Hard Rock -1969
Marsha Hunt -Desdemona/Hippy Gumbo -John's Children -Bolan-1969
Sundance -Gotta Get You Back -Crunchin' US Hard Rock-1971
Jailhouse -Bad End/ Ya Hoo Hoo - UK BONEHEAD Hard Rock -1972
Haffy's Whiskey Sour -Shot in The Head-Vanda & Young/Easybeats -1971
Small Wonder - Ordinary Boy/ Ride a Black Sheep -Raga Glam -T. Rex 1974
Jon Symon -Silver Star - Killer Glam/Proto Punk -1975
Rainbow Family -Travellin' Lady -1972 -Heavy Psych FREAK
Snatch- For Always and Ever- Ultra Rare GLAM- Glitter Band 1975
Chris Neal -Mr. Leather and Velvet -Classic GLAM Anthem -1973
Sweet Leaf -Indian Man -Heavy Bonehead Hard Rock -1975
Tiger B Smith -Morning Bird -Bonehead Glam Stomper 1975
Dwarf -Backstage Queen-- US-Private Proto Punk -Rare -1976
Josuha -Jenny (Take Me Out For a Ride) -Stoner Freak Glam -1973
Husky Wells -Can't Be Satisfied -Female Mod/Glam Dancer -1974
Incredible Hog -Lame-Killer Heavy Rock/Glam -German Pic Sleeve -1973
Farm -Fat Judy -Bonehead Crunchin' Glam Boogie -Demo -1974
Stepson –It’s My Life/ Rude Attitude –Bonehead Cruncher Proto Punk 1974
The What -The Devil's Game -Obscure Proto Metal Doom Heavy Psych
TNS -Time's Up Michigan Proto Punk/Hard Rock -MC5 -1972
Rescue Co. No 1 -Roll-A-Bowl-A-Woman -Stomping Junkshop Glam -Demo -1975
Life -This Time -Heavy Fuzz Psych/ Hard Rock- Obscure-1972
Inca Bullet Joe -Nothing Has Changed -Heavy Rock - Bonehead Cruncher 1971
Just Plain Smith -Just Open Your Mind /February's Child -FREAKBEAT -1969
Biddu -Look Out Here I Come -Eastern Psych Mod Dancer- Pic Sleeve -1967
J.C. Livingstone -Momma Was A Steamroller -Killer Freakbeat/Glam UK 1973
Catapult -Let Your Hair Hang Down -Thumping Dutch Glam 1974
Arzenboys -Bump on My Head -Heavy Glam Groover -1975
P.A.T.C.H -Where Are you Now?/Bang Bang Bang -Top UK Powerpop -1972
Hetherington- Teenage Love Song- UK Powerpop-1973- Pic Sleeve
Pony -It's Gonna Be So Easy- US Powerpop-1974- Promo
Dana Gillespie- Weren't Born a Man- German Pic Sleeve-Bowie -1974
Libido -Hold on To Your Fire/Weren't Born a Man -Dana Gillespie -1973
Jetz -Catch Me -Proto Punk/Powerpop - Original German picture Sleeve -1977
Dictators -Heartache/ Search & Destroy - German picture Sleeve -1977
Hector -Wired Up -Killer Proto Punk/Glam - DEMO -1973
Puhdys -Hellraiser/Highway Star -East German!!!! Glam -1974
Union Express -Do You Love Me/Alligator Fix -Killer Glam - Pic Sleeve 1973
T. Rex -Get It On -Rare Italian Picture Sleeve-1971
Abacus -Indian Dancer -Stomping & Crunching Glam - Dutch Pic Sleeve 1974
Streak -Bang Bang Bullet -Wild Proto Punk - Pic Sleeve 1973
Pagliaro -Illusion/ Revolution -Moonquake-Killer Crunchin RAWK

And the +1: Barracudas-God Bless The 45

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

K.G. Young –Spider

K.G. Young –Spider/ Spider Woogie 9th Movement –CBS 4302 (1969 German issue)

K.G. is in fact Brill Building songwriter/producer Kenny Young whose long and varied career encompasses many fine Girl Group, Bubblegum, Purepop and novelty (Yellow Dog) sides. Spider is a fine specimen of late 60s Psych Pop featuring fine line in orchestration and arrangement. This single is an astute blend of melodicism and quirkiness which could have appealed to kids as well as the more sophisticated pallet

Hear a full version of Spider

Monday, September 15, 2014

Zendik –Is There No Peace

Zendik –Is There No Peace/Aesop – Pslhrtz 100 (1970 US)

From Illinois and as the label states: Recorded in America…Yup and with real attitude too, with the stars and stripes probably hanging upside down. Zendik sounds like a slightly hippie-fied MC5 underpinned by a driving bass riff recalling The Stooges. This is the real McCoy, like a rural White Panther call to arms. Where Black Sabbath may have shied away by only asking the question, these shout out GOD IS DEAD. Apparently this is not related to the Zendik Texas commune, but perhaps inspired by?

Hear full version of both songs

Monday, September 08, 2014

Henry Turtle –Do You Believe/ You Turned Your Back and Walked Away

Henry Turtle –Do You Believe/ You Turned Your Back and Walked Away –Columbia DB 8859 (1972 UK)

Do You Believe was the first single released by Henry Turtle and was issued from a session at Air with a heavy backing crew featuring Chris Spedding, Herbie Flowers and Clem Clatini. Do You Believe is a surprisingly successful Spector recreation recalling I Can Hear Music or Don’t Worry Baby with Henry’s distinctive vocal delivery adding an unexpected twist.  The B side is a real heavy monster. The first few seconds are pretty weird then all hell breaks loose with Chris Spedding shining on what could be construed as a bongo infused T. Rex covering Whole Lotta Love. Funny to note that the French release (where the A and B sides were switched), warns the purchaser that the song only really gets going after the first 20 seconds! Henry is still active as a singer/songwriter and artist, you can check out his website here:

Hear a full version of You Turned Your Back and Walked Away

Hear a full version of Do You Believe