Monday, September 15, 2014

Zendik –Is There No Peace

Zendik –Is There No Peace/Aesop – Pslhrtz 100 (1970 US)

From Illinois and as the label states: Recorded in America…Yup and with real attitude too, with the stars and stripes probably hanging upside down. Zendik sounds like a slightly hippie-fied MC5 underpinned by a driving bass riff recalling The Stooges. This is the real McCoy, like a rural White Panther call to arms. Where Black Sabbath may have shied away by only asking the question, these shout out GOD IS DEAD. Apparently this is not related to the Zendik Texas commune, but perhaps inspired by?

Hear full version of both songs

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Matt Nauseous said...

Excellent stuff!