Friday, July 29, 2011

Cozy Powell –Na Na Na

Cozy Powell –Na Na Na/ Mistral –Rak 180 (1974 UK)

“I Wanna be the man with the 50 pound hammer...” This is the first time I have actually featured a bona fide UK hit on Purepop, but this track is just so invigorating! It’s the mother of all stompfests and probably the most interesting of Cozy’s Rak singles as it’s a killer full song. The beat and power is overwhelming (that intro guitar chord is pure Holidays in The Sun) and the lyrics are  pure class and scream attitude. In his best Noddy Holder, Frank Aiello sprouts:
"I know you get your kicks playing Hendrix licks, you're the wizard of Wembley Central, You're the JS Bach of Belsize Park- but me, I'm just plain mental...”
After this Cozy joined Rainbow and things got a whole lot less fun...

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chakras –Agnes Vandalism

Chakras –City Boy/ Agnes Vandalism –Reprise 0859 (1969 US)

Agnes Vandalism (what a great title) is pure Baroque Powerpop for need of a better word. Nicely orchestrated by Jimmy Haskell, Agnes Vandalism features a truly perfect soaring chorus on a strong track that got lost in that 60s to 70s limbo period. Shakras was formed by 2 ex -Standells (including Larry Tamblyn) and 2 Knack members, but Shakras was very much a stop gap prior to a partial reformation of The Standells with this being their only release. The A side is also good, but the real gem is this B side. Another real contender that should have been...

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mother Trucker –Tonight

Mother Trucker –Tonight/ Propeller Love –Ember EMA 0287 (1974 US)
Mother Trucker –Tonight/ Propeller Love –Vogue VB 401 (1975 Bel)

Both sides of this Mother Trucker single are fine examples of tuff Glam Crunch-a-rama in Punchin’ Judy mode with extra horn(s). Signed by the US branch of Ember by John Madara, Mother Trucker was a UK outfit supposedly with a background in road haulage (yeah right...). There also seems to be some line-up confusion between the US and Belgium sleeves –spot the similarities...not obviously apparent. Whatever the line-up Mother Trucker can handle my logistics any day –niark niark...

Hear a full version of Tonight

Hear a full version of Propeller Love

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dwarf –Backstage Queen

Dwarf –Backstage Queen/Couple of The Night –Merlyn Records A 3379 (1976 US)

One year on from Gotta Get Louder this is the 2nd single by Teen sensations Dwarf. Oh they must have been at least 16 by the time this one got released, with puberty but a distant memory... Backstage Queen is a slightly more controlled affair (read less exuberantly punky) than their first single but it’s a fine 70s Stonesian rocker which projects their testosterone infused dreams oh so innocently. Just in case they didn’t pull on the night, the single came with a coupon to gather all the important data from their fans. Just how many were sent in I wonder...The B side is a more “sensitive” number

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inside –Wizzard King

Inside –Wizzard King/ Your Love My Love –Glowat Records 30234 (197? US)

Ok, here’s a really hot one. Released on a small North Carolina label probably in the early 70s, Wizzard King is a one-of-a kind Fuzzed-up Punker with cutting guitar interjections, pumping organ, cracking vocals and incessant beat, all compressed into its short but perfectly formed format. The B side is not as wild as the A side, but is a nice melodic mid-tempo number. So who were Inside? The label credits Jeff Stanley, Dennis Wheeler, Teddy Web and Junior Norfleet who is now a DJ on the Shag/ Beach music scene...

Hopefully, there will be more info forthcoming, but in the meantime enjoy this gem. Pure killer...

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Hear a full version of Your Love, My Love

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Macarthur –Good Stuffe

Macarthur –Good Stuffe/Parentship Relation –Vertigo 603793 (1976 Aus)

As a rule of thumb, many Aussie 70s singles sound like they could have been released 2-3 years earlier than their actual release dates, but in the case of this Macarthur single it’s hard to sonically put an actual date on it. It just sounds just dandy whatever the year... Coming on a bit like early Dragon with a twist of Twister (more on them soon!), Macarthur walk the nether land between Hard Rock, Teen and Glam with no small amount of skill. Hot Stuffe is as much about pounding Boogie as it is about melodic flair, whilst Parentship Relation adds a certain harmonised Freakbeat dimension to the mix. It’s a bit New Wavey as well! Both tunes are top in any case, and I’m not sure which one I prefer.
It appears that Macarthur were an Adelaide band who were in existence between 1969 and 1977 and were most likely formed from the ashes of The Why Four. Was anything else released by Macarthur?

Hear a full version of Good Stuffe

Hear a full version of Parentship Relationship

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Last night a band saved my life and its name is... GIUDA!

I don’t “do” new acts, but last night I saw the best new band I have seen for over 20 years.
Imagine Cock Sparrer twinned with The Equals at their most hard-hitting with great original tunes.
This is the most fun I have enjoyed watching a live band since The Fleshtones in their prime. This is no single minded retro trip, but pure energy, loud, tight and concise.

There have an LP and single...where they wear their influences on their sleeve. Giuda are playing again tonight (Sunday) in London again at The Stags Head in Dalston, just in case anyone can catch them in time before they depart these shores.

Top marks and a very rare Purepop endorsement.

Hear Number 10 here