Friday, July 29, 2011

Cozy Powell –Na Na Na

Cozy Powell –Na Na Na/ Mistral –Rak 180 (1974 UK)

“I Wanna be the man with the 50 pound hammer...” This is the first time I have actually featured a bona fide UK hit on Purepop, but this track is just so invigorating! It’s the mother of all stompfests and probably the most interesting of Cozy’s Rak singles as it’s a killer full song. The beat and power is overwhelming (that intro guitar chord is pure Holidays in The Sun) and the lyrics are  pure class and scream attitude. In his best Noddy Holder, Frank Aiello sprouts:
"I know you get your kicks playing Hendrix licks, you're the wizard of Wembley Central, You're the JS Bach of Belsize Park- but me, I'm just plain mental...”
After this Cozy joined Rainbow and things got a whole lot less fun...

Hear a full version of Na Na Na


Anonymous said...

What a great, fun song. There's also a cool video clip on YouTube, with Cozy right down in front.

Anonymous said...

"After this Cozy joined Rainbow and things got a whole lot less fun..."

After this Cozy joined Rainbow and made great hard rock instead of generic pop music.


Unknown said...

I love this song!