Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Hammer –Hitchcock’s Lullaby

The Hammer –Hitchcock’s Lullaby/Doggone –EMI 5C 006-25 046 (1974 NL)

Hitchcock’s Lullaby is quite a departure from Smyle’s (Mark Boon’s previous band) usual fare as the A side comes across like Alistair Riddell’s Space Waltz or The Tigers on Vaseline in maximum horror Camp Glam mode. Their image was the invention of their Manager and my guess is that he got to see a preview of Brian De Palma’s brilliant Phantom of The Paradise (check out the black and white make up worn by The Undead AKA The Juicy Fruits/ Beach Bums in that movie ). He was probably on space yoghurt at the time and his delusional plan to turn the band into a sensation included not even listing the band’s name on the cover or label! File under...god knows what –this is one of the reasons why it is so hard to find this single these days.

Check out the Nederglam site for an interview with Mark Boon and to watch the great video clip:
The B side is more akin to Mark’s usual Beatles/Pop material, which made a full blown come back on both sides of The Hammer’s next single -The Powerpop classic I’d Do It All Again/Cos I’m in Love.

Hear a full version of Hitchcock’s Lullaby

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Return from Utrecht...

So I finally got back from my twice-yearly favourite holiday destination. Again much fun was had, but often at the expense of aches and pains that come with the territory: Walking up and down the aisles from 7am to 7pm over two days does take its toll! Sunday is more of a leisurely stroll...Once again I can state that Utrecht is the finest record fair in the world.
Here are the finds, neatly categorised for your perusal. Quite a few of these are in fact spares, so expect me to list some of them over the next 1-2 weeks.

BTW, my camera has died, so I have had to use the phone of my camera...Yes, I need a new phone as well...

The Dutchies
Antilope –Come On Suzy. Absolute cracker, perhaps the best of the 3 singles from this Shocking Blue/Booby Trap related band: Hear it here:
The Hammer –I’d Do It All Again –Ex Smyle power popper
The Hammer –Hitchcock’s Lullaby (YES! -review SOON!)
Catapult –Hit The Big Time
Catapult –Let Your Hair Hang Down (German pic sleeve)
Left Side –Johnny (sounds like 1968 Kinks), B side is more of a bubblegum rocker...
Left Side –Confusion in My Mind –late 60s popsike
Girlie –Andy –great rocker (German pic sleeve)
BZN –Love Me Like A lion –Good rockers
BZN –Bad Bad Woman –sounds like a male Suzy Quatro number from 1971!
Left Side – (Like A) Locomotion –German pic sleeve
Yellow Cat –Angelique –More horridness from the Sissy guys
Teenager –Birthday –fun fake TEEN Bubblegum. Dorky sleeve!
Cherrie Vangleder-Smith –Goodbye Guitar Man (German pic sleeve)
Serpentine –Belinda Tomorrow –Cool BubbleGlam tracks from the Powerful Jim mob
Zoo –Walking –Great stomper in German pic sleeve (review soon)

The Brits
Smiley –I Know What I Want –Nice Dutch pic sleeve of the Creation related cruncher
Bob and Honey Bee –Queenie Rock On -Good Glam Rocker like Arrows
James Boys –Up Until Now
Vanity Fare –Rock And Roll Is Back. Cabaret-like rockers, but the B sides nearly enters Bay City Roller territory
One Hit Wonders –Hey Hey Jump Now (German pic sleeve) of this double sided belter.
Tremeloes –Blue Suede Tie (German pic sleeve)
Equals –Softy Softly (German pic sleeve)
Sisters –There’s A Raver Coming Home (German promo)
Firebird –Two Wheels (Ger Pic Sleeve)
Zipp –Streak Up And Down. This is in fact Zipper of Can Can fame. Appropriate German pic sleeve!
Crush –Today’s A Tomorrow –fine version of the Giorgio number
Zappo –Right On/ Rock N Roll Crazy (A and B side switch for this French release)
Chris Hodge –Goodbye Sweet Lorraine/ Contact Love –great French pic sleeve
Albatross –Tobacco Road –Glam stomping cover with neat German pic sleeve
Red Fox –Walking Through The Blue Grass (Cover of the Stavely Makepeace track)
Erasmus Chorum –Jungle (pretty wild Glam/Soul crossover)
Erasmus Chorum –EP (Chapter One) not in the same league as the above.
Esprit De Corps –You’ve Taken Along All That I Can Give You -3rd single from the orchestrated psych/pop phasing merchant
Disco Kid –Roller Coaster –German pic sleeve
Brother Susan –See My Fingers Fly
Squeek –Make Hay When The Sun Shines (Spanish pic sleeve)
Roll-ups –Blackmail –Group photo on this German release for the Slowbone guys
Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Strange Walking Man (The Bam Caruso gatefold reissue)
Sting –Thief of Baghdad –French colour pic sleeve
Angel –Good Time Fanny (German pic sleeve)
Angel –Little Boy Blue (German pic sleeve)
Dan The Banjo Man –Black Magic (German pic sleeve)

The Yanks
Ohio Express –Hot Dog –German pic sleeve
Derek –Cinnamon –Dutch pic sleeve for this Johnny Cymbal Bubblegummer
Wildfire –Here Comes Summer (German pic sleeve) Cracking Glam/Surf number
Time Masheen –The Big Black Bird –More extreme madness from the Uge guy
Iggy and The Stooges -Tight Pants/Sick of You (Bomp)

The Belgians
Garnets –Indian Uprising (Spare) Makes Redbone sound “authentic”
Fill’ Mon –Move On (incredible Belgian single –just check that Look! Both tracks are killer. Hear it here:

The Germans
Funky Family –Part of My Life
Funky Family –Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet
Big Secret –Samson & Delilah. Not a patch on Ride Captain Ride
Teens – Gime Gime Gime .../ROLLERBALL!

The Scandinavians
Glenmarks –Big Fat Oranguman –cover of Jungle Jim’s classic!
Walkers –Little Kitty one of the gaggle of singles they released. Although it’s form 1974, it’s a horrible pastiche Ska-Reggae number!
Mabel –Skateboard Rider –DORKS!!!!
NQB –Long Long Weekend –nice German pic sleeve of this killer Runaways/Glam type track

The others...
Children of The Morning –Ku Klux Man (Italo/US Groover)
Variations –Silver Girl -French Stonesian cracker
Variations –Only You Know –French pic sleeve –Good fuzz B side
The Memories –What ‘Ya Gonna Tell Your Mama. Outrageous German pic sleeve for this Irish show/Glam band.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In a few hours; I'll be...........................................


I'll be reporting back with finds, discoveries and other obsessive tales from the best record fair in the world as soon as I can...

Monday, November 16, 2009

My grunt is more primitive than yours: Primitive Man –Animal Love vs. C.C.S. - Primitive Love

Primitive Man –Animal Love/Major Barmy From The Army –Decca F13188 (1971 UK)

C.C.S –Brother/ Primitive Love RAK Replay RR7 (1973 UK)

Animal Love is a silly but highly enjoyable entry in the simian sub Glam/Psych category. It pounds and grunts in sublime heavy fashion. Basically it’s the missing link (get it?) between Hot Legs Neanderthal Man and C.C.S.’s Primitive Love. In fact the Darwinian progression is so neat, I just had to post the C.C.S. track as well –enjoy those devilish jungle horns over the mother of all primitive stomps. Animal Love has the best grunts (and sheep noises!), but Primitive Love might be heavier and adds a more focussed bouncing gold medallion dimension to the proceedings.

Hear a full version of Animal Love

Hear a full version of Primitive Love

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Yummies –Patty Cake

The Yummies –Patty Cake/Hippie Lady –Sunflower SUN 103 (1970 US)
As recounted in the seminal book Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth (Feral House), the sole single by The Yummies was the creation of one Les Fradkin who played all the instruments on both sides. The regular release in fact switched sides, with the Garage Bo Diddley beat of Hippie Lady taking precedence as the potential hit. However Patty Cake is a fantastic example of the perfect Bubblegum tune. It has it all from the mother of all hooks, the incessant hand claps, Farfisa organ and wonderful anglophile vocals which predate the Glam era (think Milk & Cookies on steroids). Patty Cake is the perfect tune with an exemplary all round performance which will plant a big grin to your face...

Hear a full version of Patty Cake

Friday, November 06, 2009

J.C. Livingstone –Hello Johnny

J.C. Livingstone –Oh Oh Angelina/ Hello Johnny –Polydor 2040133 (1974 German issue)
J.C. released quite a few singles mainly in a Euro Oompa Pop style, the exception being the killer pounding Mama Was A Steamroller Lady and this B side. Written by Rod and Eva McQueen, who as Muff were behind the Crunchy Glamsters Sexy Sexy Lady and Do The Hand Jive. In fact Hello Johnny is the ancestor of the skewered but jumpy Discotheque King which was the B side of Do The Hand Jive appearing with new lyrics and those strange on-beat hand claps (
I believe that J.C. Livingstone was originally from South Africa and I wonder if J.C. Livingstone was in fact Rod McQueen...any confirmation on this?

Hear a full version of Hello Johnny

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Brian Wells –Paper Party

Brian Wells –Paper Party/Just A Summer High –Spark SRL1082 (1972 UK)
Coming across like Brett Smiley fusioned with Russell Mael sporting some Al Stewart inflections; Paper Party finds Brian backed by what sounds like an amalgamation of Cockney Rebel and Sweet thus showcasing a severe case of lack of direction, although the results form a Pop/Glam concoction in its purest form...Paper Party has the beat and tempo but the surprising inclusion of a sustained fiddle adds another layer of puzzlement to the proceedings. An obscure misfit of a single; but good fun to be enjoyed by all.

Hear a full version of Paper Party