Sunday, November 13, 2022

Den Bosch Record Fair November 2022 - Day 4: Sunday

 I was glad to have stuck around on Sunday as I made some great deals, often knocking off 50% on many items I was looking at over previous days

Perhaps the icing on the cake is The Emeralds - UK copies were housed in Dutch printed sleeve, such a cracker I only discovered a few months ago

Some other nice titles at reasonable prices

And yet more spares for my next list

So all in all, I think Den Bosch is making good sense. Things are different, so many of the old dealers and no longer present. 2 years of COVID and the change of location has meant that many old favourites have jumped ship. However there is some promising flesh blood, so it's all looking good for the future

Bring on April then!

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Den Bosch Record Fair November 2022: Day 3 Saturday


Today, picked up a few singles, then got a lift for a furtive glance to check what was going on at The Collector/Antique fair at the old Jaarbeurs location.

Although there is a dedicated area for records/CDs, there were no more than 5-6 dealers, I still managed to pick up that elusive 2nd Belfast Gypsies EP at a bargain price

A good score at Den Bosch were these really clean Tages singles. The sleeves are usually in rough condition as the paper is very fragile.

along with some US titles.

Tomorrow I will be back at the Den Bosch fair, to make a few offers on some singles I had my eye on, then train-plane-home with my aged cheese and records

Friday, November 11, 2022

Den Bosch Record Fair November 2022 Day 2: Friday

Looks just like Jaarbeurs at 7am!

A pretty good day, no mind-blowing finds, but a fine and varied collection.

It started with a bit of Bootboy merriment

Then picked up some nice 60s stuff...Didn't know The Buffaloes

Perhaps the best find was this Tony Brook and The Breakers single, pretty wild stuff for 64


Some more 60s singles. Love that Kink's  Party Line and the Johnny Kid (without patch) is also from Norway. The Portuguese Renegades features Thirteen Women.  Got a nice upgrade on the Randy Fuller

....and finished off with a bit of Glam, mostly spares for my next list

The Den Bosch fair is just under a 30 minute walk from the City centre, so did 20.000 steps today and I now feel at least 14,000 of them. Had my eye on a few more singles, and still  more to wade through tomorrow

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Den Bosch Record Fair November 2022 - Day 1: Arrival and Outdoor Utrecht Fair

 So here we go again, now for the 2nd time of the "Utrecht" fair is at its new location in Den Bosch.

Stopped off at Utrecht for the outdoor fair. There seems to have been a change, several of the regular dealers (those with the more interesting singles) seem to have given up. Some hearsay of disagreements with the organisers...

So it was mainly cheap/overstock LPs and 1 euro singles which seemed to be on display here on the way to landfill

However I found the Sheephouse single with the rare Danish sleeve. Basically a few UK copies found their way to Denmark and a sleeve was produced locally. I had been after the sleeve for 15 years, so a nice surprise. Such a cracker with/without the sleeve

Last April, following the first visit to Den Bosch, I felt the jury was still out about the new location. Since the cancellations due to COVID and the full implementation of Brexit (hardly any UK dealers anymore) things are certainly different. Will report back each day