Monday, February 12, 2018

Purepop Set Sale February 2018


I have a set sale of  128 singles now open for one week only

112 Top Glam singles including some big rarities and 16 choice Heavy Psych/Garage/Bonehead/Proto Punk rarities

You can either request the list by emailing me: purepop1ukATyahooDOTcoDOTuk,  by messaging me on Facebook or by leaving a comment.

The lists has several close up photos and sound clips sometimes directly from the records themselves of from YoutTube for reference

I will be updating the  list here as soon and often as possible, those in red mean they are SOLD

Part 1: Junkshop Glam, 70s Pop and oddities

A Raincoat               It Came in The Night/Morocco -EMI Demo (UK)   SOLD
Abacus                      Indian Dancer/Be That Way - York Demo (UK)
Andy Bown             New York Satyricon Zany /Party Games GM Records (UK)  SOLD
Angel                        Good Time Fanny/Who D'ya Think Your Fooling -Cube (UK)  SOLD
Angel                     Little Boy Blue/Tragedy Queen-  Cube (GER) SOLD
Arlan Green        Promo EP-Moonbrite/I Do/ Rock Hotel/The Next Time White label -Bell (UK)
Arrows                  I Love Rock 'n Roll/Broken Down Heart -RAK (UK) SOLD
Ayshea                Farewell//The Best Years of My Life -Harvest (UK)  SOLD
Barry Green          Papa Do/Boomerang - Decca (UK)
Bearded Lady         Rock Star/Country Lady -Young Blood Demo (UK)  SOLD
Big Wheel               Shake-A-Tail Part 1/Part 2 Bell Demo (UK)  SOLD
Bilbo Baggins          Saturday Night/Monday Morning Blues - Polydor  (UK)  SOLD
Boston Boppers        Did You Get What You Wanted /Whirwind Girl -Penny Farthing (SP) (SOLD)
Brett Smiley              Va Va Va Voom/Space Age -Anchor Demo (UK)
Brother Susan         See My Fingers Fly/Full Blooded Natural Man- EMI  (UK) SOLD
Buster                        Motor Machine/Ring Around -Bradleys (UK)
Buster                        Superstar/Rainbows & Colours -Bradleys (UK)
Buzz                            Jubilee Rock/The Digger on Mars Crystal Demo (UK) SOLD
Chris Hodge (The Sunshine Kid)      My Linda/ Same - RCA (US Promo)
Chunky                    Albatross Baby/Road Runner Girl -Orange (UK)
Cobraa                  Ride A Pony / The End Of A Day -EMI German pic sleeve
Crunch                   Let's Do It Again/Not Tonight Josephine- Young Blood SOLD
Daddy Maxfield      Rave N' Rock/Smilin' Again -Pye (UK)  SOLD
Dancer                    Hate Generator /Love Seeds-Dawn (UK)  SOLD
Duck Deluxe     Coast To Coast/Bring Back That Packard Car -RCA (UK)  SOLD
Dust                     Rebound/Pieces -20th Century (UK) SOLD
Equals                Diversion/Here Today, Gone Tomorrow-President (UK) SOLD
Fogg                  Dancin' To The Music/Scrapbook - WB (UK)  SOLD
Giorgio               Son of My Father/I'm Free Now -Parlophone Demo (UK) 
Go Go Thunder          The Race/Mrs Mann -RCA  (UK)  SOLD
Granny                  Lady/Weirdie Deirdre’s Dilema DJM Demo (UK) SOLD
Hamlett                    Where'd The Day Go/ Vampire Man -Pye (UK)
Harpo      My Teenage Queen/I Don't Know Why -EMI (Ger)  SOLD
Hector           Wired Up Ain't Got Time DJM Demo (UK)
Hector         Bye Bye Bad Days/Lady - DJM (Portugal) SOLD
Hello            C'Mon/The Wench -Bell (Belgium pic sleeve)  SOLD
Helter Skelter       I Need You/Goodbye Baby -Sticky (UK) SOLD
Hobnail                   She's Just a Friend of Mine/Boy Scout Jambouree -Bell  SOLD
Hot Rod         I Want You (All Night Long)/Love is all Right (Hey) President (UK) SOLD
James Hogg           Lovely Lady Rock/ Happy Sad - Regal Zonophone Demo (UK)  SOLD
Jet                My River/Quandary -CBS (UK)
Jets                  Yeah!/Rusty Corinthian Pillar -Cube (UK)
Jook              King Capp/Rumble -RCA Demo (UK) SOLD
Jook            OO OO Rudi/Jook's on You/ -RCA  (UK)  SOLD
Jook          Alright With Me/Do What You Can -RCA (UK)  SOLD
Jook            Shame/City and Suburban Blues -RCA (UK)  SOLD
Jook                   Bish Bash Bosh/Crazy Kids-RCA (UK)  SOLD
Matchbox           Don't Shut Me Out/Rod- RAK (UK) SOLD
Mike Berry              Hard Times/Bougaloo Dues-Scramble  (NL)  SOLD
Milk n' Cookies           Little Lost and Innocent/Just Friends Island (NL) VG+ SOLD
Milk n' Cookies            Little Lost and Innocent/Just Friends Island (NL) EX SOLD
Muff                                Sexy Sexy Lady/Burnin' -Bell  Demo (UK)
Mustard                   Good Time Comin/I Saw I heard - EMI Demo (UK) SOLD
Ning                            Machine/ More Ning - Decca (German Pic Sleeve)  SOLD
Oliver Day                Crazy Love/ Let The Music - Bus Stop (UK)      
Panther                         One Man Band/Evelyne - Polydor  (NL) SOLD
Primitive Man                Animal Love/Major Barmy From the Army -Decca (German  sleeve) 
Ransome Head        Sing/Wide Wide River -York Demo (UK)
Rats                Turtle Dove/Oxford Donna- Good Ear Pic sleeve (UK) SOLD
Redhead                           We Ran and We Ran/ Looking For You - UK Demo (UK) SOLD
Renegade        My Revolution/ A Little Rock N Roll - Dawn (UK) SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1              I Want to Save You/Amanda -Jam (UK)
Ricky Wilde            Teenwave/Round and Round -UK (UK)  SOLD
Rock Rebellion           Let's Go/So Sorry Baby Santa Posa Demo (UK)  SOLD
Ronno           4th Hour of My Sleep/Powers of Darkness -Vertigo (Norway
Screemer      Interplanetary Twist/ Billy - Bell (UK)
Sensation                   Black Eyed Woman/Baby -Sirocco (Fra)  SOLD
Sensation              Black Eyed Woman/Baby -Sticky (UK) SOLD
Shakane                 Love Machine/ Mr Jackson    Negram (NL)   SOLD
Shelby                    Motorbike Girl/Cirrus -Route (UK)  SOLD
Shelby                 (Dance With The) Guitar Man/ Jump into The Fire -Santa  SOLD
Simon Turner       She Was Just A Young Girl/I'll Take Your Hand -UK (UK) SOLD
Simon Turner         The Prettiest Star/Love Around-UK (UK)
Sisters          Kick Your Boots Off/Driving Me Home -Bell Demo  (UK) SOLD
Sisters            There's a Raver Coming Home/Help The Music -WB (German pic sleeve)
Sisters       There's a Raver Coming Home/Help The Music -WB Demo  (UK)
Skid         I Saw Her Standing There/Endless Sleep -Hansa (German Pic sleeve)  SOLD
Slack Alice        Put Me on The Railroad/Gravelstone Cottage- Philips (Spanish pic sleeve)
Slade       Australian EP  Get Down and Get With/Look Wot You Dun/Coz I Luv You/Take Me Bak 'Ome
Slow Dog             Walking Through The Blue Grass  -Parlophone Demo (UK)      SOLD 
Small Wonder                  Ordinary Boy/Ride a Black Sheep-Dawn Demo (UK)  SOLD
Smiffy                See You Later (Little Baby Love)/How Can You Be a Millionaire -Antic  (UK)
Soho Jets      Hi-Heel Tarzan/Night Flight -Polydor (UK)
 Sparky        (Do You Remember That) Summertime Woman -UK (UK)
Spode               Cincinatti Woman/Singalong Song-Decca  Demo (UK)
Starbuck             Do You Like Boys/ You Never Wanna Rock n' Roll -Bradleys (UK)  SOLD
Sting                        Thief of Baghdad/Stay, Goodbye EMI (Ger)
Streak            3 Track Promo EP -Gonna Have a Good Time/Be Your Ryder/ Hard Times (In New York City) A&M AME 602 (UK) Hear a full sound clip of all 3 songs in their entirety (Hard Times is the last song) SOLD
Streak          Bang Bang Bullet/Black Jack Man -Deram (German pic sleeve) SOLD
Streak                 Bang Bang Bullet/Black Jack Man -Deram (UK) SOLD
Streakers             Turn Me Down/Wake Up To The Sunshine - Dawn (UK)  SOLD
Stud Leather                Cut Loose/Emma Louise -Dart Demo (UK)
Stumpy            Make Me a Superman/ Keep It Coming- Dawn Demo (UK)  SOLD
Tag                 Off Down The Road/Guitar Love -Philips (UK)
Tiger                  I Am an Animal/ Stop That Machine- UA (UK) SOLD
Tracey Dean           Moonshiner/Boy on The Ball - Decca Demo (UK)
Trevor White                Crazy Kids/Movin' In The Right Direction -Island (UK) SOLD
Troll Brothers               You Turn Me On/Turn Out The Light -SRT (UK)
Union Express             Do You Love Me/Alligator Fix-Decca  Demo (UK)
Villain                   Photograph/ You Should Know Me By Now -Bell (UK) SOLD
Vulcan                  Much Too Young/Action Man -Epic Demo (UK)  SOLD
Warwick              Let's Get The Party Going/How Does it Feel-RAK  Demo (UK)  SOLD
Washington Flyers      Another Saturday Morning/The Comets are Coming -Dawn (UK)
Whistle                  The Party Must Be over/Hideaway - York Demo  (UK)
Winston                 I Won't Let Anna Go/Brother Jim -York Demo (UK)  SOLD
Yellow Bird             Attack Attack/ Right On - Magnet (UK)  SOLD
Zips                 Bye Bye Love/ Evil Hearted Woman-RAK Demo  (UK)

Zoo                     Walking/Love Love -Jupiter (Ger) 

Heavy Psych, Bonehead, Garage and Proto Punk

3's (Threez)         Do You See)/ Transporter - Threez (US)  
Black Rose      Love Handles/ Man is Blind-Michigan Nickel (US)  
Blackstone            Goin' On The Prowl/ One More Time - Blackstone Production(US)  
Brood               The Roach/Virginia Neal -Lemon (US)
Cucumber              Don't Make Me Cry/ Under-Cobblestone (US)               
Dickens                 Sho' Need Love/ Don't Talk About My Music-Scepter (US) SOLD
Don Malena and The Dry Ice              Sexercise/ Land of Summertime- Mal Don (US)  
Jupiter's Children            Check Yourself (Superman's Got Blisters) Triple 000 (US) SOLD
Legends                High Towers/ Fever Games-Railroad House (US Pic sleeve) SOLD
Old Scratch        Devil Take You/Diamond Lady –Colly Records  (Canada) -
Shy Guys             Black Lightening Light/ Goodbye to You M-U (US)  SOLD
Summit                     The Darkness/Thank You Mister Jones -North Room (US)  SOLD
Sweet Tooth         Music's Gotta Stay/ Karen -Dominion (US)  
The Jax          The Jax are Back (Live)/ The Jax Are Back -Baddog (US)
Twitch          Things/ Pick Up is Illegal on 401- Demo (Can)   SOLD
Unsettled Society          17 Diamond Studded Cadillac/ Passion Seeds-Charm (US)