Thursday, March 31, 2016

24 rare and obscure singles for sale on ebay

I have just listed 24 singles. 21 being the usual mix of rare Glam, Proto Punk , Psych and Bonehead Hard Rock. 3 of them are special ones, so they have reserves on them. I have never listed with reserves before, but the reserve amount is usually around 50% or less of their potential value. All have sound clips. I didn’t have the time to list all I wanted, so expect a part 2 in a month’s time
Happy hunting

Follow the link: EBAY LISTINGS HERE

Full Listings March 2016

Paul Cass - Mini Marianne/ Medecine and Wine - Killer GLAM Proto Punk 1974 Hear!
Bacchus –Teen Queen -UK Junkshop Glam 1975 Hear!
Red Fox -Walking Through The Blue Grass - Psych/ Glam Stomper -1972 Hear!
Messengers - In The Jungle/Way a Woman is PSYCH Dancer picture sleeve 1971 Hear!
The Ash Band -Let's Go -Aussie Bonehead Cruncher RARE Pic sleeve Hear!
Finch -Out of Control- Aussie Grilffat Bonehead Cruncher Picture disc 1973 Hear!
Hobnail -She's Just a Friend of Mine -Pic sleeve - Glam Stomper -1972 Hear!
Panther -One Man Band - Killer GLAM The 3rd Pantherman single! 1975 Hear!
Whistle -The Party Must Be Over -Obscure UK Glam Cruncher - Demo 1973 Hear!
Rats - Don’t Let Go/ Dragon Child -Glam Stomper - Pic sleeve Hear!
Rockstar (Ace Kefford -The Move) -Over The Hill/Mummy Demo -1976 Hear!
Castle Farm -Hot Rod Queen -UK Junkshop Glam/ Bonehead Cruncher 1972 Hear!
Hector -Wired Up - Original UK issue –Proto Punk FUZZ Mayhem 1973 Hear!
Heatwave -9-9-9 /One Eyed Man Welsh PROTO PUNK 1975 Hear!
Boppers -Cleveland Dolls/ Rocket City -Wild obscure US Proto Punk -1972? -Hear!
At Last The 1958 Rock n Roll Show -I Can't Drive- Mott The Hoople Demo1968 Hear!
Bullet (Hard Stuff) -Hobo -John Du Cann 1971 Hard Rock/Proto Punk ACETATE Hear!
Hamlett -Vampire Man -UK Freakbeat Proto Glam Monster -Demo 1972 Hear!
Little Big Horn -Just a Game - Killer Heavy Psych Dancer -1970 Hear!
Abacus - Indian Dancer -Crunching Glam classic -Pic sleeve - 1974 Hear!
Bear Brothers –Red Shoe Trucken/Bondiago –Fuzz Afro Glam Stompers 1972 –Hear!

The 3 with reserves

MC5 - Looking At You/ Borderline ORIGINAL issue Near Mint -1968 Hear! "PREMIUM"
T Boones -I Want You -HEAVY Swedish Freakbeat Mod Mayhem-1967 Hear! "PREMIUM"
Phil Spector UNRELEASED Acetate Gold Star –I Love Lucy Demo 1966 Hear "PREMIUM"

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kevin Coughlin – I Gotta Be Me

Kevin Coughlin – The Gay Deceivers/I Gotta Be Me – Happy Tiger HT 509 (1969 US)

Fun Fuzzy Romp featuring a cool overloaded guitar sound with actor Kevin Coughlin sounding like a dead- ringer for Sky Saxon. I Gotta Be Me is the B side to the theme song of the twist-in-the-tail film of the same name about some likely guys who “go gay” to avoid the draft. On this single Kevin is backed by the great Heavy Psych band Stack who released the Above All in minute quantities in 1969
Hear a full version of I Gotta Be Me


Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Arlan Green –Moonbrite EP

Arlan Green –Moonbrite EP –Test pressing- Bell 1000 (UK 1974?)

I don’t honestly know who Arlan is/was, his only near-official release appears to be a demo version of Rock Hotel on Mooncrest in 1975…as well as this strange test pressing EP. The EP plays at 33.1/3 and has the immortal words “not for sale or broadcast” on the sleeve, so was  it that Bell Records were considering signing Arlan, but then desisted when there was a severe lack of positive feedback? Regardless of its strange lack of release, it’s a mighty weird yet compelling EP. Moonbrite starts off with analog space beeps, then Arlan declares his desire to be the first dentist on the moon…it’s all bit like Jobriath channeling Gilbert o’Sullivan delivering a futuristic toothpaste commercial.  The 2nd track I Do is pure McCartney Pop (with a Lennon middle bit) and could have been an outtake off the first Jellyfish LP with some quite extensive and adventurist orchestration.  Rock Hotel kicks off side 2 with novelty voice weirdness before settling down into something resembling the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band with Bowie at the helm auditioning for the Rocky Horror Show. The last track The Next Time starts off kinda like a normal heart felt piano ballad, but then our Arlan can’t contain himself and SHREEKS with the song then taking several unexpected twists and turns (note something weird happens near the end, it might be an on-purpose stick, or just a bit of dirt on the record…who knows, but I hope it was on purpose. Arlan who the hell are you? I hope you’re still around and can tell us all about it…

Hear the full side 1

Hear the full side 2