Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zekes –Leaving You

Zekes –Leaving You/Box-Beverly Hills 9353 (1970 US)

Both sides of this Zekes single are prime examples of Californian Neanderthal heaviness with slight fuzzed-up psych tinges. I think this was their only release, but  I seem to remember that  there was a link to some 60s Garage band, but that info is somehow lost in the fog...Sounds a bit like a West Coast Grand Funk. File somewhere between Sir Lord Baltimore and Bang.

Hear a full version of Leaving You

Hear a full version of Box

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1984 –Little Girl

1984 –Little Girl/Laramee -Decca F23159 (1971 UK)

Lost half way in the space/time continuum between The Syndicate of Sound and The Banned, comes this strange yet compelling version of the Garage Punk hit. It’s further proof that Kenny Young was behind some other great releases beyond his girl group and Bubblegum sides (don’t forget Moonshyne!).

Hear a full version of Little Girl

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fist –Lickety Split

Fist –Lickety Split/ The Moon Don’t Shine in Cleveland –Vidicom Records V -13001 (US)

With a name like Fist you could expect a greasy Hard Rock band, but in fact it’s a late Bubblegum tune (well not sure about the year, but probably 69 or early 70s). Sonically it contains all the expected B-Gum ingredients, but the song is pretty much only an extended verse with a chorus at the end. Its brevity is pretty shocking actually, unless it was originally written for a TV ad of something. I am sure it is full of filthy innuendos, but I will allow you to uncover them for yourselves

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Denny Ward –When I Get Home/ Show Me

Denny Ward –When I Get Home/ Show Me –Needles and Pins 2010 (1978 US)

Masterminded by James Page Porrazzo (AKA Jamie LePage founder of Spectropop), Needles and Pins singer Denny Ward released this single under her own name but featuring a heavy cast of LA Powerpop scenesters. Delightfully poised somewhere between mid 60s girl group and late 70s Powerpop, both tracks are superb. When I Get home is the more frantic of the two but retains a Gold Star sheen, with massed handclaps on the beat along with sleigh bells, driving guitars and pounding pianos with great vocals. Show Me is in someways even more remarkable. Written by The Quick’s Steven Hufsteter who features on guitar along with Billy Bizeau, the song is pretty much a masterpiece up there with the best Quick tracks. Taken a slower pace it’s closer to a straight 60s girl group homage  but with total pop sensitivity. Gorgeous –no more, no less...

Hear a full version When I Get Home (note: The track is pressed right into the dead wax, so the ending skips)

Hear a full version of Show Me

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

John Bright –I’ve Tried It

John Bright –I’ve Tried It/I Gotta Go –Topomic Music 5002 (197? Argentina)

And here’s a real obscure one –a “Total Google Zero” as they say...Released in Argentina, the label states “recording in France” but the guy sounds English. Music-wise I’ve Tried It is on the cusp of Junkshop Glam and Bonehead Boogie with slight bluesy tendencies. Still it’s raucous and loud and certainly has some oomph. I Gotta Go also rocks somewhat, but the guy starts yodelling for chrissakes...Both songs are written by Iana Lony???? Out of the woods the answer might come one day...

Breaking news: Well perhaps not out of the woods, but out of some nordic pine forest. As assumed by LDK, it is indeed Jan Loseth. Now confirmed by Titanic's management http://www.titanic-rock.com/
"This is in fact Jan Loseth, TITANIC's guitar player...Recorded in Paris in the middle of the 70's
Jan had a period when he was sick of night-clubs, discotheques,night-life on the town in general and rather hung out with his friends in various studios where they recorded their stuff and this is what happened a few times.
These kind of products were not really meant to be released, we suppose, but we know he invented for some strange reasons, quite a few funny names as the recordings went along and were stocked all over Paris in various drawers.."

Hear a full version of I’ve Tried It

Hear a full version of I Gotta Go

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Waddy –You’re The One

Waddy –You’re The One/same –Anthem AN201 (1973 US)

Waddy is in fact Waddy Wachtel; long time Warren Zevon right hand man and guitar slinger. This appears to be a one off recording and Waddy played all the instruments himself. In someway the results are very close to a Californian Dave Edmunds with LA contingent members Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks helping out on backing vocals. The track is dead tight and nicely compressed with the doubling guitar effects being most effective. A solid and rewarding early 70s rocker...

Hear a full version of You’re The One