Sunday, November 26, 2017

Purepop Record Sale November 2017 - 1 week only



I have a set sale of 79 singles now open for one week only

You can either request the list by emailing me: purepop1ukATyahooDOTcoDOTuk,  by messaging me on Facebook or by leaving a comment.
The lists has several close up photos and sound clips (often directly from the record)

I will be updating the master list here as soon and often as possible

Here is the full  list

Part 1: Sixties Freakbeat, Garage, Beat and Psych

1. Duncan Browne –On The Bombsite/Alfred Bell –Immediate UK SOLD
2. Charles Ryders Corporation –White Flames/Happy Day –Decca (Swiss) SOLD
3. The Cherry Slush –I Cannot Stop You/Don’t Walk Away –Coronet Germany 
4. The Eyes –The Arrival of The Eyes EP Mercury UK SOLD
5. The Fingers –All Kinds of People/Circus with a Female Clown –Columbia Demo UK
6. The Flames –Streamliner/The Several –Follow The Sun –Fan Records  UK
7. Just William - I Don’t Care/ Cherrywood Green –Spark Test Pressing UK
8. Kasnat & Katz Fighter Squadron –When He Comes/ Ah-La- Hansa German sleeve SOLD
9. Koobas –Where Are the Friends/Royston Rose Columbia French issue 
10. The Marmalade –Man in a Shop/Cry (The Shoob Doroorie Song) CBS Demo UK SOLD
11. The Merseys –So Sad About Us/Love Will Continue –Fontana UK 
12. Orbit Five –I Wanna Go To Heaven/Walking Decca UK 
13. One Hit Wonders –Hey Hey Jump Now/Goodbye –CBS French issue sleeve SOLD
14. The Outcasts –Think/Feel It –Superior US SOLD
15. Rusty Harness –Ain’t Gonna Get Married/Goodbye- Discophon –Spanish picture sleeve  SOLD
16. Sorrows –Baby/ Teenage Letter –Piccadilly Demo UK SOLD
17. Sorrows –You’ve Got What I Want/No No No –Piccadilly UK SOLD
18. Them –Walking in The Queens Garden –Tower US Pic sleeve
19. Troggs –My Lady/Girl in Black Page One UK SOLD

Part 2: Acetates

20. Arrows/ Mike Chapman –Touch Too Much - Original demo Emidisc (Acetate 1974) SOLD

21. Bros –Red Headed Woman/Sweet Sweet Lovin’ Unreleased US acetate  SOLD
22. Flamin’ Groovies –Married Woman/ Little Queenie/ Get a Shot of Rhythm and Blues Emidisc acetate (1972)
23. Hot Rocks –All Night Long/ Down on 42nd Street –Emidisc - acetate  SOLD
24. Mississippi –Mr Union Railway Man –Acetate (Different version)   Fanfare (1970) SOLD
25. Barry Rolfe?  -Rock N’ Roll Radio/Johnny Bo Jangle ITS Acetate 

Part 3: Junkshop Glam, Proto Punk and Purepop oddities

26. Slow Dog –Walking Through The Blue Grass/Ain’t Never Going Home –Columbia Demo UK 
27. Milk ‘n’ Cookies –Little Lost and Innocent/Just Friends –Island French Pic sleeve SOLD
28. Tracey Dean –Moonshiner/Boy on The Ball –Decca Demo UK SOLD
29. Warwick –Let’s Get The Party Going/How Does It Feel –RAK Dutch issue art cover SOLD
30. Warwick –Let’s Get The Party Going/How Does It Feel –RAK UK SOLD
31. Jeff Britton & The Spitfires –Rub Out/ Breakwood Decca Demo UK SOLD
32. Pantherman –Pantherman/You Are My Friend –Metronome –German picture sleeve  SOLD
33. Dave Dean - Motorbike/Make This World Worth To Live In –Poker Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
34. Home – Green Eyed Fairy/Sister Rosalie –CBS UK SOLD
35. Balls –Fight For My Country/Janie Slow Down –Wizard UK SOLD
36. Trevor Burton –Fight For My Country- Mono/Stereo –Epic US Promo SOLD
37. Good-Time Joe –Slipstream/Ballad –Philips Dutch issue  SOLD
38. Brats –Keep On Doin What You’re Doing/If You Can Rock –Self released US Promo SOLD
39. Jo Jo Ellis –The Fly/Perdona Mia –Fury UK SOLD
40. The Equals –Diversion/Here Today, Gone Tomorrow –President UK SOLD
41. Shakane –Love Machine/Mr. Jackson Bellaphon German pic sleeve SOLD
42. Nicky Bulldog –Chewing Gum Rock/Dog Power Song –Grog Italian pic sleeve  SOLD
43. Mouse –We Can Make It/ It’s Happening to Me and You-Sovereign UK SOLD
44. Granny –Lady/Weirdie Deirdre’s Dilema DJM Demo–UK  SOLD
45. Reform –I’m Gonna Get You/Story of My Life –CBS Ireland SOLD
46. J.C. Livingstone –Hello Johnny/ Oh Oh Angelina Philips Dutch Pic sleeve SOLD
47. David Rochline –La Regle Du Jeu/Danseur Etoile –CBS French pic sleeve (1973) SOLD
48. Mo-I-Rana –So My Daddy Says/Alone –Polydor DK picture Cracking Danish Glam SOLD
49. Jets –Yeah!/Rusty Corinthian Pillar –Cube UK  SOLD
50. Sioux –Prosmoe EP - Prosmoe/Warlove/You're All I Need/Happiness In The Sky SRT 1973 SOLD
51. Smyle –Dream of Me/Have I ever Let You Down –Polydor Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
52. Jobriath –Street Corner Love/Rock of Ages –Asylum UK Pic Sleeve Demo SOLD
53. Sensation –Black Eyed Woman/Baby –Barclay –Dutch Pic sleeve SOLD
54. Neil Christian –She’s Got The Power/Someone’s Following Me Around –Ger Pic sleeve SOLD
55. Danta –Freeway/Mau Mau Epic UK 
56. Mucky Duck –Psycho’s on The Run/Jefferson Deram UK 
57. Streak –Gonna Have a Good Time/ Be Your Ruder A&M German pic sleeve  SOLD
58. Streak –Bang Bang Bullet/Black Jack Man –Deram German pic sleeve  SOLD
59. Denny Ward –When I Get Home/ Show Me –Needles and Pins US Pic sleeve

Part 4: Proto Metal/Punk, Hard Rock, Heavy Psych and Bonehead

60. Front Office –Girl/Wow –Mijji US 
61. Viscount –Groupie/To Grow Old –Music World US SOLD
62. House of Lilly ‎– Turn Around / Situations –Eurodisc French Picture sleeve SOLD
63. Blast –Hope/Damned Flame –Majestic belgium  (1973) SOLD
64. Gorgon Medusa – Situation/Sweet Child/–Apocalypse 
65. Castle Farm –Hot Rod Queen/Mascot –Farm UK pic sleeve SOLD
66. Primevil –Too Dead To Live/Fantasies –US
67. Masalla –Burnin’ Feeling/Simple Words –Climax US SOLD
68. River Styx - Bike Writer/Joey –Lu US SOLD
69. Cybernaut -Mean Lady test pressing Canada
70. Corporation –Wild Time/Let’s Try to Put Him Down –Negram Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
71. Dictators –Heartache/ Search and Destroy –Asylum German Pic sleeve
72. Warhorse –St. Louis/No Change –Vertigo Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
73. Perhaps Next Time –Back to My Lady/Sovereign –Selection –Belgium pic sleeve
74. Five By Five -15 Going on 20/Penthouse Pauper –Paula US
75. Finch –Out of Control/And She Sing –Picture Records Australia SOLD
76. Mammoth –Mammoth/Sensations –United World Records US SOLD
77. Spirit of St. Louis –Something Lazy/See Me Go –Negram –Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
78. Old Scratch –Devil Take You/Diamond Lady –Colly Records Canada
79. Crossfield –Take It/Could it Be Love –Toy SOLD

Monday, November 20, 2017

Dave Dean –Motorbike - Obscure NederGlam (1976)

Dave Dean –Motorbike/Make This World Worth to Live In –Poker S631 (1976 NL)

It’s been a while since I posted about an obscure Dutch Glam single, but here we have a bit of classic in terms of roaring Biker NederGlam that doesn’t hold back on the level and prominence of engine noises. 
Dave Dean was in fact a pseudonym for Dick Joustra who played in Zingara (who released the Glam Cruncher Girl, Girl, Girl. Here he comes under the tutelage of producer Jacques Zwart, who in turn was in the band Amsterdam. Dick (as Dave Dean) also put out another single in 1974 “The Man” that is much less interesting than this one. In the meantime saddle up and go with the roar…

Hear a full a full version of Motorbike

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Utrecht Record Fair November 2017 -Day 3

Today was a less frantic day and a general mopping up operation with no malice aforethought...

So nice finds...The Australian Eric Burdon and The Animals actually features Sky Pilot parts 1 +2 on the same side with a couple of other tracks on the B side...Very practical

The US Fruit Machine features the Willow Tree on the  B side. Panda is great. Finally got a perfect Zipps at a good price.

The last minute discovery was the Maia and Full Limit, lovely Byrdsian harmony pop from Denmark

Next weekend is the last big record fair weekend of the year for me with Olympia and Luton

Till next time...

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Utrecht Record Fair November 2017 - Day 2

2nd day, 2nd haul...

As with yesterday, we are not talking great numbers, but just great finds

Finding a bargain doesn't mean spending 2 euros on a record, but can also mean spending €200.

The Eyes EP is just perfect and  looks unplayed. It was not one of the lot found in quantity 10 years ago, but was bought over 30 years ago at the Jive Dive record shop.

A few more were knocked off my wants list including The Gnomes of Zurich and Bluejeans (great late Blue Jeans when they were no longer swinging)

The Austrian EX Slaves madness of Charles Ryder Corporation is another upgrade

  Speaking of Flames, Streamliner is a great catch from this South African band. The pic sleeve was so ghastly, that I chose a copy without! Sounds Like a Beach Boys update with great thudding  bass and which links nicely with the demo of  See The Light I found yesterday

Other nice ones include The Shindigs (Graham Gouldman), Caloogie and Lazy Day from Tinkerbells Fairydust and The Image Germany only single

 Anyhow, I will have a more leisurely stroll around the fair tomorrow,  before heading off to the airport. I don't expect anything special, but who knows...

Friday, November 10, 2017

Utrecht Record fair November 2017 - Day 1

So here we are again. It is now my 21st visit to Utrecht, something that is now firmly implanted in my life and as inevitable death and taxes...

Things have changed, the rich bounties of cheap Glam singles are nor longer part and parcel of the Utrecht experience, but it is also the case that I no longer have the patience to sift through piles and piles of cheap European picture sleeves.

So it's  not now about quantity, and unexpected discoveries but generally a tighter focus on pure gems with the odd unexpected oddity.

There are 2 obvious biggies here, and both those singles were bought in one swoop. That Koobas single only appeared in France and features what must be their best track (although Barricades is another obvious contender. The French Dantalian's picture sleeve is really fetching. Both records came from The French television archives and have O.R.T.F punctured into the labels

It was nice to complete my Idle Race collection with Impostors having proved to be a painful gap to fill up to now

The oddity is that fetching Pa Pa Du Run Da Run single (Sunshine Music/Healthy Lady) from 1972

Silver Lining was a very recent discovery and a lovely purepop concoction by Tony Rivers


After a long time searching, finally got a nice spare of the Dutch proto punk sleaze of the Good Time Joe single

Anyhow it's not all about records...Behind one of the stalls, this is where the action was at 1:45 today

First cut up the garlic, then add and heat the wine, add 1.4 kgs of cheese, then stir adding a gracious amount of absinthe as a final touch...and don't forget the important sartorial cheese elegance of an apron...

Tomorrow we start all over again. Today I took 21,837 steps at the fair walking over 10 miles just for 20 records!