Sunday, August 30, 2015

71 singles and 1 LP now on ebay

It's been a while, but I finally got round to listing a whole bunch of cool singles on ebay. Some real essential Glam, Hard Rock, Bonehead, Punk and Powerpop stuff to complete your collection.
All have sound clips with low starts.

You can find them here  Link to PUREPOP1UK ON EBAY

One great single is this one by Sweet Wine from Minnesota released in 1970

As well as the super rare Killer Frog single

Here is the full list -Good luck!

Kid Dynamite -Breaking The Ice/ Sunshine Superman Junkshop Glam -1973
Neil Christian –She’s Got The Power -Stomping Glam/Freakbeat 1975
Covers -Modern Girls -Rare UK Powerpop -Demo 1979
Disturbance (Jabberwock)- Sneakin' Snaky -Dutch issue-1977
Harpo - My Teenage Queen -Sleazy Glam Thumping Cruncher 1974
Saints (I'm) Stranded - RARE US Promo Pic Sleeve 1977
Cock Sparrer -Runnin' Riot Bovver Boy Oi/Punk -1977 UK-Archive Copy
Slaughter & The Dogs- Quick Joey Small RARE Belgium picture sleeve 1978
Eli Culbertson –I Need Your Love Tonight –Junkshop Glam Elvis Demo 1974
Bert De Coninck –Cadillac- Heavy Rock/Glam -Belgium 1975
White Witch -Home Grown Girl -Rousing US Proto Punk Glam -1973
Thomas Dean –Oh Babe -US Anglophile Glam Big Star Ardent -1974
Buster -Superstar -Junkshop GLAM -sounds like SWEET 1974
Funky Family -Part of My Life -Killer Glam Freakbeat 1973
Funky Family -Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet -Killer Glam 1973
Dazzlers - Lovely Crash 1979 UK Mod/ Powerpop
Ritz -Jenny Gentle/Why Love-WILD Junkshop Glam Cruncher-Demo-1974
Jetz -Catch Me -Rare Original Dutch Pic Sleeve Punk/Powerpop 1977
Dwarf -Gotta Get Louder ORIGINAL! US Proto Punk 1975
J.C. Livingstone -Momma Was A Steamroller -Killer Freakbeat/Glam UK 1973
Jook-Bish Bash Bosh/Crazy Kids -German Pic Sleeve -Bovver Glam 1974
Jook-Oo Oo Rudi -Stomping Glam-John's Children 1973
Jook-Alright with Me -Rousing Bovver Glam-John's Children 1972
Renegade -My Revolution -STOMPING Glam Crusher 1974
Propeller –Apache Woman -Brutal Kraut Bonehead Cruncher -1971
Booby Trap –Kelly, Grace and Sally -Killer Dutch Glam 1974
Parkinson's Law -Daughter of Thunder & Lightning -UK Boogie Glam-1972
Killer Frog -Hard Times - Cracking PROTO PUNK Ultimate Bonehead -1972
Nimbus –Uriah’s On The Move/ Lollypop--UK BubbleGlam 1973
Plastic Feet -Big Blond Baby -Dutch Glam Stomper -1974
Shambles -Hello Baby -ORIGINAL issue -Killer Glam/Powerpop -1975
Amsterdam –Jackie Gass- Dutch Glam Freak 1971
Mick Flinn Band –Doin’ It Right -Punk/Glam Killer Demo 1978
Shelby The Clap -Killing My Music-Stomping Dutch Glam 1975
Penny Wonder -Come On -Kraut Glam Bubblegum-1971
Lee –Come on Back To Me –PROTO PUNK Killer NY Dolls 1973
Husky Wells -Can't Be Satisfied -Female Mod/Glam Dancer -1974 Hear!
Blackstone -Goin' on The Prowl- US Heavy Psych Bonehead Cruncher Hard Rock
Buzz The Rock Roller Coaster -Glam/Powerpop 1977
Kenny Pickett –Got A Gun -Glam Powerpop The Creation -Promo 1980
Ramma Damma –Legendary Killer GLAM Weirdness -1974
Rescue Co. No 1 -Roll-A-Bowl-A-Woman -Stomping Junkshop Glam -Demo -1975
Catapult -Let Your Hair Hang Down -Thumping Dutch Glam 1974
Pheon Bear -War against War -Ultra HEAVY Freakbeat Glam Cruncher 1973
Godson –We’ve Not Made It/ All Dressed in White -RARE UK Proto Punk- 1971
London Boys -Eyes of Kazan -Rare John Carter Psych -German only- 1971
Wonderlick -Hey Joe Killer HARD ROCK update from Bobby Arlin Leaves 1973
Donnydale-Thank Goodness For The Rain/ Oh Yeah -US Popsike 1970
Friends -Mythological Sunday-Classic John Carter Popsike 1968
New Lords -Radio/TV -- Crunching Hard Rock/ Freakbeat 1971
Smoke -Sugar Man/That's What I Want -UK Freakbeat/Glam -Demo 1972
Waddy –You’re The One -Waddy Wachtel -Zevon -Fleetwood Mac -1973
Climax -You, I/ Vancouver City - FUZZ Psych Monster 1970
Sweet Wine –Things You Told Me -Obscure Heavy Psych Hard Rock US 1970
Tin House –I Want Your Body –Bonehead Cruncher US Hard Rock Promo 1971
Sunchariot –Firewater –Red Skin Junkshop GLAM 1973
Wellington –Swoop Down on You -UK Junkshop Glam STOMPER 1975
Boston Boppers -Did You Get What You Wanted -Mutoid Junkshop Glam -1974
Moby Dick –Clear Days–Rare Dutch Heavy Rock/Psych 1970
Privilege –People –Ultimate Bonehead –Top US Hard Rock Psych 1970
Panda -Stranger/Medicine Man–Rare Dutch Hard Rock/Psych 1971
Cobra –Midnight Walker - Heavy Psych FREAK Hard Rock 1971
Copperfield –Johnny Is The Big One-Dutch Proto Punk/Glam -1975
James Hogg –Lovely Lady Rock –Top Glam Hard Rock Demo 1972
Bullfrog -Glancy -Obscure UK Hard Rock/Glam -1974
Desira -Gorilla -Obscure US Punk/Glam oddity -1977
Skid -I Saw Her Standing There -UK Proto Punk/Glam -1975
Big T - Tea For Two - Obscure Junkshop Glam classic 1973
Paul Ryan -Natural Gas -Hypnotic GLAM classic- Dutch pic sleeve -1972
Stefan & The Wild Boys -Wild Boys - US Proto Punk 1976
Guru’s –Country Boy Blues –Glam Boogie Cruncher 1971 UK
BONEHEAD CRUSHERS (Crunchers) VOL 2 14 Demented Fuzz-Faced Monsters from the USA

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tommi Ohrner -Mister

Tommi Ohrner -5 O’ Clock Rock/Mister –Ariola 102881 (1981 Germany)

A while back someone posted on Facebook one of those requests to identify a tune. I drew a complete blank, however the track is question was naggingly catchy, so I was relieved when the truth was revealed. Mister is an overly commercial Teen Pop number with Glam/Rubettes inflections. It really sound like 1974, however Tommi jumped on the bandwagon late as the single was released in 1981. The A side is also is the typical Teen Rock and is worth hearing; being good but non-essential fun stuff. Thomas "Tommi" Ohrner was a well-known child actor in Germany who then released several singles and a couple of LPs in the early 80s ,

Hear a full version of Mister


Hear a full version of 5 O’ Clock Rock


Monday, August 10, 2015

Majik Dust –Don’t Walk Away

Majik Dust –Don’t Walk Away/ Fistacuffs –Burlap B-7782 (1977 US)

From St. Louis, Majik Dust feature the bastard son of the Move’s Do Ya twinned with a melody that naggingly hints of Something I’ve Got To Tell You (Glenda Collins/Honeycombs). Released in 1977 it just about sits on the right side  of melodic Hard Rock thanks to its rawness and Powerpop appeal. The heavier and rockier B side Fistacuffs is a near Ultimate Bonehead contender, but doesn’t quite reach potential heavyweight bliss. Majik Dust later metamorphosed into Boyfriend with the arrival of Bobby Flynn and released an LP in 1983

Hear a full version of Don’t Walk Away

Hear a full version of Fistacuffs

Here’s a good resource for St. Louis acts  It’s where I lifted the following press shot of Majik Dust from