Saturday, February 27, 2010

Midas Mould –Information Emily

Midas Mould –Information Emily/Love Sweet Love –Columbia DB8868 (1972 UK)

My 2nd BINOW (Buy-it-now-of-the-week) and it’s very much in the same mould as the Confucius single insofar as being another obscure poppy 70S UK Bubblegum number. Information Emily also has a pronounced 67 Psych Pop feel (like a not so obvious Hi Ho Silver Lining) with a fine riff and catchy production values (a slight hint of Mellotron at the end). Again very little is known about the band apart from one member being recording engineer Frankie Neilson...

Hear a full a full version of Information Emily

Monday, February 22, 2010

Confucius –Brandenburg Concerto (That’s What It Was)

Confucius –Brandenburg Concerto (That’s What It Was)/The Message –RCA 1923 (1970 UK)

Aaah –the joys of a simple ebay BIN! Produced by Tony Atkins (Galahad), Brandenburg Concerto is a joyful upbeat pop ditty and a prime example of UK Bubblegum at its best. Probably from Liverpool with a connection to The Cryin’ Shames (Ritchie Routledge was a member before he departed for Berlin and joined Blackwater Park). Not much else is known...but answers always seem to find their way to this blog...

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flamin’ Groovies: 1972 Acetate!

Flamin’ Groovies –Married Woman/ Little Queenie/ What You Need is A Shot of R&B (sic) –EMIDISC Acetate (1972 UK)

How to follow up a monster single like Slow Death? Well this was a problem that UA had to contend with in 1972. Slow Death had bombed completely, the BBC ban didn’t help, but Slow Death received no exposure in England at the time, although France and Switzerland pricked up their continental ears. Now this acetate...It features Married Woman and Get a Shot of Rhythm and Blues plus the unreleased (at the time) Little Queenie. Could it be that one idea was to have these three tracks released as an EP? I think the version of Married Woman is the same, but I believe the version of Little Queenie is different from the one released by Skydog in 1977. Can anyone confirm this?

Hear full versions of Little Queenie and Get a Shot of Rhythm and Blues

Hear a full version of Married Woman

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Neil Norman - Wild Boys

Neil Norman - Wild Boys/ Tits From Mars-GNP Crescendo 486 (1974 US)

From the putrid depths of a Mississippi backwater, please welcome back Collin, with this fine review...

1974. The year, according to “Metal” Mike Saunders, that scared everybody out of Glitter rock forever. Mike was likely still afro’d and exiled in Little Rock at the time of this pronouncement, but maybe he had Neil Norman in mind. ‘Cos the party might well be over, Mike, but don’t you try and tell Neil!
The son of GNP Crescendo founder, Gene Norman, Neil was given proverbial free reign over the empire that Pushin’ Too Hard built. And what’s the first thing he goes and does, but pal & partner up with Kim Fowley! Boy oh boy…kids today!

After recording his first single, Phaser Laser, an epic of damaged Alice Cooper rock/horror and suggested violence, Neil decided to give the king of Canter’s Deli a try at penning some tunes. As always, Kim wrote about what he knew. Fresh off the heels of recording as Jimmy Jukebox, Kim fired back with ‘Wild Boys’ - a fairly typical, Fowley-esque, grope-trope of perpetually erect males wreaking havoc across a vulnerable, all-female city-scape that is rocketed to the stratosphere via Neil’s fine, Punky, lead fuzz break.

And it’s in the upper atmosphere we stay for the instrumental b-side, Tits From Mars. Stinking all over of residual Barrett fumes or possibly presaging the coming of Simply Saucer, ‘Tits’ is an oppressive, Mandrax messterpiece. Instellar Overdive’ meets The Nazz Are Blue according to one learned scholar of such things.

Neil would go on to indulge his sci-fi obsession with a cockpit-load-of-moog-crap instrumental Star Wars cash-in records later in the decade. He also returned the favour to Fowley, co-writing and co-producing one side of the Hammerhead single, issued, naturally, on dear old dad’s dime a year later and reviewed, conveniently, over on Proudfoot Sound.

Hear a full version of Wild Boys

Hear a full version of Tits From Mars

Monday, February 15, 2010

20 singles on ebay...

Hi I have just listed the following 20 singles on ebay including this Leopards single...Good luck !

You can check them out here:

Deniz Tek -100 Fools –RADIO BIRDMAN –Citadel -Hear!
The Names –Why Can’t It Be –RARE 70s POWERPOP –HEAR!
Leopards –Don’t Go Away –POWERPOP –Private –HEAR!
Hetherington –Teenage Love Song –Top Pop –Hear!
April –Rollin’ It Over –TOP GLAM Demo –HEAR
Nimbus –All For The Love of Stephen RARE 70s POP HEAR!
Equals –Diversion –Stomping GLAM Demo –Hear!
Real McCoy –Twist And Shout –Junkshop GLAM –HEAR!
Westland Steamboat –Born Under A Bad Sign –DEMO HEAR!
Hamlett –VAMPIRE MAN Snarly Boogie Psych Cruncher HEAR!
Brother Susan- Ride Ride Ride JUNKSHOP GLAM Demo –HEAR!
C.C.S –Primitive Love –Suzi Quatro – DEMO - HEAR!
Andy Bown –Supersonic -TV GLAM CRUNCHER HEAR!
Smiley –I know What I Want –FUZZ GLAM CREATION –hear!
Red Alligator –Slow Down - Obscure MOD Dancer –HEAR!
Pheon Bear -Ultra Heavy GLAM FREAKBEAT CRUNCHER –Hear!
Flamin’ Groovies –Slow Death -1972 UK PIC SLEEVE DEMO!
Funky Family –Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet HEAR
Grumpy –Rule Britannia- 70s ode to 3 day week-DEMO HEAR

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dogs -19

Dogs –Charlie Was A Good Boy EP: No Way/19/Charlie Was a Good Boy –Melodies Massacre MM 45001 (1977 France)

At their best, The Dogs were undoubtedly the best French band of their or any other era. Their Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude, chops and melodic appeal were second to none. 19 was my initial introduction to the band when it came out on Beggars Banquet's Streets Comp where they supplied the stand out track for me. When I first heard 19 I got the same shivers down to the back bone as when I first heard the Flamin’ Groovies Grease EP. Like the Groovies’ EP, the sessions recorded on a 4 track and whatever the sonic limitations, the pure energy just jumps out at you. The cutting ultra trebly guitars, the locomotive drumming from Mimi and Dominique’s barking vocals were just so spot on.In their leader Dominique Laboubée; The Dogs had a classy front man who was also a unique song smith. Check out their Different, Too Much Class for The Neighbourhood or Legendary Lovers LPs for ample proof. Dominique kept on rocking until the end when he passed away while on The Dogs' first US tour in 2002.

Hear a full version of 19

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Honeycombak –Sex Change Sadie

Honeycombak –Sex Change Sadie/It’s My Life –Carousel CAR 1 (1971? UK)

Now this is a strange one! Most likely a product of the very early 70s, this single is the creation of the Honeycombs erstwhile leader Martin Murray, who left the band at the height of their success in 1964. The give-away is in the artist’s name, but the Honeycomb pre-Glam thump is in high evidence if ever the clue was missed. The lyrics? Oh boy -they make The Sad’s It Ain’t Easy (Phoenix) sounds positively subtle...It would be nice to think that the song was a direct reaction to The KinksLola, but the focus is on wink wink nudge nudge outsider observations ...Woodford Green a haunt for gender bending activities??? Who knows...Anyhow this is great fun!

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Twister –Getting Nowhere Fast

Twister –Getting Nowhere Fast/ (What A Way To Spend) Saturday –RCA 102925 (1977 Aus)

Getting Nowhere Fast
starts off like Daddy Cool’s Eagle Rock as played by a teenage AC/DC, the track then alternates between sounding like Andy Ellison’s Jet and more typical melodic Aussie Hard Rock à la Angels. It certainly features many twists and turns, and is a hugely enjoyable ride. The B side is another good track, if anything, reminding me even more of Jet with a few Alice Cooper licks thrown into the equation. Can we please have some Aussie input here to supply the necessary info? I see there’s at least one more RCA single Holy Smoke...
Here is a photo of Twister in action at the Hurstsville Civic. Photo taken by Jenny Barclay. Those were the days...

Hear a full version of Getting Nowhere Fast

Hear a full version of (What A Way To Spend) Saturday