Saturday, February 27, 2010

Midas Mould –Information Emily

Midas Mould –Information Emily/Love Sweet Love –Columbia DB8868 (1972 UK)

My 2nd BINOW (Buy-it-now-of-the-week) and it’s very much in the same mould as the Confucius single insofar as being another obscure poppy 70S UK Bubblegum number. Information Emily also has a pronounced 67 Psych Pop feel (like a not so obvious Hi Ho Silver Lining) with a fine riff and catchy production values (a slight hint of Mellotron at the end). Again very little is known about the band apart from one member being recording engineer Frankie Neilson...

Hear a full a full version of Information Emily


WillDublin said...

Hey, my cousin was in this group. Martin Yates (RIP). He hated this song.

Frankie Neilson said...

Yes Martin Yates was the bass player in the 4 piece band Midas Mould. His parents financed the band until we signed to EMI in'72.

The song was a rip off of Jeff Beck's 'Hi Ho Silver Lining' and
the guitar solo was double~ tracked with a classical violin session player.

The A~Side was written by the guitar player Andy Goble who I met at a recording session while I was working at the Marquee Studios. He was a great player himself and said he was taught by Jeff Beck and was friends with Jim McCartey who sat in and played drums with us one time as we were more of a rock band live then a pop band.

Not sure who the drummer was on the record as we always had problems in the drum department. I was the singer who was singing those bubblegum lyrics.

The highlight of the record was we recorded at the Beatles studio at Abbey Road Studios and the single was released on the Yardbirds label EMI Columbia.

The B~Side was written by the daughter of the guy who owned Marcari's Music Shop in Charing Cross Road and was the girlfriend of the EMI A&R manager who signed us Roger Ferris (Go Figure)

Frankie Neilson
Flies are in your pea soup baby!

Robin Wills said...

Great stuff. Thank you Frank. Yeah Glo Macari also had a single out around that time with a band called Slowload providing the backing. In case you have any quirky recordings/acetates from that time, please get in touch( my email) is on the profile page
All the best

N. Yates said...

Thanks Frank; Martin Yates was my father, interesting to hear from other band members. NY

Unknown said...

I was the drummer with Midas Mould from around 1970 up until 1972. We used to play a lot of Andy Goble’s own compositions back then along with covers. I remember lots of rehearsals and going down to a cottage in Devon to rehearse in an old Ford Transit.
We did do a lot of playing very late at night there, which upset the farmer quite a bit. We spent days fishing down in Penzance ! Andy was a great guitarist and idolised Jeff Beck. I remember Martin Yates dad buying him a 1950’s Les Paul - he was over the moon.
We had a photo session with a London pop photographer who used to do all the TOTP’s stuff - still got the photo somewhere. The band then was Andy Goble, Martin Yates (bass), Peter Kemp (drums) and Tony Carpenter (vocals). We also cut some demos at De Lane Lee studios where Jeff Beck recorded and also at a Wimbledon studio.
I’ve only just come across the web site - so apologies for late response !
Be good to hear from any other early band members still out there !
All the best