Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Starlust album (2023) !


Starlust – Lost N Found – Reminder Records REM 20 (US 2023) 

Finally a release that tells the tale of the Steve Starlust saga with tracks recorded between 77 and 1980. After so many years was it worth the wait? 

Read on… 

The first side is a revelation as it features performances that remained unreleased until now .The chugging Sad Anita that opens the set can be considered a supremely melodic Cars number with a sprinkling  of Velvet Underground New York sleaze. Tightrope Line continues in a similar vein with some great guitar interjections. The energy levels are then upped for Evil Woman which is fine riff rock comfortably poised within its Tuff Darts, Demons or Brats setting. I’m Going Home again fits perfectly with a near Heartbreakers vibe. You Are The Only breaks the pace and is a calmer spot which jangles and swoons to the senses. This proves to be a short respite before the wild and invigorating No Time For Love concludes this near perfect side. 

If these tracks had been released at the time its repercussions would have been felt far and wide
Side  2 culls the four tracks released between 77 and 1980 as by Starlust and The Grapplers. All 4 of these tracks have increasingly been recognised by collectors and hip groovers as bona fide winners. I therefore refer you back to my initial reviews of these 2 platters. 

As well as  these 4 performances you will find another unreleased tune Just For One Night which feels a bit more intricate with more overt AOR leanings but still firmly positioned on the rougher edge of that spectrum

 I am really glad that my initial review of The Starlust single led to Steve getting in touch with me with the next obvious step of introducing Steve to Jeremy @ Reminder which was the natural home for getting this stuff finally released. The package is also great with the sadly now bearded Collin Makamson writing the erudite liner notes. 

 Before buying the vinyl you can check out all the songs on the album here