Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spontaneous Corruption –Freaky Girl

Spontaneous Corruption –Freaky Girl/Looking Glass of Time –Philips 40528 (1968 US)
Released in ’68 this single is a miraculous obscurity by the wonderfully named Spontaneous Corruption. Trogg-like in its snarly sleazy heaviness, Freaky Girl is certainly one of the earliest examples of Pure Bonehead. It has it all from the fuzz to the Neanderthal He Man lyrics and delivery. It’s amazing to think that Philips took a chance with this along with Blue Cheer the same year. Looking Glass of Time is also very memorable, rampant although not quite as intense as the A side,  but with an added touch of Psychedelia. Spontaneous Corruption hailed from Ohio and featured Kenny Hamlin on guitar with Danny Sheridan on bass and Ger Giancola on Drums. This was their sole release.

Hear a full version of Freaky Girl

Hear a full version of Looking Glass of Time

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rain –Rock is Dead (But it Won’t Lie Down)/

Rain –Rock is Dead (But it Won’t Lie Down)/Life Passes By –Ariola 16013 AT (1975 German issue)

Rock is Dead (But It Won’t Lie Down) is a catchy commercial Pop ditty with an underlying Glam Thump. It’s a typically bright Bickerton/Waddington composition with a performance which would be as much at home on TOTPS as on the chicken in a basket circuit. Rain featured Stephanie De Sykes and Simon May, but the rest of Rain’s output on Bradley’s is somewhat more insipid, so Rock is Dead should be recognised at their defining Purepop moment.

Hear a full version of Rock is Dead (But It Won’t Lie Down)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Utrecht Record Fair -Day 3

The last day and another 5 hours going up and down the aisles on a mopping up operation.
Although an obvious purchase, it was time I actually bought my 2 favourite Outsiders singles. Big Jeffries is in fact the Belgian Jeffries who's 1974 single I reviewed a few weeks back.http://purepop1uk.blogspot.com/2011/11/jeffries-do-you-feel-allright.html Definitely a fat Elvis vibe...

So all in all another good trip to Utrecht -roll on April!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Utrecht Record Fair Day 2

Another pretty good haul today, including one biggie...

Highlights include a German issue of The Revolution of Emiliano Zapata's Nasty Sex with the aptly named Shit City on the B side. You don't normally equate Noel Redding with BubbleGlam, but Rollercoaster Kids is like The Carvells covering Cockney Rebel! Again The French Hector combines the A sides of both UK singles, a clever idea!

Holland had the great idea of having the entire Halo of Flies (Love It To Death) on a single. Found both the UK and German copies of the Trevor White at Da Capo. Since the tragic death of owner Michel, the shop has stayed open and it's still well worth a detour. The Silence single is killer with Devil Woman riffing it out in fine Communication Breakdown fashion nicely produced by Hans Van Hemert...

and the biggie...


Friday, November 18, 2011

Utrecht Record Fair Day 1

Utrecht record fair 7:05am....

So it begins...

Made it nice and early and copped around 20 singles by 7:45am. Then spent the rest of the day picking up the odd single here and there. Nothing totally mind blowing (yet), but some choice singles... mainly spares...

Found a nice copy of the Proto Punk/Glam Lee single, only the 2nd copy I have ever seen. Corporation is a fine near Bonehead Dutch rocker. Did I really nead a 4th different sleeve of the Jungle Jim single?...Of course I did!

Cool cover on that Wild Angels single. How cold I pass on the Jets single? Blunderbuss is Tony Atkins and Gerry Morris (Galahad)

I had never seen that (US) Beat pic sleeve before...tight trousers ahoy!

The Rag Dolls is a cool cover of an obscure Vanda & Young song. Incredible Hog sounds really promising. I can now add a UK issue to my Swiss Pic sleeve of the Dunno single, although the B side has been feted in some circles, I much prefer the A side, a nice pop tune. Duffy is a neat UK rocker, in fact both their singles are well worth picking up. The Rain single is great. I will feature it one of these days, as I should with Rokoko Man...it sounds like it looks!

I expect a smaller haul tomorrow...we'll see

Jon Savage and Johan Kugelberg, following a Greek meal. The food was really good -Honest!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Utrecht Record Fair November 2011

Today...I am heading here...

I will be reporting back all the thrills and spills day by day...


Watch out for this man...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 Near Glam Misses: Pentagon Vs. Jimmy Pasha and The Hi-Shots

Jimmy Pasha and The Hi-Shots –Dance To The Rock ‘N’ Roll/I’ll Be There - SKY 1000 (1974 UK)
Pentagon –Dance With Me/Take Your Hands off My Woman –Nevis Records Nev S 104 (197? UK)
As I felt that each song in its own right did not justify an individual review, I have combined their strengths in order to present a (phased) themed post. Now both tracks are close to being considered Junkshop Glam, but just miss hitting the spot in a consistent manner. Jimmy Pasha’s song is pretty weak, BUT features some phased drums along with archetypical Glam “HEYs” and handclaps during the middle break which is the song’s highlight helped by some strident guitar. Pentagon was released on the same label that released Planet of The Drapes by The Flying Saucers. Here the Rock ‘n’ Roll revival angle is enlivened somewhat by a phased (yes again) Glitter Beat which helps pull the performance above perfunctory 50s clich├ęs...

Hear a full version of Dance To The Rock ‘N’ Roll

Hear a full version of Take Your Hands off My Woman

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Jeffries –Do You Feel Allright

Jeffries –Do You Feel Allright/Get Me A Car –Mouse MMC 1005 (1974? Bel)

Obscure Belgo Glam alert... With its thudding drums and manly YEAHs, Do You Feel Allright (sic) is nearly a true Junkshop classic contender. Although the horns fit well with the tune; a little more fuzz wouldn’t have gone amiss. Think of Peter D. Kelly on a diet of frites smothered in sauce. It has been listed as a 1974 release, although the reverb on the intro drum sound makes me think this could have been recorded 2-3 years later. However the song/performance would have been really dated by 76/77...The B side is definitely early/mid 70s and is a pretty ghastly orchestrated MOR number (although with some screeching lead guitar)...So who knows

Hear a full version of Do You Feel Allright