Saturday, August 31, 2013

Unknown Acetate –Further Away From You/Jailhouse Rock

Emidisc Acetate –Further Away From You/Jailhouse Rock (UK 197?)

 A complete mystery here, can anyone provide anyinfo? I expect this acetate only got as far being a hopeful demonstration tool which most likely got turned down by whoever was offered the opportunity to further their careers. The only clues are the names I. Hall and C. Patmore (it takes some guts or sheer stupidity to appropriate the song writing credit for Jailhouse Rock!) Sonically, I would place the recording somewhere between 1972 and 1974, the overdriven fuzz guitar is full of intent, but low on delivery. Inept yet charged up to the max. The song and performance falls somewhere between rock and roll revival, Crunching Proto Glam and no holds barred dumb heads down Boogie. It may be stretching it a bit, but the version of Jailhouse Rock has a certain MC5 Back in The USA feel to it. All high energy with dynamic drumming, although the guitars are far from any Sonic Smith/Kramer interplay. Any ideas? 

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Friendly Persuasion –Yours Truly Jack The Ripper

The Friendly Persuasion – Apathy /Yours Truly Jack The Ripper–Mac-A-Lynne PRSD 2230 (1974 US)

The Friendly Persuasion seem to have been a surburban Detroit act and this was possibly their only release. Although featuring organ and mellotron Yours Truly Jack The Ripper sits on the right side of Gothic Prog thanks to its reliance on the hook and the restraint shown. No schlock horror here, but a damn catchy novelty opus. The A side is pants though….

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shakane –Dance of The Dead

Shakane –Dance of The Dead/Down Down Down –Sonopresse AG 45763 (1973 French issue)

Perhaps the most obscure single released by Bristol’s own Shakane. Although featured on the two different versions of their sole album, France appears to be the only territory where Dance of The Dead was issued as a single (although the track also appears on a split Swedish Jukebox EP). Dance of The Dead must rate as their heaviest and most rocking track with a great gritty and cutting guitars. This is something like Roger Bain produced Budgie revamped through Mike Leander’s early Glitter dreams with Redbone inflexions. It rocks fairly and squarely and sounds perfect as a stand-alone 45. (Note Trevor Burton’s Down Down Down was also issued as an A side in Germany). It’s really hard to keep up with the lack of continuity of Shakane’s release strategy… (UPC, Green Light, Sonet, Bellaphon, CBS, Youngblood, UA and now this!)

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Rarest Flamin' Groovies single? Have You Seen My Baby -German Pic Sleeve

The Flamin' Groovies -Have You Seen My Baby?/Yesterdays Numbers -Kama Sutra 2013033 (1971 German issue)

Featuring two killer sides from their Teenage Head LP, this pic sleeve was only released in Germany at the time. This is only the 2nd copy I have seen; the photo is presumably from 1970 and a Kama Sutra promo shot. I believe that this must be the hardest Groovies cover to find, with the 2 versions of the UK 1972 Slow Death single coming in a close second.

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hetherington – (It’s Just a) Teenage Love Song


Hetherington – (It’s Just a) Teenage Love Song/ That Girl’s Alright –Mowest MW 3007 (1973 UK)

Hetherington is in fact John Hetherington who released several singles on RCA, Uni and Neighborhood prior to being the first UK signing to Tamla’s Mowest imprint. Teenage Love Song is one those classic pop songs that will engrain itself into your head and linger. The song itself, the production and performance make this really something special and a sublime piece of British 70s Pop. which deserved hit status. The B side is more like uptempo Nick Lowe

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