Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shakane –Dance of The Dead

Shakane –Dance of The Dead/Down Down Down –Sonopresse AG 45763 (1973 French issue)

Perhaps the most obscure single released by Bristol’s own Shakane. Although featured on the two different versions of their sole album, France appears to be the only territory where Dance of The Dead was issued as a single (although the track also appears on a split Swedish Jukebox EP). Dance of The Dead must rate as their heaviest and most rocking track with a great gritty and cutting guitars. This is something like Roger Bain produced Budgie revamped through Mike Leander’s early Glitter dreams with Redbone inflexions. It rocks fairly and squarely and sounds perfect as a stand-alone 45. (Note Trevor Burton’s Down Down Down was also issued as an A side in Germany). It’s really hard to keep up with the lack of continuity of Shakane’s release strategy… (UPC, Green Light, Sonet, Bellaphon, CBS, Youngblood, UA and now this!)

Hear a full version of Dance of The Dead


Bob said...

Interestingly enough none of the band have any knowledge of this release. It does make you wonder how much more material has been put out there on vinyl without any reference to the writer / performer. Thank you Robin for unearthing this one!

Anonymous said...

This song is growing on me.