Sunday, October 30, 2011

Long Tall Ernie and The Shakers –Rockin’ Rocket

Long Tall Ernie and The Shakers –Rockin’ Rocket/ Rock and Roll-Polydor 2050371 (1975 NL)

Rockin’ Rocket is one of the better Long Tall Ernie sides. It’s more Glammy that most of their other releases and has a quirkiness in the production and song structure which elevates it above many of the overtly commercial 50s reruns that exemplified much of their output.

Hear a full version of Rockin’ Rocket

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glam legends The Arrows -Live in London November the 5th!

Here is one to check out, Alan Merrill is playing in London. Hopefully the set will also be beefed up with some Streak and Vodka Collins tunes as well...

Saturday, November 05 GlamRacket & Amp75 present Alan Merrill & The Arrows 7.30pm-4am - BAND ONSTAGE 9.30PM adv £6
GlamRacket and Amp75 present: Alan Merrill & The Arrows: Original lead singer and founder member of Seventies Glam Superstars 'The Arrows' making his first live London appearance in over 10 years. Alan Merrill is the writer and original recording artist of 'I Love Rock & Roll', one of the biggest Rock hits of all time. Part of the RAK stable alongside Suzi Quatro, Mud, Smokie & Cozy Powell, The Arrows scored major hits with 'Touch Too Much', 'My Last Night With You' and more. The band starred in their own television series, 'The Arrows Show' as well as touring the UK and Europe extensively.

The band will be onstage at 9.30pm. Ticket holders will receive automatic entry into the now famous 'GlamRacket' event at the Lexington, from 11pm to 4am.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tyrannosaurus Rex –Get It On/ Raw Ramp –Italian issue

Tyrannosaurus Rex –Get It On/ Raw Ramp –IL NIL 9045 (1971 Italy)

I don’t know how uncommon this single is, but somehow T.Rex got regressed to a Tyrannosaur on this 1971 Italian issue in its fetching picture sleeve. Get It On is the one that got me hooked on T. Rex as an 11 year old back in ‘71 thanks to a dopey department store assistant who played side 2 of Electric Warrior instead of side 1 whilst I listened on those old “phones”. No not headphones, but two telephones without a mouthpiece which you clasped to each side of your head...remember those? Anyway Get It On was instantly infectious, I knew within 10 seconds that this was for me. It was only later that I discovered Raw Ramp on that Bolan Boogie Lp. It’s a bit strange hearing Raw Ramp without the preceding There Was A Time, but Raw Ramp appears to be the same version. Marc had a quite a singular way to pronounce breast-s-t-s-s...A great track to play on a Sunday...

Hear a full version of Raw Ramp

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black Hawk –Little Suzie Looker

Black Hawk –Little Suzie Looker/Love Like A Man –Sundi Records 320 (1971 US)

Like a leaner and meaner Mississippi Queen crossed with a Sweet B side, Little Suzie Looker is a fine obscure hard rockin’ pre Glam stomper-Riff dependent with cow bell to the fore and good vocals. The B side is a workman-like cover of TYA’s Love Like A Man. Black Hawk were probably out of Orange County and this may have been their only release.

Hear a full version of Little Suzie Looker

Thursday, October 13, 2011

SINGLES FOR SALE: 2nd and final batch!

Well that's me done for while. A nice crop...including the original copy of the Spiv single in Excellent condition...Me? I am going to have a cup of tea and a rest...
The listings are here:

Hear a sound clip of Oh You Beautiful Child

Agnes Strange Give Yourself A Chance Birdsnest UK 1975
American Jam Band Jam Jam Young Blood France 1973
Anthony Bygraves Painted Lady Pye UK 1974
Bang Questions Capitol Germany 1972
Bear Brothers Bondiagio/ Red Shoe Trucken Philips France 1973
Bonnie St. Claire Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet Philips UK 1972
Brett Smiley Va Va Va Voom Anchor UK 1974
Britania Right Down The Line EMI UK 1973
Burton, Lane and Gibbons (B.L. & G) Live In The Mountains/Janie Slow Down Birdsnest UK 1971/75
Buster Superstar Bradleys UK 1974
Cherry Slush I Cannot Stop You USA Records US 1967
Christopher Milk Hey heavyweight UA US 1971 (Sealed copy)
Crunch Let's Do It Again Young Blood Germany 1973
Fatty Lumpkin Millionaire Clarion Aus 1974
Fatty Lumpkin Don't knock my boogie Clarion AUS 1973
Flight Save Me Children/ Are You Coming Out Tonight BUK Germany 1975
Fogg Dancin' To The Music WB UK 1975
Funktion Dance of The Clangers Pye UK 1972
Good Grief Girl in Green Freedom Canada 1970
Heart Lovemaker Jupiter Germany 1974
Humble Pie Big Black Dog A&M UK 1970
Jook Alright With Me RCA UK 1972
Josuha Jenny CNR NL 1973
King Harvest Jumping Jack Flash (parts 1 +2) RCA Aus 1971
Libido (Dana Gillespie) Hold On To Your Fire Mooncrest UK 1973
Matt Black & The Doodlebugs Punky Xmas Punk UK 1976
Mersey Kids Keep on Rockin' Pathe France 1974
Moonquake War Rance Aquarius Canada 1975
Muff Do The Hand Jive/ Discotheque King Polydor Germany 1975
Neil Christian She's Got The Power Jupiter Germany 1976
Next Hard Time EP Radar France 1976
Ning Machine Decca Germany 1971
Oliver Day Crazy Love Bus Stop UK 1975
Pete Dunton Taking Time RCA France 1973
Pony It's Gonna Be So Easy/same 20th Century US 1974
Reactions Summertime Rock 'n' Roll Vogue France 1975
Revolver But How I Love It Polydor Germany 1974
Rotomagus Fightin' Cock Butterfly France 1971 YEAH!!!!
Shado Evil City Montrose UK 1974 YEAH!!!! (again)
Shiva The Legend of Tutankhamun Dart UK 1972
Spiv Oh You Beautiful Child Pye UK 1973
Starbuck Wouldn't You Like It? RCA UK 1973
Stefan And The Wild Boys Dying in St. Louis Gonna Make You Blue Artists of America US 1976
Stephen Right On Running Man Antic UK 1974
Stonehenge ( For The Love Of A) Sweet Woman Like You Renegade US 197?
Stormer My Home Town Ring O' Records UK 1978
Strange Fox Rock and Roll Band BASF Germany 1973
Sweeny Todd Roxy Roller Nova Germany 1976
T.N.T Big Trouble (Part 1+ part 2) Jam UK 1972
Tank Heads I Win, Tails You Lose Bumble UK 1973
Ted Mulry Gang Jump In My Car Philips Germany 1976
Teddy Lane Bye Bye Love/ Heartbreak Negram Dutch 1973
Teddy Lane Do The Rock N' Roll Reprise Germany 1973
Third World War Ascension Day/ A Little Bit of Urban Rock Regal Zonophone France 1971
Thirteen Girls Aren't The Same EMG France 1978 OOOOH!
Thundermug Africa/ You Really Got Me Stateside Germany 1972
Villain Photograph Bell UK 1975
West Point Don't Know Why Decca UK 1970
Zoo Walking Jupiter Germany 1974

And one LP...
Do What Thou Wilt “The Satanic Rites of British Rock Delivered From Acetates and Rare Pressings 1970 -1974”

Friday, October 07, 2011

Paris Record Fair -Day 1

An easy hop over the Channel and here I am in Paris. It is the first time I have been to the Cidisc record fair in Champeret. I had low expectations, but it looks like it will be a pretty good fair. The organisers are good guys so I got in on set up day without any hassle...I spent a couple of hours browsing today, about 75% of dealers were already set up, but I will return tomorrow before heading off to the flea market at Clignancourt.

An ok batch today. I have my eye on a couple of high ticket items, we'll see...

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Jupiter –The Meteor Song

Jupiter –The Meteor Song/ Life Is Getting Better Every Day-Parlophone R5967 (1972 UK)

...More songs that sound like The Move. I guess I could start a whole series based on Move-soundalikes with The Casuals Tara Tiger Girl being an outright leading contender. But lo and behold, straight from my doormat, comes this John Goodison opus ( which more than borrows from Blackberry Way. A strange record for 1972, it could have easily have come out 4 years earlier, but it’s a charming piece of Psych/Pop fluff nicely grounded to a pseudo Stomp beat. The B side is more of the same with more Move moves on the chorus...

Hear a full version of The Meteor Song

Hear a full version of Life Is Getting Better Every Day