Friday, February 03, 2017

Bridey Murphy –Be Your Mother’s Son/ The Time Has Come

Bridey Murphy - The Time Has Come/ Be Your Mother’s Son –Capitol 45-391 (1974 Philippines)
Bridey Murphy - The Time Has Come/ Same –Capitol 3975 (1974 US)

Although not necessarily linked to a remembrance of a previous life, Bridey Murphy was a short-lived aggregation of Paul, Bill and Barry Cowsill and guitar-slinger extraordinaire Waddy Wachtel with Bugs Pemberton on drums who only managed to release this sole single. 

The only US issue I am aware is a promo and features Mono/Stereo copies of the same song;  in any case I have never seen a US stock copy... However…Down in the Philippines a regular issue was released featuring the long lost Be Your Mother’s Son. And what a great find it is…With Waddy’s strident stabbing interjections to the fore,  Be Your Mother’s Son rocks out without in any way harming the intended Purepop melodicism, it shines brightly, yet is meaty of its own accord, as in putting the Power into its Pop. 

The lush A side is slightly better known and a classic in its own right, it looks like an earlier version was released by The Cowsills themselves, however it is unclear if Waddy had a writing credit of this elusive other version. The sessions seem to have been somewhat nuts…read on below

Bill and Paul Cowsill signing to Capitol with John Myer (Personal Manager), John Carter (In-house producer and Al Coury. Waddy seems to have gone missing that day…Thanks to Chaim for the photo

Hear a full version of Be Your Mother’s Son

  Hear a full version of The Time Has Come