Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unreleased Acetate: All Night Long (with John Christian Ex Shady Lady)

All Night Long/ Down On 42nd Street -EMIDISC Acetate (circa 1974)
Here are full versions of two wild slabs of Proto Punk Glam just oozing ATTITUDE. All Night Long was initially recorded by LA Glamsters Shady Lady and the original recording of All Night Long can be heard here: along with other tracks from their album that was unreleased at the time.
The track was written by singer Stefen Shady with guitarist John Christian. John left the band in 1973 and went to London where these two tracks were recorded in 73/74. The sassy vocals are handled by John’s wife Valerie. Both tracks are equally as good and are great examples of NY Dolls sleaze (with a bit of Quatro thrown in) and would have fitted in well with the burgeoning NY Punk scene, but definitely 3 years too early for the UK…I don’t know the name of the band, if anyone knows, please let me know.

All Night Long

Down On 42nd Street

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Return from Utrecht…

I had another amazing time at the best record fair in the world. 3 days of walking around, searching , finding, exchanging, meeting, eating chips "met" etc…and generally hanging around with that far away 100 yard stare. Picked up quite a big haul including the following:

Tiger B. Smith –Morning Bird -Ger Pic Sleeve (the original version of The Damned track on Velvet Tinmine) See the photo above and click on title for a full version of Morning Bird
Chicory Tip –Cigarettes, Woman and Wine –French Pic Sleeve
Hans van Hemert –Old Dom Is Dead/ I Regret –Dutch Pic Sleeve
Hush –The Single LP –Belgian LP (Lennart & Dagleth)
Smyle –Crazy Lazy Little Miss Daisy –Dutch Pic Sleeve
Slack Alice –Motorycle Dream –French Pic Sleeve
Harley Quinne –Rock N Roll Is Back Again Ger Pic Sleeve
Beano –Candy Baby –Ger Pic Sleeve
Crazy Elephant –Gimme Some More –Ger Pic Sleeve
Crazy Elephant –There Ain’t No Umbopo –Ger Pic Sleeve (totally wonderful Spectorian homage by Gouldman, Godley & Crème via Kasenetz Katz and Ritchie Cordell)
Splash –Orangutang Boomerang Swe Pic Sleeve
Children of The Night –Dinner with Drac (Great US Pic Sleeve)
Marquis Of Kensington –Flash –Ger Pic Sleeve
J.C. Livingstone –Oh Oh Oh Angelina –Ger Pic Sleeve. Forget the A side, but the B side is basically Discotheque King by Muff, with pounding drums similar to Momma Was A Steamroller Lady. Question: Can we presume that J.C. Livingstone is in fact Rod McQueen?
Boys –Baby It’s You (US Pic Sleeve)
Jimmy Jukebox –Motorboat (US)
Q65 –Your’e the Victor
Kemo Sabay –Running Bear –Ger Pic Sleeve
Weltons -Hang 10 Hang 10
Sharaton –Walking Down The Road
Hollywood Stars –All The Kids On The Street (Ger Pic Sleeve)
Dominik –Rocket –French Pic Sleeve
Bob And Honey Bee –Queenie Rock On
Giorgio –Moody Trudy/ Stop –Ger Pic Sleeve
Spode –Singalong Song -Ger Pic Sleeve(The B side Cincinatti Woman is like a Joe Meek production from 1971)
Fresh Air- Bye Bye Jane
Skin –Trucking Song –Ger Pic Sleeve –check out the sound clip here:

First Class –Gimme Little Sign –Dutch Pic Sleeve (John Carter)
Hold Up –Telephone -Bel Pic Sleeve)
Biggles –Gimme Gimme Some Lovin’ –French Pic Sleeve (Mike Berry - Ning, UK Jones etc…)
New Adventures –Late Late Show –Dutch Pic Sleeve
John Kincade –Jenny Gotta Dance –Ger Pic Sleeve
Loco –At The Local Dance –Gr Pic Sleeve
Mabel –Hey I Love You -DK Pic Sleeve
Octopus –Hey Na-Na -Bel Pic Sleeve
The Killer –Killer’s Boogie –Dutch Pic Sleeve
Hollywood Brats –Rough Mixes (bootleg)
Think Tank –Hold My Hand (Dutch Pic Sleeve)
Jeff Phillips –Yesterday’s Hero –Ger Pic Sleeve
Jeff Phillips &Tigerwing –Superman – Ger Pic Sleeve (Vanda & Young)
D’jurann Jurran –Streakin’ –Ger Pic Sleeve
Doc & Prohibition –Superman –Ger Pic Sleeve
Snakes –Teenage Head –Dutch Pic Sleeve (Nick Garvey &Co)
Shoreline –I Like Rock N Roll –Dutch Pic Sleeve
Shades –Monday’s Child
Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers –Motoride –Dutch Pic Sleeve
Sir Henry & His Butlers –Camp (the B side Pretty Style is VERY weird downer psych)

Plus quite a few spares and upgrades…
Chaos –Guitar Man- Ger Pic sleeve
Blunderbuss –Boogie Woogie Woman –Ger Pic Sleeve (Tony Atkins +Gerry Morris of Galahad , Toggle etc…)
Gary Glitter (Paul Raven) –Goodbye Seattle -Ger Pic Sleeve
Abacus –Indian D ancer –Ger Pic Sleeve
Ted Mulry Gang –Jump In M Car –Ger Pic Sleeve
Plastic Feet –Big Blond Baby –Dutch Pic Sleeve
Reparata- Your Life Is Gone (Dart)
Ning –Machine -Ger Pic Sleeve
Marrakesh – Prodigal Son
Stanley Frank –S’cool Days -Ger Pic Sleeve
Rockets –Rock N Roll Drummer –Ger Pic Sleeve
Left Side –Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet –French Pic Sleeve
UK Jones –Let Me Tell Ya
Soho Jets – High Heel Tarzan
Flamin’ Groovies –Slow Death –Ger Pic Sleeve
And more Teens singles!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mississippi –Mr Union Railway Man

Mississippi –Mr Union Railway Man/ Main Street –HMV DNZ 10716 (1970 NZ issue)

How on earth could this single, originally released in the UK on the tiny independent Fox label, get licensed and released down under in New Zealand on HMV? Very strange indeed…
Mr Union Railway Man is an out and out scorcher. Tight as can be; the track burst out at the seams and maximizes the minimum in glorious fashion. The cutting lead break is positively blistering and the echo on the vocals add a Freakbeat/Psych element into the mix. The B side Main Street also has some pretty nifty guitar and is another winner in its own right. This track was comped a while ago, but I have no information on who was in the band etc…

Click on title for an edit of Mr Union Railway Man and Main Street

Sunday, November 16, 2008

F.B.I –I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight

F.B.I –I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight/The Boogaloo Boo-Boo –A&M AMS 705 (1973 UK)

I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight is a logical but bubbly cover of the Boyce & Hart hit (also on A&M), where a semi-Glitter beat and Leslie guitars subtly update the tune for 1973. This single is the work of producers Phil Swern and Johnny Arthey (The Pearls, Blue Haze, The Seashells etc…). and the promo blurb anticipated that the release would” find a warm reception with contemporary M.O.R programmers”. There’s nothing quite like aiming for the run of the mill whilst managing label heads’ expectations and achieving zilch…The B side is a fun piece of Bubbleglam fluff and is also worth a spin or two...

Click on title for an edit of I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight and The Boogaloo Boo-Boo

Monday, November 10, 2008

Savwinkle And Turnerhopper –Your Mother Thinks I’m A Hoodlum

Savwinkle And Turnerhopper –Your Mother Thinks I’m A Hoodlum/Dirtyin’ My Thing- Pye 7N 17913 (1970 UK)

With a title that grabs the attention, Your Mother Thinks I’m A Hoodlum is a bizarre concoction on the border of Freakbeat albeit with a Dave Arbus soundalike on fiddle instead of having Eddie Philips style guitar moves. The underlying guitar goes for that Hey Gyp motif with bongos reinforcing the beat and the track does build nicely. Not sure about these guys commitment to The Revolution, but the lyrics are quite a hoot what with references to never hitting old ladies and paying taxes although wearing their hair long. It’s co-produced by Ray Hammond who managed The Fire for a while, but who were Savwinkle and Turnerhopper? Both tracks are credited to Turner & Savage
This just in from Ray Hammond:
"Savwinkle and Turnerhopper were a duo I manufactured for a 'one-off' record deal with Pye.
The singer/songwriters were John Turner and Derek Savage, former leader of a sixties group from Battersea called 'The Saturday Band.'
When their playing days were over the pair started The Saturday Agency in Thayer Street, London W1 representing a number of artistes and bands.
I shared office space with the pair in 1969-70 and, as they were still keen to write and perform, I thought I'd give them an opportunity. Sadly, their efforts didn't win the public over."

Click on Title for a full version of Your Mother Thinks I’m A Hoodlum

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sharaton –Caught In The Act

Sharaton –Caught In The Act/Spotlight –VIP VP 7483 (1974 NL)

Losing myself in total low land obscurity here… There is zilch in the way of information on Sharaton, the only clues are that both songs are written by SharatonE. Weiss and that Sharaton’s bass player was Andre Versluijs who was later in Diesel alongside Mark Boon of Smyle as well as playing in Carlsberg.

Anyhow, Caught In The Act is an up-tempo Punk/Glam crossover, but ends up being a confused beast. It’s been compared to The Angelic Upstarts meets Racey and I couldn’t have put it more eloquently myself…

Click on title for a full version of Caught In The Act