Monday, September 25, 2017

The Movement -Head For The Sun

Movement -Head For The Sun/ Mr. Man -Big T BIG 112 (1968 UK issue)

This is an example of the complicated journey that can be undertaken just to get a decent copy of a single...and it took me 4 years. I first got an EX copy on Musicstack but I was very disappointed it didn't have the original centre. 
So I then bought some cheap Big T singles in order to attempt a record centre transplant without success. I then found a cheap fair copy and made do until I found a near perfect copy last week. Anyhow what a cracking single and if someone wants my 2 previous copies you are welcome to message me...

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Purepop Set Sale -September 2017 -One Week only!



First come first served! 

This set sale will be live for 1 week only (from the 3rd of September 2017)

I am updating the listings as soon as I can on the blog, with the ones in red having already been sold 

You can either email me (, leave a comment (I will not publish the comment) or message me on Facebook if you want the full list with prices


Part 1: Acetates

1)      Harlots of 42nd street- Polyethena Purebred/Shake My Blues -2 sided acetate (1973) SOLD
2)      Grudge –When Christine Comes Around (Demo version) Emidisc  acetate  (1973) SOLD
3)      Mississippi –Mr Union Railway Man –Acetate (Different version)   Fanfare (1970)
4)      Castle Farm –Hot Rod Queen/ Jewels of Fire –Emidisc (1972) Demo version with unreleased B side SOLD
5)      Bros –Red Headed Woman/Sweet Sweet Lovin’ Unreleased US acetate
6)      Unknown –Stop Messin’ Around –Unreleased -Emidisc Acetate (UK 1972) SOLD
7)      Dyaks –Gutter Kids (earlier unreleased version)/ Blow My Dreams Away (unreleased)  (1977) SOLD
8)      Job Lot of 6 acetates. These Hard Stuff/Bullet and John DuCann acetates include different  SOLD

Part 2: Sixties Freakbeat, Garage, Beat and Psych

9)      Them –Walking in The Queens Garden –Tower US Pic sleeve
10)   Honeybus –Story -Deram France 1970 EX/EX SOLD
11)   Fut- Have You Heard The Word 1970 UK Beacon SOLD
12)   Just William - I Don’t Care/ Cherrywood Green –Spark Test Pressing 
13)   Sorrows –Baby/ Teenage Letter –Piccadilly Demo EX SOLD
14)   Sorrows –You’ve Got What I Want/No No No –Piccadilly

Part 3: Proto Punk, Hard Rock, Heavy Psych and Bonehead

15)   Hog -Cop Killer/ Driving Pusing -You SOLD
16)   Twitch- Messin' With The Bull/Mr. Spunk Astro Records (Canada 1975) SOLD
17)   Purgatory –Polar Expedition/Lost War –Purgatory  (1970 US) SOLD
18)   Central Pacific –Rockin’ Detroit/Silhouette Self Release (US 1975) SOLD
19)   Buffalo -EP Suzie Sunshine/Dead Forever/Barbershop Rock/Sunrise –Vertigo Autralia (1974) SOLD
20)   Leaf Hound –Drowned My Life in Fear/It’s Gonna Be Better –Telefunken Germany  (1971) SOLD
21)   Stepson –Rule in The Book/ Lil’ Bit –Probe Japanese Pic sleeve  (1974) SOLD
22)   Balletto di Bronzo –Neve Calda –RCA Italy Pic sleeve (1970) SOLD
23)   Buster Browns- Lovin’Train/ In The Morning –Golden Voice SOLD
24)   Darkseid - Ground Zero/ Land of The Darker Sun Brooks US SOLD
25)   Primevil –Too Dead To Live/Fantasies –US
26)   AppleTree -You're Not The Only Girl /(The ballad of Pencil) -Wacks Records US SOLD
27)   Big Brother –ESP All American US
28)   Clockwork-Cybernaut/Mean Lady test pressing Canada        
29)   Columbus - Standing on The Corner Mill Records US SOLD
30)   River Styx Bike WriterJoey –Lu US
31)   Sweet Cherry - Eight Day Blues  Stop US SOLD

Part 4: Junkshop Glam, Bubblegum,  Euro Proto Punk and oddities

32)   Trevor White –Crazy Kids –Island- French Picture sleeve SOLD
33)   Boston Boppers- Did You Get What You Wanted –Penny Farthing Italian pic sleeve SOLD
34)   Bearded Lady –Rock Star –Bellaphon –German pic sleeve SOLD
35)   Angel –Good Time Fanny –Cube-Italian Picture sleeve SOLD
36)   Tub-Thumper –Kick Out The Jams –Alaska -German pic sleeve SOLD
37)   Barron Knights –Turning My Back on You- Penny Farthing Spanish pic sleeve
38)   Spiders from Mars –White, Black Man/ National Poll –Pye Spanish pic sleeve. SOLD
39)   Milk ‘n’ Cookies –Little Lost and Innocent –Island French Pic sleeve SOLD
40)   Rats –Don’t Let Go/Dragon Child –MAM SOLD
41)   Listen- Astral Boogie Parlophone Demo
42)   Jeff Britton & The Spitfires –Rub Out Decca Demo EX SOLD
43)   Iron Virgin –Rebels Rule –Deram Demo SOLD
44)   Mouse –We Can Make It/ It’s Happening to Me and You-Sovereign
45)   Rescue Co. No. 1 –Roll a Bowl-a Woman DJM Demo
46)   Ice Cream –Shout It Out-Fontana SOLD
47)   Granny –Lady/Weirdie Deirdre’s Dilema DJM Demo
48)   Farm –Fat Judy –Spark Demo
49)   Apple Pie and Custard –Doctor Fantastic Philips SOLD
50)   Arnold Corns –Man in The Middle/Moonage Daydream/Hang on To Yourself B&C SOLD
51) Casuals –The Witch/Good Times –Dawn SOLD
52)   Mick Flinn Band –Doin’ It Right/Do What You Wanna Do –EMI Demo  SOLD 

Part 5: Compilation LPs (all unplayed)

53)   Bonehead Crushers (Crunchers) Volume 2 (numbered 7/300)
54)   Bonehead Crunchers Volume 4 –Streetlight Fight
55)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 1
56)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 2
57)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 3
58)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 4
59)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 5
60)   Greased Buckskin Belters
61)   Bonehead Freaks