Saturday, February 28, 2015

Unknown- Acetate –Revolution/ Drive (1974)

Unknown –Revolution/Drive –Trident Acetate (UK 1974)

The year is 1974, Great Britain ain’t so great anymore, we have the 3 day week, IRA bombings, the constant rain and The Glitter sparkle is fading fast…2 years before Punk and the revolution craved for here, is not about overthrowing the government or kicking Ted in the teeth, these guys just want some comfort and a “decent” life. So basically this is not a Third World War rallying call to arms, but an amiable bouncy near Glitter/Pub rock ditty which is pretty hooky with some cute guitar leads. The other side Drive is er…more driving, but the guys still don’t cut loose at full speed, but it has a nice Kinks-like middle bit So who the hell is this? Could it be an unreleased Bo’ Flyers song? It is definitely a demo, perhaps from a Denmark Street studio nearby. Don’t be fooled by the UA catalogue number. What probably happened is that an engineer at Trident had a few left over acetates, so he called up his mates who had recorded a demo offering to cut them a few copies in return for favours from the singer’s sister…

Hear a full version of Revolution

Hear a full version of Drive

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Martin’s Art - Control Group Dropout

Martin’s Art- Thoughts Have Wings /Control Group Dropout-Counterpart APG 13 (1975 US)

Here’s an obscure Ohio outing that seems to be a pet project of one Jeff Martin. I’ll focus on the B side here as it’s a delightful mish-mash of Powerpop-like melodic moves tied in with some compressed Psych elements along with a cool guitar break, backward effects and a nice dry drum sound. The A side is more laidback and perhaps lack the outgoing appeal of the B side. It appears that this was originally slated to be released on the subsidiary Applegate label, but ended up on Counterpart with an incongruous catalogue number

Hear a full version of Control Group Dropout

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Unreleased Phil Spector Acetate: Lucy in London (1966)

Unreleased Phil Spector Acetate: Lucy in London (1966)

To feature on the Lucille Ball London special, it appears that Phil Spector was commissioned to provide the main title theme. The song was finally aired in 1966 along with clips of Lucille going All Mod and Fab in and around London…”It was Lucy with The Dave Clark Five…Lucy with a mini skirt on” You can hear and see the full version here


To my knowledge, it was never released in its own right. Lucy in London is a delightful kitsch yet invigorating uptempo melodic winner. Featuring Phil Spector on lead vocals, the full version has that full Gold Star glistening treatment along with a near Pet Sounds dream sequence middle bit.

Now about this acetate. I believe this version is completely unheard up to now. I bought it thinking it would be the full version, but no. This is something completely different. It appears to be the original demo sung by Phil Spector with piano, drums and a cute celeste part. This version already features the full arrangement ideas but without the orchestration and is 4:20 long. I’m not sure if it’s a Gold Star recording or not and who is playing with Phil. More info is most welcome.

For obvious reasons I am not featuring the full version, but here is an edit

Friday, February 06, 2015

Brett Smiley –Lying in The Sun –Unreleased Acetate (1969)

Brett Smiley –Lying in The Sun/Got To Get Through To You –Gold Star Acetate (US 1969)

Between auditioning for musicals and trekking up and down the West Coast, Brett recorded many demos in the hope of finding that elusive first step to musical success. These recordings were made at least 5 years before he met Andrew Loog Oldham and targeted Europe with the release Va Va Va Voom on Anchor before the dream evaporated with the proposed album being shelved (but not before an unbelievable Russell Harty appearance. )

Lying in The Sun is simply amazing and quite the doom opus. Here The Prettiest Star is deeply poignant, letting reign to teenage death fantasies, but with a maturity beyond his teenage years. Lying in The Sun is in fact an Anti-Vietnam song written in 1968 but recorded in ’69

Brett: “The very same year Charles Manson murdered Sharon Tate...Written one year I believe after The Summer of Love... Anti-War song... Vietnam War at the time... Simply lying in the sun as the song says at Sunset Beach, Ca USA. A simple Truth... The first War the U.S Lost!”

It all ends up a bit like a teenage Nick Drake covering Brian Wilson’s Til I Die, but recalling Dennis Wilson’s unreleased Carry Me Home insofar of its dramatic effect. Superb!

Gotta Get Through To You  is more straightforward, It’s enjoyable but perhaps lacks the impact of Lying in The Sun. Glad to say that Brett is alive and well…

Hear a full version of Lying in The Sun

Hear a full version of Got To Get Through To You

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Blue Creed –Need a Friend


Blue Creed –Need a Friend/ Sugarbabe–Mogo 4570 (1970 US)

Heavy Monster Freak time! Sporting some ridiculous wigs, these West Virginians must have been in the military (like The Monks?) or had secure day jobs that precluded them from growing their hair long. Freak yes, but able to blend into their day to day, so more like Weekend Freak! Anyhow Need a Friend is crude, loud and fuzzy with masterly growly vocals that take the performance out of the Garage and into the realm of Bonehead. The B side is also worthwhile using the same approach. Grrrrrr…

Hear a full version of Need a Friend

Hear a full version of Sugarbabe