Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shakane –Jenny

Shakane –Jenny/ Gang Man –UA UP 36087 (1976 UK)
Unless proved otherwise, this is probably the last single as released by the prolific Shakane. Written for the band by Smith & D’abo, Jenny is the sound of a band going all out for a hit, but with a spectorian Rockfield production by Kingsley Ward from the famed converted barn where Edmunds and The Flamin’ Groovies created their classic sounds. The song itself is a fine Rubettes-like number that should have garnered at the very least heavy Radio 1 play, but it wasn’t to be... The B side is the sublime Gang Man that was recorded two years previously –hear it here:

I believe there was an EP released in Sweden under an assumed name where Shakane covered a Gary Glitter song. Any more information on that release ...Bob?

Hear A Full Version of Jenny

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Streak -Unreleased Acetate!

Streak -Cadillac Jack/ Blind Truth -Trident Studios Acetate (1972)
Thanks to Collin's intermediary services I have secured a copy of this acetate with fine pair of unreleased Streak tracks from their A&M period. I am hoping to get more information and details of their provenance soon.
Both tracks are prime Proto-Heartbreakers/Glam Boogie workouts, with (Whole) Blind Truth possibly being the more realised performance of the two with some killer guitar.
So adding these two tracks to the four Deram era demos and the 1971 NYC sessions (with Alan Merrill and John Siomos), begs the question -just how much more is out there?
Thanks to Patrick for making the deal!
More info soon...

Hear an edit of Cadillac Jack and Blind Truth

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fresh Air –It Takes Too Long

Fresh Air –It Takes Too Long/Here Comes Summer –Philips 6006187 (1972 UK)
I originally picked up this single when I was 12 or 13 and although it somehow got snapped in half along the way, I never had the heart to throw it out. As I recently found a mint copy, I am now able present this fine slab of early 70s POP which out Harrisons G. Harrison on all levels. It also strikes a resemblance to what Nimbo or The Rockits were going for on their sub Badfinger excursions. Nothing too original then, but I challenge anyone to get this track out of their head after hearing it. Oh and if anyone has something to trade for an old copy snapped in half – let me know...

Hear a full version of It Takes Too Long

Monday, September 14, 2009

Antilope – Down On Your Feet

Antilope – Down On Your Feet/Goodbye –BASF 05154577 (1974 NL)
Purepop welcomes you back into the world of NederGlam with this outing by The Hague’s Antilope who were formed by EX-Shocking Blue bassist Klaasje van der Wal after he was supposedly kicked out from the aforementioned band for his ”excessive lifestyle”. The other members were singer Steve Allet, guitarist Dick Jongman and drummer Gerard Korff. Down On Your Feet is a bright and snappy stomper with vocals recalling at times Alex Harvey or Bon Scott over a Brother Susan like backing. Although not the most raucous Glammy Dutch outing, it’s still a fine catchy specimen of the genre. The B side is in a similar vein and is certainly worth a spin or two. Antilope released at least two other singles on BASF which I haven’t yet heard: Come On Suzy( 1973) and Get Ready (1975).

Hear a full version of Down On Your Feet

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fragile Rock Valley –Be My Baby

Fragile Rock Valley –Be My Baby/If You Want Me –Earth E-102 (1969 US)
As follow up to The Clingers review, here’s another Female fronted US single from 1969. Fragile Rock Valley’s version of Be My Baby hits the spot the way a good cover version should –it’s reassuringly familiar yet refreshingly different. No the famous intro isn’t there, but the upfront guitar and driving beat send the song into new territory. The chorus is more standard and expected , but it’s great to hear such an upbeat and updated version of the tune. No info on the band insofar as it being a studio creation or an actual band. The B side is also ace and a great tune; not sure which side I prefer. Enjoy both!

Hear a full version of Be My Baby

Hear a full version of If You Want Me

Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Clingers –Gonna Have A Good Time

The Clingers –Gonna Have A Good Time/And Now You Know Me –CBS 4047 (1969 French issue)
Q: What do you get when you mix 4 Mormon sisters, Kim Fowley and an Easybeats tune...?
A: A one off foray into 60s Girl Punk Dancerama with a bit of added proto Runaways...
Produced by The Prince of Sleaze with Michael Lloyd (Stories, Smoke etc...) Gonna Have A Good Time is a groovy uptempo organ fueled dancer. Not as wild as the original, The Clingers’ version still kicks a mean butt plus they were damn cute too boot –Check out their TV appearance on YouTube. The Clingers Sisters were a well established MoR /Gospell outfit appearing on many TV shows and this was an atypical release for the sisters. Debra Clinger later became one third of The Rock Flowers.

Hear a full version of Gonna Have A Good Time