Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Silence –Mother’s Game/ Devil Woman

Silence –Mother’s Game/ Devil Woman –Decca DL 25478 (1971 German issue)

Holland’s Silence max out on the snotty attitude with this great 2-sider. Mother’s game is tough and crunchy with some amusing lyrics “ I have a cup of tea and a piece of pie..” “I’m riding in a train in vain, yes baby it’s your mother’s game....” (sic). There’s a neat tempo shift at the end with a dual lead which is most effective and probably a Hans Van Hemert touch. Devil Woman is like a proto-punk Communication Breakdown which reminds of Pantherman in its vocal delivery. It also has a spooky middle break and some clumsy drumming.
Not much is known about Silence. They were from Dordrecht (home to the Zipps and Inca Bullet Joe –another fine Hans Van Hemert production) and although Hans  has good recollections of his Dump or Cardinal Point productions, his recall of these sessions are lost in the mists of time.
HvH: I don’t remember anything about Silence, I just have some recognition of the recording...The reason might be that at that time I didn’t feel I was a skilled producer yet….”
This appears to be the 2nd Silence release (The Future of Our Sister Felicity being the first?). The recording session took place on the 23rd of January 1971 and also included covers of Gimmie Shelter and Paranoid, but as far as I can see these seem to be unreleased

Hear a full version of Mother’s Game

Hear a full version of Devil Woman

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rock Co.Co –Rokoko Man

Rock Co.Co –Rokoko Man/ Happy and Smiling –Polydor 2041516 (1974 Germany)

Rock Co.Co is probably one of the silliest concepts ever. OK, it may be Dorksville Central but the performance and sleeve just reeks of attitude...er not really, but it’s still worth perhaps 30 seconds of your precious time. It’s as corny as a joke in a Xmas cracker. If anyone is churlish enough to slag this one off, just shut up and be amazed by the phasing and the multiple key changes and wonder why The Left Banke never attained such heights and shied away from embracing the concept so fully.
PS: I have a spare and 2 other singles by this band...Why? Because I CAN!

Hear a full version of Rokoko Man

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gary Steel Sound –Go Go Girl

Gary Steel Sound –Go Go Girl/I’ve Got A Feeling Coming On –Zel-la JHEPM 131 (1973 UK)

Mesmerising total obscurity from the Midlands... Go Go Girl (sounds like Goo Goo Girl to these ears) is a driving hypnotic rocker of the highest order. The chugging guitar is pure Mick Green (Pirates) tight as can be with a cutting lead break with saxes played like Kazoos. File in the same section as Mr Union Railway Man (Mississippi), Hey Hey Jump Now (One Hit Wonders) and Monopoly’s Gone Tomorrow. The B side is a slower tune with Hammond and striking Wah Wah stabs. The chorus is particularly strong. Zel-La (Zella) was a studio in Edgbaston, but beyond this who knows...

Hear a full version of Go Go Girl

Hear a full version of I’ve Got A Feeling Coming On

Monday, December 12, 2011

Love and Hate: Navajo vs. Jan & Dean

Navajo – Frisco Bay/ Love and Hate –Musicor MU 1449 (1970 US)
Jan & Dean –Fan Tan/ Love & Hate –Jan & Dean 11 (1967 US)

No particular reason for this post except for finding this great B side by Navajo. It’s a subdued but captivating little ditty which got me hooked when I first heard a snippet a few weeks back. The near prog stabs add a weird touch, they surprise but are strangely fitting. The single is easy to find cheaply online and the A side is OK too. Love & Hate by Jan & Dean is from one the early post accident sessions, where a recuperating Jan Berry brought in some West Coast luminaries to help bring his hummed vocals and visions to fruition. These sessions have recently been collated by Rhino on the exemplary Carnival of Sounds LP. I originally heard Love & Hate on a double bootleg probably in the early 80s and it never ceases to make me smile. So who wins the battle of the B sides? Does anyone have an acetate of Girl You’re Blowing My Mind for sale by any chance?

Hear a full version of Navajo’s Love and Hate

Hear a full version of Jan & Dean’s Love & Hate

Friday, December 09, 2011

Porky –I’m An Artist

Porky –I’m An Artist/ Flag –Bell 983 (1971 US)

5 years on from Painter Man (The Creation), Shel Talmy revisits a similar theme along with I’m An Artist sharing comparable simplistic but to the point chord changes. The outcome is somewhat like a updated melodic Freakbeat outing which is as catchy as hell. The diminished chord under the I’m An Artist refrain is a neat touch and the whole track drives along nicely. The B side Flag is also worth listen as it’s an uptempo rocker with a semi Born To Be Wild riff, but overlaid with harmony vocals and some underlying fuzz.
There’s next to nowt to be found on Porky, they were presumably British, but it looks like this single was only released in the US.

Hear a full version of I’m An Artist

Hear a full version of Flag

Monday, December 05, 2011

Record shopping in Madrid and Leon Record Fair

Well for once I had a good excuse to be in a foreign land, which allowed me to pick up some singles. Madrid still has a good selection of shops all within walking distance. The institution that is Mellocoton is still up and running. The best finds were down the stairs at Mitrailletta. Bangladesh and Babel are also worth visiting.
Our second gig was in Leon and wouldn't you know it, there was a record fair there on Sunday...talk about being blessed.It was a small fair, but I picked up the Armada and Brakaman singles which I was turned onto.  Armada has clumsy lyrics that make up part of its charm, but it's an infectious and rocking little ditty from 72.. Brakaman is a heavy one...

Hear a full version of Armada -People (Summer Song)

More singles...Crecent Street Stompers is in fact Moonquake!

The Key single is a good one. A bit like Wish You Were Here Badfinger, but with some intriguing twists and turns. It appears that their 1978 LP was only released in Germany. The single is the lead off track in any case