Thursday, July 20, 2017

New World Act II - One Man's Love

New World Act II - One Man's Love/Anywhere -Har-Money DG-102 (1968 US)

Apart from Har-Money being a small Hollywood label, I couldn't find any more on this amazing heavy gem. The year is 1968 and One Man's Love is a bestial dirge featuring whips and chains accentuating the thudding beat on a tune that sounds like an S&M Blue Cheer covering Feathered Fish with a vocalist sounding like a Cro-Magnon Arthur Lee or Sean Bonniwell...Totally incredible

Hear a full version of One Man's Love

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Huge ebay listing with 55 singles from Glam to Psych to Bonehead and beyond

Summer is definitely here, so I have posted a gargantuan (well for me) list of singles running the whole gamut of all that I love.

All singles have a low start, no reserve, they're up for 10 days, most have sound clips, so you will have plenty of time to discover the ones you might not know

You can go to the listing here:

PUREPOP1UK ebay Listings HERE

I should point to,  among others, the Proto Punk ineptitude of Central Pacific, the Cowbell glory of Diehard (off Brown Acid -The Third Trip, the song Poem Bonehead collision that is the Melodiers (off Bonehead Freaks)...

As part of this sale there in a batch of rare and unusual Equals picture sleeves from across Europe

Anyhow here is the menu -have fun and enjoy the weakness of the pound...
Central Pacific - Rockin' Detroit - Crude US Proto Punk -RARE Private 1975
After Shave -WARMAKER- Bonehead Crunching Glam UK issue! 1973
Paul Ryan -Natural Gas - Hypnotic GLAM Classic- 1972
Jeff Britton Spitfires -Rub Out -BREAKS - Glam- Assault Precinct 13 – Demo
Neil Christian - She's Got The Power -Heavy Fuzz Glam Pounder – 1974
Iron Virgin - Rebels Rule - Junkshop GLAM Classic-French Pic sleeve 1974
Galahad -Rocket Summer-GLAM/PSYCH Fuzz Groover- 1973
Kansas Hook- Nervous Shakin UK FUZZ FREAK Glam 1971
Jets -YEAH! - Killer Glam Cruncher UK- 1973
Herd -Beauty Queen/ The Game -Proto Glam Groover 1969 UK issue
Smoke- My Lullaby- Creeping T. Rex UK Junkshop Glam 1974
Gene Clark – Echoes - US ORIGINAL Promo Byrds EX condition 1966
Easybeats -Good Times -Rousing FREAKBEAT Rocker 1968 UK DEMO issue
Alexander Bell - Alexander Bell Believes -Stunning UK Popsike 1967
Four Fuller Brothers -GROUPIE -Bubblegum Rocker 1969 UK issue
Bonnie St.Claire - I Surrender-Cult Soul MOD Dancer Danish issue TOP sound
Bonnie St.Claire (Bonny) -Tame Me Tiger -Top MOD Dancer 1968 German issue
Dennis Wilson and Rumbo -Sound of Free - Top UK Copy Beach Boys 1970
Laughing Gravy - Vegetables -1967 Brian Wilson SMILE!!! (Dean Torrence)
Rag Dolls -My Old Man's a Groovy Old Man -Unreleased Easybeats DEMO 1968
Status Quo – Make Me Stay a Little Longer - DUTCH Pic sleeve RARE VG+
Honeybus -Story -Sumptuous Popsike -French pic sleeve 1970
Children of The Morning -Hey Hey America Protest Psych with F word... 1973
Bilbo Baggins -Run With Devil /Sha Na Na UK pic sleeve Crunching Glam 1974
Bilbo (Baggins)- She's Gonna Win - Japanese picture sleeve- 1978
Bilbo Baggins -It's a Shame/ Please Sir -Belgian picture sleeve 1976
The Knees -Day Tripper/ Slow Down - MAN Deke Leonard & Co- Demo 1975
Kindness -Light of Love - Chris Norman/ SMOKIE - Their first single - 1970
Kindness -Make It Better - Chris Norman/ SMOKIE - Demo – 1973
Kindness -Oh Yea/ Let The Good Times - Chris Norman/SMOKIE - Stomping Glam
My Dear Watson -Have You Seen Your Saviour -Elton John - No reserve – 1970
Josuha -Jenny -Weirdo Dutch Freak GLAM 1973
Sir Lord Baltimore -Master Heartache -Heavy Stoner Hard Rock US Promo Rare
Diehard -Heartbreak - Posae RARE!!! US Proto Metal Hard Rock -Brown Acid
Hustutler -Complications - Obscure US Glam Hard Rock Cruncher
It's All Meat -You Don't Notice The Time -Rare Heavy Psych Pic sleeve 1970
Hard Meat – Rain- Heavy Psych Beatles cover 1969 UK issue
Melodiers -Thinking of You -Bonehead meets Song Poem - US FUZZ !!!!! Rare
Nightmare –Witch Woman –UK HORROR HARD ROCK GLAM
Alan Blakley -Lost Without You/Gimme Rock n Roll Great Glam 2- sider 1976
Sylvester's Jukebox - Guess It's Because -Rare UK issue -Kim Larsen- 1973
Jerry Williams -Crazy 'Bout You Baby - Heavy Bonehead Cruncher US 1971
Listen -Astral Boogie -Obscure UK Glam crossover - Demo 1973
Funky Family -Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet Stomping GLAM 1973
Frenzy- Poser - Proto Punk Glam Cruncher - 1976
Equals -I Get So Excited/ The Skies Above -German Pic sleeve
Equals -Laurel and Hardy -Belgian Pic sleeve
Equals -I Can See But You Don't know -Italian Pic sleeve
Equals -Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes/ She Lives for Today -German Pic sleeve
Equals -Rub a Dub Dub -Spanish Pic sleeve
Equals -Have I The Right -German Pic sleeve
Equals -Beautiful Clown - German Pic Sleeve with Promo Card
Equals -Lonely Rita/Softly Softly -Spanish Pic sleeve
Equals - I Won't Be There/Fire-Spanish Pic sleeve
Equals -Police on My Back -Belgian Pic sleeve

Monday, July 03, 2017

Sarawest –Saturday (Hot & Heavy)/ Space Rider –Canadian Heavy Freak (1974)

Sarawest –Saturday (Hot & Heavy)/ Space Rider –Vintage Records SCV 2024 (1974 Canada)

Sarawest was a Toronto band who played around clubs at the time and released this lone single distributed solely through the Record Villa record store on Yonge Street
It’s a cracking double-sider with Saturday (Hot &Heavy) being the outright rocker and Space Rider, as it title indicates, the heavy psych excursion. Both sides are full to the brim with stunning heavy freak guitar moves, transposing 1969 into 1974, which indicates they must have been a blinding live act.

Hear a full version of Saturday (Hot & Heavy)

Hear a full version of Space Rider

It seems all copies came in this Record Villa bag