Friday, October 28, 2022

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Monday, October 24, 2022

Kevin Buckingham – Take Me Back - Obscure Aussie Chugger (70s)

Kevin Buckingham – Paradise/Take Me Back – MA 7218- Self Release (AUS  70s)

Here’s a totally obscure Aussie release that was worth uncovering. First thoughts it sounds Welsh, well it’s got that Dave Edmunds chug doing on as well as a melodic Glam overlay reminding of another Welsh combo, The James Hogg Band (Everybody Smile).  Albatross’s Rock and Roll Boogie Man also come to mind. 

Although it has low production values, the performance really cooks and features not 1, nor 2, but 3 lead breaks!

Update: Kevin Buckingham was the guitarist for Melbourne-based band Dave and the Derros.

The A side is pleasant 70s Pop, a bit like a rural Pilot.

Kevin – where are you and do you have a better condition copy?

Hear a full version of Take Me Back