Monday, February 06, 2023

Cold Touch - Ride to live, Live to Ride - Essential unreleased Bonehead


Cold Touch – Ride to Live, Live to Ride – Splattered Records -Splat 30 (US 2022)

A few years back I was sent an obscure Gold Star acetate that set many a tail wagging.   The singer then got in touch with me and once I heard there were further recordings, I contacted Reed at Splattered Records, as I knew this could be right up his street

Heavy and not so ‘umble, these lost recordings by Cold Touch hit the spot and would be positioned high in the Bonehead Parthenon. The recordings are  basic but of high quality, rough with just the right amount of ready 

The opening trio of Ride to Live, Greasepaint Widow and Derailed Ladies (what a great title!) set the scene of much of what is to come. Again, as demonstrated on the acetate singer Barry has an inimitable garble-warble which is quite remarkable in its uniqueness and character. 

His vocal delivery is in perfect fit with the heavy powerful Thudding that underlines these gems. Land of The Foxes has a Love It To Death Alice Cooper feel to it. 

Side 2 is more of a mixed bag with a saxophone which tarnished the acetate version of Ride to Live, making further appearances. I have always had an aversion to men sticking things in their mouths and blowing on them, although I am partial to a bit of harp – go figure! There are still gems on the 2nd side including Rock n’ Roll Star which somehow reminds me of Mogan Davis and His Winos! The 2nd side also includes several alternative versions of some of the best tunes from side one, however often derailed by the sax

If some of these songs had come out at the time, people would be clamouring about them in the same way as Seompi, Supachief or Purple Sun. If this album had been released privately back then it would certainly be commanding four figure sums nowadays.

All in all it’s still an essential release and full marks to Splattered records for releasing this, however for some reason there are no liner notes or any information on the band line ups or recording dates.

From the online interviews found here .primitivemansoundz - Cold Touch it seems these sessions either took place in 74 or 75. 

There are still a few copies left here