Saturday, August 15, 2020

Free Wheels – Baby Roller - Obscure Canadian Glam


Free Wheels – Baby Roller/What a Bad Mistake – Leo Music LA 103 -T (Canada 1975)

Hailing from Vancouver, home of Sweeney Todd, the Free Wheels single seems more than a little inspired by the Todd’s Roxy Roller. 45 CAT place the year as 1974, however it’s difficult to ascertain the exact date from the label’s catalogue numbering, but I find it hard to believe that Baby Roller could have preceded Roxy Roller (1975)

Free Wheels is a moniker used by one J.C. Stone who released several singles and 1 LP between 1974 and 1981 in a more pop/rock AOR genre.

Baby Roller is a fine reminder of simpler times when Roller Discos rolled more than discoed. Glossy yes, but a fine catchy tune with meaty guitar over a thudding beat

Note there is a promo solid centre version with Stereo and Mono versions

Hear a full version of Baby Roller