Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flamin' Groovies -Slow Death -Various picture sleeves

No music this time, but a picture of the complete set of Slow Death pic sleeves from the time. I have not included the later UA EP. Now is that the lot or did other territories release Slow Death

From top left to bottom right: 1) French original 2) UK promo with straight writing, 3) UK promo with front cover  reversed featuring Tallahasee Lassie and hand written titles, 4) French 2nd issue (1974?) 5) German issue and 6) The Dutch issue.

Still and forever my favourite single of all time

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bandana –Jukebox Saturday Night

Bandana –Jukebox Saturday Night/Love is Where You Find It –Haven HS 807 (US 1976) 
Bandana was Peter Beckett’s adventure following Skyband (them with the plumage and of Bang! Ooh! You Got Me fame) prior to forming the more successful Player. Originally formed under the moniker Riff Raff with Steve Kipner, Steve was soon replaced by J.C Crowley (also later in Player). Written by Crowley and Beckett (under the pseudonym J. Crocker); Jukebox Saturday Night is a perfect Powerpop/Glam number owing a big debt to 10CC. Swoopingly melodic and quirky, it certainly deserved a better fate.

Here a full version of Jukebox Saturday Night


Monday, May 21, 2012

Return from Japan: The haul

Just back from having an amazing time in Japan which goes far beyond records, more stuff on my facebook page, but here are the records I came back with, many were gifts...
More soon...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Record swapping and buying in Tokyo

Tokyo...what an amazing city with wonderful people and amazing quirks. It seems rather churlish just to focus on records, but this is the purpose of Purepop.
Anyhow after a full day here, I can report back on the finds so far. I must have visited over 15 stores within a 2 mile radius (Shinjuku), tomorrow I go a bit further afield.
The highlight though was  the most pleasurable Popswap I have ever experienced. It took place, thanks to Atsushi,  at the most incredible Rock 'n Roll bar called The Poor Cow. The place is plastered to the rafters with the most amazing (and rare) posters. It is run by Fifi a real top fellow. The generosity and warmth was really overwhelming. A perfect venue with a top crowd.

Anyhow, the two singles I was really hoping to get are now in my hands. Namely the Vodka Collins single, Alan Merrill's Japanese excursion prior to The Arrows

Hear Automatic Pilot below

The other Japanese single  I was after was the Mach Baron 
Check the clip below

Another single which I look forward to hearing is the Maria Anzai single (see photo above), I will post more on this in the next couple of weeks.

 Here are some other singles i picked up  or swapped for

I wasn't kidding when I was mentioning generosity, Fifi amazingly gave me the live Silverhead album. 
I am really touched by all the kindness (and beer). So thanks to all who were there tonight... More soon!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dead’s Head –You and I Wer’e Going Back

Dead’s Head –You and I Wer’e Going Back/ I Love You –ODS Records 001582 (1978 Germany) 

You and I Wer’e Going Back (sic) is an incredible one-off single on a private label by this obscure German act. They were very influenced by Status Quo and had dreams of achieving the musicality of Rush but failed admirably. The result is simply great amateur Powerpop Punk but not by design.. The lyrics (and spelling) are very clumsy, but how can you not be swayed by the lyrical content “I was standing at the station, you were coming from another nation…” Musically, it has a Terminal Love riff followed on by a great piece of chugging and a highly melodic chorus. The lead break is Another Girl Another Planet…but not quite. All in all it’s a pretty inspiring  performance. The B side is also good in a more subdued mode. Here the guitars try to spread their wings through use of delay and chorus, but the tunage is a bit iffy to say the least. Again all part its ample charm as is the faker than fake applause...

Hear a full version of You and I Wer’e Going Back


Hear a full version of I Love You


Saturday, May 05, 2012

Taxi –You Got Your Way in The End O.K.

Taxi –You Got Your Way in The End O.K./It’s No Use Pretending –Bellaphon 1421 (1977 Germany) 

You Got Your Way in The End OK is a vibrant piece of Teen Kraut Pop with Glam inflections, think Hello or Flintlock without a flinch of any Punk leanings (although there’s a twinge that predates Terminal Love). Positioned bang in the Middle between Germany’s Teens and Mustang, it’s a fun piece of commercial and ultra-catchy pop. It was produced in the UK with Dave Hunter involvement (Whistle/ Rescue Co No 1)  Look out for the next post with an obscure but Killer piece of Hard German Teen Rock…

 Hear a full version of You Got Your Way in The End O.K.