Friday, May 11, 2012

Dead’s Head –You and I Wer’e Going Back

Dead’s Head –You and I Wer’e Going Back/ I Love You –ODS Records 001582 (1978 Germany) 

You and I Wer’e Going Back (sic) is an incredible one-off single on a private label by this obscure German act. They were very influenced by Status Quo and had dreams of achieving the musicality of Rush but failed admirably. The result is simply great amateur Powerpop Punk but not by design.. The lyrics (and spelling) are very clumsy, but how can you not be swayed by the lyrical content “I was standing at the station, you were coming from another nation…” Musically, it has a Terminal Love riff followed on by a great piece of chugging and a highly melodic chorus. The lead break is Another Girl Another Planet…but not quite. All in all it’s a pretty inspiring  performance. The B side is also good in a more subdued mode. Here the guitars try to spread their wings through use of delay and chorus, but the tunage is a bit iffy to say the least. Again all part its ample charm as is the faker than fake applause...

Hear a full version of You and I Wer’e Going Back


Hear a full version of I Love You



ille said...

hey, please tell me, from where do you have the info, that this incredible single is from 1978 ??

Robin Wills said...

Hi I think that info was from the drummer who a friend got in touch with. I can't really remember Best