Friday, May 18, 2012

Record swapping and buying in Tokyo

Tokyo...what an amazing city with wonderful people and amazing quirks. It seems rather churlish just to focus on records, but this is the purpose of Purepop.
Anyhow after a full day here, I can report back on the finds so far. I must have visited over 15 stores within a 2 mile radius (Shinjuku), tomorrow I go a bit further afield.
The highlight though was  the most pleasurable Popswap I have ever experienced. It took place, thanks to Atsushi,  at the most incredible Rock 'n Roll bar called The Poor Cow. The place is plastered to the rafters with the most amazing (and rare) posters. It is run by Fifi a real top fellow. The generosity and warmth was really overwhelming. A perfect venue with a top crowd.

Anyhow, the two singles I was really hoping to get are now in my hands. Namely the Vodka Collins single, Alan Merrill's Japanese excursion prior to The Arrows

Hear Automatic Pilot below

The other Japanese single  I was after was the Mach Baron 
Check the clip below

Another single which I look forward to hearing is the Maria Anzai single (see photo above), I will post more on this in the next couple of weeks.

 Here are some other singles i picked up  or swapped for

I wasn't kidding when I was mentioning generosity, Fifi amazingly gave me the live Silverhead album. 
I am really touched by all the kindness (and beer). So thanks to all who were there tonight... More soon!

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Anonymous said...

Live Silverhead lp? Yowza! i need to track that one down digitally! Jim Horan, USA