Sunday, January 24, 2021

Purepop Set Sale and Mini Auction - January 2021

PUREPOP Set Sale and Mini Auction is ...NOW CLOSED

I have a set sale  now open for one week only (January 24th to January 31st). There is also a 48hr mini auction with 6 singles that closes Tuesday 26th January at 10pm GMT

If you are not currently on my email list you can either request the list by emailing me: purepop1ukATyahooDOTcoDOTuk,  by messaging me on Facebook or by leaving a comment.

The list has several close up photos and sound clips sometimes directly from the records themselves or from YoutTube for reference

I will be updating the  list here as soon and often as possible, those in red means they are SOLD

Here is the full  list...

48hr Mini Auction

Johnny K. - Big Boat Up The River/ I'm Mad Again -M.B (AUS)   SOLD
Panther (Pantherman) - One Man Band/ Evelyne -Polydor (NL)  SOLD                
Angelo & Eighteen- Midnight Flight/ Flight 2-RAK Demo (UK)  SOLD                                           
Beaut - Goodbye Judy/ Paper Chains - Infinity (AUS) SOLD
Brian Wells - Paper Party/ just a Summer High -Spark (UK)  SOLD
Jetz - Catch Me/ jBreaking it Down -Negram  (NL)  SOLD

Set Sale

Sixties Freakbeat, Garage, Beat and Psych

Blue Beard -Sly Willy/Country Man -Ember UK Pic sleeve 
Boys –Splendor in The Grass/Every Mornin' –Kama Sutra (US)  SOLD
Chris Andrews- Hold On/ Easy-Decca (UK)     SOLD
Creation– Painter Man/ Biff Bang Pow/ - Vogue(NL) SOLD
Downliners Sect- Sing Sick Songs –Columbia EP (UK) SOLD
Eastwood- I Am Free/ Gypsy-CBS Demo (UK)   SOLD     
Equals –Softly Softlyy/Lonely Rita –President (UK)  SOLD
Five's Company -The Big Kill / Sunday for Seven Days  –Pye  (UK)     SOLD      
Gaslight - Move / And so to sleep  –Jay Boy (UK) 
James Taylor Move –Magic Eyes /And I Heard The Fire Sing - Festival (AUS)  SOLD
The Knack The Man From The Marriage Guidance  /Idolly Catcher Man -Pye Demo (UK)  SOLD
Kris Ife - Imagination /I'm Coming 'Round (To her way of thinking)  –
Lancastrians –Was She Tall/ We'll Sing in The Sunshine –Pye (UK)  SOLD   
M.F.Q (Modern Folk Quartet)- Night Time Girl /Lifetime -RCA  (UK)  SOLD
Mickey Finn And The Blue Men - Reelin' & A' Rockin'/  / I Still Want You   - Oriole   (UK) SOLD
Mississippi- Mr. Union Railway  Man/ Main Street-Fox (UK)     SOLD

Morloch, the- Every Night/ I'm Feelin' Sad -RG (Aus)   
Pink Finks –Back Door Man / Something  Else- In (AUS)    SOLD
Power - Children Ask (If He is Dead) /She is The Color of -MGM (US) 
Pretty Things - Defecting Grey/ Mr Evasion  –Columbia  (UK)    SOLD                           
Pure Madness - Freedom Rides /Sing  –Roundtable  (US)  SOLD
Self Kick - Gosh! I'm Your Woman Not Your Wife/ Blues for Strawinsky - Delta (NL)SOLD
Summer Set - It's a Dream /Overnight Changes –Columbia (UK)
The J&B - There She Goes /IWow Wow Wow -Polydor (UK)   SOLD   

Heavy Psych, Bonehead, Hard Rock and Proto Metal

Al Smith Group- Young Girls on Ice/  Modern Ways-Afco  (US)  SOLD
Armageddon- Whitered Old Man/ Dazed and Confused-Osage  (US)  
Aum  Bye Bye Baby/ Resurrection-Fillmore (US) 
Bad Apple -  Raving Beauty/ Campfire Tire -Bad Apple (US)  SOLD
Black Hawk- Little Suzie Looker/  Love Like a Man -Sundi  (US) SOLD
Black Watch  Stumble on/ Hot Summer Days - Cat's Eye (US) SOLD
Bungi- Numbers/  Six Days on The Road -Earthquake (US) 
Cheyenne Autumn- Ask Someone to Try/ Streetheart- Windi (US) SOLD
Fear- Bubblefunk/ Young Boppers -Barry (CAN) SOLD
Glory- High School Letter/ Peaches Speemo (US) SOLD
Hot Ash- Jail Bait/ Yellow Eyes-Moonstone  (US)   SOLD
Kenny Oller- Rock With Your Woman/ Lonely Travellin' Man- S&S (US)   SOLD
Kevin Coughlin- I Gotta Be Me/  The Gay deceivers -Happy Tiger (US) SOLD
Larry Lynn- Diamond Lady/  Back on The Streets Again -Mammoth (US) SOLD
Looking Glass- Take The Time/ It's Gonna Work Out Fine- Stone (US) SOLD
Luke and The Apostles- Not Far Off/ You Make Me High (CAN) SOLD
Nothing- Young Generation/ Sittin' on Top of The World ASG (US) SOLD
One Mile Ahead - There Ain't No Use In Crying /Contribution -Santiago (US)  
Sugar- Hot Damn/  Let It Roll -Lady records (US) SOLD
Things- Pointed Toed Shoes/ Our e Blues-Sabre  (US)   SOLD
Time Peace - Wizkids/Changing Images -TPI (US) SOLD
Tongue- Hotel Arbutus/Harp Thing-Tektra  (US) SOLD
Tribal Sinfonia- Something Has You Turned Around/ Do You Want Me-Tribe (US) SOLD
Truth- Around and Around/  Straight Eight Pontiac -Driving Wheel (US)  SOLD
Underbeat- Darkness/  You're Losing Me-p.i.p  (US)    SOLD
Warpig- Rock Star/ Flaggit -London (CAN) SOLD
Werks- I Got The Feelin/ Stateline Blues-Self released (US) SOLD
Whistler's Mother- Dark Dawn/ Goodbye-Multi (US)  SOLD
Wild Wood- Cold Love/ Follow Me - Wildwood SOLD
Zane- Step Aside/ Damage MM (SWE) SOLD

Junkshop Glam, 70s Proto Punk and Obscurities

Abacus- Indian Dancer / Be That Way- Bellaphon  (Ger ) SOLD
Arlan Green -Promo EP-Moonbrite/I Do/ Rock Hotel/The Next Time White label -Bell (UK) SOLD
Ayshea- Farewell / The Best Years of My Life -Harvest  (UK )   SOLD
Barracuda- Summer Girls / I Feel So Down -EMI  (Portugal ) SOLD
Big Boy Blue- Getting Hungry / Lonely-Penny Farthing  (UK) SOLD
Black Fire- Do It/ Little Bit 'a Music-Lark  (NL)  SOLD
Boston Boppers - Did You Get What You Wanted / Whirlwind Girl -Penny Farthing Demo (Ger ) SOLD
Buzz - The Rock Roller Coaster/Come Back Baby-  Pinball (GER) 
Count Copernicus - Painted Ego/La La La - Festival (AUS) SOLD
DavId Alexander - Love Love Love / Misty -Rare Earth  Demo (UK ) SOLD
Equals- Diversion / Here Today Gone Tomorrow-President (UK)  SOLD
Frankie & The Phantoms- Rock 'N' Roll Band / Jamburger-RCA Demo  SOLD
Frenzy - Poser/ Things You Do -  DJM - Demo (UK)    SOLD        
Gary Steel Sound -  Go Go Girl/I’ve Got A Feeling Coming On -Zel-La  (UK)  SOLD
Hello- You Move Me / Ask Your Mama -Bell Demo (UK)  SOLD
Hobnail- She's Just a Friend of Mine/ Boy Scout Jambourees-Bell (Ger)  SOLD      
Home- Green Eyed Fairy/ Sister Rosalie -CBS Demo  (UK )        
J.C Livingstone - Momma Was a Steamroller Lady Penny Farthing (UK )               
John Bright - I've Tried It / I Gotta Go-Topomic Music  (Arg )  SOLD
John Miles- Fright of My Life / Good Time Woman -Orange (UK )  SOLD   
Ken Khury- Baby Doll  /Super Queen -Jupiter German pic sleeve  SOLD
Larry Lazar- The Night is Young/ Merci Beacoup -Test pressing (US)   SOLD  
Light Fantastic- Take Me Shake Me/ Don't Let Go- Metronome (GER)     SOLD
Matthew Linhart- It's Alright, It's OK / Fool -A&M  (UK ) SOLD
Memories- Lay It on Me/ Did Ya Get It-Rex (UK)     SOLD
Shepperton Flames- Take Me For What I Am/  Goodbye- Deram (UK)  SOLD
Steve Elgin- Don't Leave Your Love Lying Around (Dear)/ Seductress-Dawn (UK)    SOLD 
Streak- Bang Bang Bullet/ Black Jack Man- Deram (Swedish)    SOLD     
Streak- Gonna Have a Good Time/ Be Your Ryder-A&M (FRA)   SOLD      
Troll Brothers- You Turn Me On/ Turn Out The Lights-SRT (UK)   SOLD 
70s/80s Powerpop

Big Star -September Gurls/ Mod Lang -Stax-UK Demo    SOLD
Bings- Please Please Please\ Oh No -  Baby Moon (US)  
Colors- Rave it Up EP  Infinite Records (US)   SOLD
Flamin' Groovies - Feel a Whole Lot Better/Paint it Black/Shake some Action  -Sire  (UK) SOLD
Marbles- Forgive and Forget/ Computer Cards-Jimbocco (US)   SOLD     
Pony- It's Gonna Be So Easy/ ' Til I Met You-Pye Demo (UK) SOLD
Punkz- Anyway You Want It/ I Can't Control Myself -Mushroom (AUS) 
Punkz- Take Me For What I'm Worth/ Good Times -Mushroom (AUS)  
Squid - Kick Up a Storm/ Rain or Shine - Anza (US) SOLD
Rivals - Skateboarding in The UK/ Top Of The Pops -Sound on Sound (UK)  
Speedies - Let Me Take Your Foto/ No Substitute -Golden Disc (US)  
Speedies - Something on My Mind/Time - Speedy Delivery Music (US)  SOLD