Sunday, June 23, 2019

Purepop Set sale and mini auction June -One week only

SALE IS NOW CLOSED ...thank you everyone


I am currently selling  singles as listed below from Sunday 23rd June  December until Sunday 30th June
As the records sell I will be updating the list below marking them as SOLD

Here is the full list

Part 1 48 hour mini-auction

Angie - Streetlight Fight/Wild Child-ZDS (Belgium)  SOLD
Count Copernicus - Painted Ego/La La La - Festival (AUS) 
Cross Bloods - Orange Sunshine/Bag of Tricks -Cross Blood  SOLD
Lost Souls- Peace of Mind/This Life of Mine-Sunshine (AUS) SOLD
Missing Links - You're Drivin' Me Insane/Something Else - Philips (AUS) SOLD

Part 2 Australian 60s Freakbeat, Psych and Beat

Clik - Mary, Mary/Uptight Basic Festival (AUS)  
Easybeats -Peculiar Hole in The Sky/HP Man -Parlophone (AUS) 
Hergs - Cadillac/Style of  Love- Parlophone (AUS) SOLD 
Missing Links - You're Drivin' Me Insane/Something Else - Philips (AUS) SOLD
Proclamation -King of The Mountain/Tea and Sympathy Clarion AUS   SOLD
Purple Hearts -Early in the Morning/Just a Little Bit -Sunshine (AUS) 
Russ Kruger - Splish Splash/Separate The Men From The Boys- Leedon (AUS)   
Sounds of Silence - Mary's Got a Daisy/We're Here To Love - Phono Vox (AUS)  SOLD
Throb - Black /Turn My Head - Parlophone (AUS)  SOLD
Wild Colonials - Ain't That Lovin You Baby/Roses Are Red-HMV (AUS) SOLD

Aussie bargain basement

La De Das -On Top of The World/Hey Girl -Philips (NZ)  SOLD
Running Jumping Standing Still -Diddy Wah Diddy /My Girl - Sunshine (AUS) SOLD
Russ Kruger -Keep Me Satisfied/Tell The Truth -Sunshine (AUS) SOLD
Russ Kruger -Little Bit O' Soul/Baby, Baby Don't Go-Leedon (AUS) SOLD
Throb -Believe in Me/Fortune Tellerl -Parlophone (AUS) SOLD
Wild Cherries -Gotta Stop Lying/Time Killer-Festival (AUS) SOLD
Wild Cherries -Krome Plated Yabby/Everything I Do is Wrong-Festival (AUS) SOLD
Wild Cherries -That's life/Try Me-Festival( AUS ) SOLD

Part 3: Junkshop Glam, 70s Proto Punk, Powerpop, Bubblegum and Heavies

Ash band–Let's Go/ Since She Left Me –Kanandra (AUS)   
Barry Blood -She's The Queen (Of my Rock n'' Roll World)/ Wad 'Ya Say?   Wreckord -UK Pic sleeve       SOLD
Big Secret - Ride Captain Ride/ Desert Train -Finger German pic sleeve 
Big Star -September Gurls/ Mod Lang -Stax-UK Demo 
Brother Susan - See My Fingers Fly/Full Blooded Man - EMI (UK) SOLD
Brother Susan - See My Fingers Fly/Full Blooded Man - EMI (UK) SOLD
Candy Grant's Team - Sweet Mary / Sandy - Hansa - German pic sleeve
Capt. Skidlid - Charlie Brown!/ She Knew Him Too-RCA UK Demo 
Chalice -In My World/Mr Won't Help You  -Clarion  Aus         SOLD              
Clinton - Midnight in New Yorkl/Falling Behind –Shortfire US SOLD
Cool Feet - Mister/Woman Luxembourg Sound  (Lux)  SOLD
Dirty Angels–Rock and Roll Love Letter/Debris- Philips- Norwegian Pic Sleeve 
 Eyes -Wild Wild Woman/ Same  -Vertigo-Norwegian Pic sleeve  Demo  SOLD   
Farm  - Fat Judy / Gypsy Mountain Woman - Spark-UK Demo SOLD
Gamma Gooche- The Gamma Goochee / I'm Gonna Buy Me a Dog -Colpix Dutch Pic sleeve   
Glo Macari- Lookin' For Love/ People Like You -Columbia  UK Demo SOLD
Hot Chocolate Music Company ltd. - Wammy! There Goes Sammy/ I Know My Alphabet -Coral US promo 
Hustler -  Little People/ Who D'Yer Think Yer Foolin' -  FireFly UK D emo  SOLD
Johnnie Coolrock- Good Girls/ Cheeks - Top Jammer -Casablanca  UK Demo SOLD
Johnny Palermo - Saturday Night/ Summer Again - Hans - Belgian pic sleeve  SOLD
Johnny Palermo - Silly Old Song/ Make it Allright - HansBelgian pic sleeve  
Josuha –Jenny /Magic Carpet CNR Dutch Pic sleeve SOLD
Ken Khury- Baby Doll  /Super Queen -Jupiter German pic sleeve  Hear a sound clip
Kim Fowley- California Summertime/ Living in The Streets -Sonet -Dutch pic sleeve pic sleeve   
Matchmakers -  Baby Make Me Happy / Goody Goody Goody - Vogue-German Pic sleeve SOLD
Mick Flinn Band- Doing it Right/ Do What You Wanna Do - EMI UK Demo SOLD
Mick Underwood- Earthquake at The Savoy  /Red Watch Autobahn German pic sleeve   
Monica Törnell - Long Long Weekend / Give It Back -Philips - Swedish pic sleeve SOLD
P.A.T.C.H- Bang Bang Bang / Where Are you Now? - RCA- Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
Paul Ryan - Natural Gas/ Hellow Hellow - Maple Annie -UK  SOLD
Paul Ryan - Natural Gas/ Hellow Hellow - Maple Annie -UK 
 Propeller -Apache Woman/ Devil's Symphony -Philips -German pic sleeve) 
Raving Maniac,  - Rock n Roll Man/ Freedom -Cricket (US)                     
Ronno - 4th Hour of My Sleep/Powers of Darkness -Vertigo (Norwegian pic sleeve)     SOLD                       
Second Helping- We're Dancing/ I Wanna Turn You On -Much Canada SOLD
Sensation - Black Eyed Woman/ Baby -Sticky UK   SOLD
Smoke- Sugar Man /That's What I Want -Regal Zonophone UK    
Snatch - For always and Forever / Hurting Kind -Polydor UK  SOLD
Stanley Frank- S'cool Days/On a Line -Power Exchange UK pic sleeve   SOLD  
Stig - Crazy Clown/Living Was For You and Me - Sonet -Danish Pic sleeve 
Thundermug- Jeanine/ Dunkworth Stomp -Papillon Dutch Pic Sleeve  
Tonics –Hugger Mugger Mummery/Daddy- Fontana - German Pic Sleeve  SOLD
Trevor White - Crazy Kids/ Moving in The Right Direction  Island  UK SOLD
Troggs- Strange Movies/ I'm on Fire -Pye French Pic Sleeve  
Unknown artist - He Who Laughs last -Decca Acetate UK  SOLD

Part 4: 60s Freakbeat, Psych, Beat and Pop
Alexander Bell -Alexander Bell Believes/ A Hymn with Love CBS (UK)  SOLD
Blue Beard -Sly Willy/Country Man -Ember UK Pic sleeve 
Creation–Painter Man/ Biff Bang Pow/ - Vogue(NL) 
Finders Keepers -Light /Come on Now CBS UK
Flippers -Louie Louie/Sonny and Cher -The Letter -Polydor German pic sleeve 
Flowerz - Flyte/Talken about Love -Kingston (US) SOLD
Fut  -Have You heard The Word/ Futting  Beacon UK 
Locomotive–Roll Over Mary/ Movin' Down The Line -Parlophone  (UK) 
Power - Children Ask (If He is Dead) /She is The Color of -MGM (US) Promo issue 
Searchers –Secondhand Dealer/ Crazy Dreams/ - Pye (NL) sSOLD
The Leather Boy -On The Go/ Soulin  MGM US pic sleeve SOLD
The Majamood -200 Million Red Ants/Faces Amassed -Wirl (UK)                                                   
Them –Walking in The Queens Garden/I Happen To Love You –Tower US Pic sleeve 
Young Blood –Green Light/ Don't Leave Me In The Dark/ –Pye (Norwegian pic sleeve) 

If you want the priced list send me an email to

For those who like rare stuff of the Glammy persuasion check out Count Copernicus!

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Flamin’ Groovies- Under The Bridge London Review 7/06/19

There are curses and then there are curses… For The Groovies, bad luck never seems to be far away, and once again it had struck as Roy Loney fell after going through security at the airport in SF, paramedics intervened and instead of boarding the plane to the UK, he was wheeled away to hospital.

So the band flew in without him. A very difficult situation to contend with for the band as the shows were supposed to highlight the Teenage Head album… so without Roy it was going to prove impossible to go ahead as planned.

The show must go on…

The band reconvened in the UK and worked out a set, including some tunes from Teenage Head that they felt they could pull off on stage without Roy. Following gigs in Manchester, Glasgow and Newcastle, they arrived at Abramovich’s vanity Roadhouse at Stamford Bridge

Although through Facebook, many knew that Roy wasn’t appearing, the information obviously hadn’t reached everyone who attended. I didn’t see a sign at the door explaining the situation. This should really be remedied for the next shows

Anyway back to the music. With Cyril being the only original band member, on display a lot depended on him, however the band really rose to the occasion. Chris Von Sneidern (CVS) who is a real talent in his own right, having released some stellar Powerpop albums in the 1990//2000s. Chris also has a new album “Emerge”, which I am about to discover. Last time (with Chris Wilson) CVS was on bass, but this time he switched to guitar which suited him and the band much more. Atom (his real name!) Ellis filled bass duties with much aplomb and provided a solid bottom end. Last, but not least, Tony Sales on drums really lifted proceedings with his drumming and his vocals were really good taking the lead of on several Teenage Head songs and providing great harmony work with CVS.

Cyril was simply Cyril. It must be remembered that he is 71 years old, and while he mostly pulled it off, many of the songs were being played too slow. Shake Some Action in particular needs to be shifted up a gear, especially as it’s the opener.

There were some great moments, but the key moment for me was the guitar interplay between CVS and Cyril on Don’t Put Me On with both men playing parts that gelled wonderfully together. Thanks to Tony’s vocals;  the Teenage Head section also really worked, great to finally hear the Cyril’s slide part on High Flyin’ Baby

As the tour progresses, the band will get even better, they just need to work out another 3 or 4 songs. If Cyril wants to play some 80s material, I strongly suggest they drop Way Down Under (always a naff tune) and try Way Over My Head instead. Also the set was sorely missing Whiskey Woman.

It's all about managing expectations and making the most of a difficult situation. Roy is not going to re-appear during this tour which must be incredibly frustrating for him and everyone concerned.
So I suggest everyone goes to see the band and marvel at the effort the band is putting into these shows, and actually enjoy the songs on the understanding that this may be the last time that a Cyril fronted band will ever play Europe again

There will be a Mike Wilhelm tribute show in SF in October, I hope this is the occasion where all Groovies past and present, can come back together in a suitable tribute to the great man

In the meantime – good health and recovery to Roy

Pic of Roy 6th June 2019

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Red Hawk - Tennessee Man – Swiss Proto Punk 1974

Red Hawk - Tennessee Man/ Rock N‘ Roll Lady –TSH (Switzerland 1974)

Here’s a real weird and obscure one from Switzerland circa 1974. They may have a tenuous grasp of English (what the hell are they singing?) and of their instruments, however out of its amateur oblivion two gems rise up to the surface and shine in their own light. 
Both tunes ROCK in their own individual ways…
Tennessee Man is best described as Swiss In-bred Hillbilly Proto Punk, it goes from the frantic skip-a-beat-and-you’ll-won’t-miss-it to more subtle half speed interludes where they even go for a haunting backing vocal effect. 
Rock N‘ Roll Lady is perhaps even better, alternating from sub Silver Machine riffing to Flamingo period Flamin’ Groovies… 

All hail Bruno, Rolf, Andy, Jurg and Roland!

Hear full versions of both tracks