Sunday, June 02, 2019

Red Hawk - Tennessee Man – Swiss Proto Punk 1974

Red Hawk - Tennessee Man/ Rock N‘ Roll Lady –TSH (Switzerland 1974)

Here’s a real weird and obscure one from Switzerland circa 1974. They may have a tenuous grasp of English (what the hell are they singing?) and of their instruments, however out of its amateur oblivion two gems rise up to the surface and shine in their own light. 
Both tunes ROCK in their own individual ways…
Tennessee Man is best described as Swiss In-bred Hillbilly Proto Punk, it goes from the frantic skip-a-beat-and-you’ll-won’t-miss-it to more subtle half speed interludes where they even go for a haunting backing vocal effect. 
Rock N‘ Roll Lady is perhaps even better, alternating from sub Silver Machine riffing to Flamingo period Flamin’ Groovies… 

All hail Bruno, Rolf, Andy, Jurg and Roland!

Hear full versions of both tracks

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