Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kid Dynamite –Call Me Sunshine Superman/Breaking The Ice

Kid Dynamite –Call Me Sunshine Superman/Breaking The Ice –Pye 11632A (1973 Spanish issue

Call Me Sunshine Superman sounds exactly how you would expect it to sound – Ragtime Glam, as in The Lovin’ Spoonful produced by Eddy Seago in ’73! The B side appeared on Glitter From The Litter Bin and Breaking The Ice is a knee-trembler special …

At the dance like a row of ants, all the girls are lining the wall
Flashing eyes as the good time guys take a good look at them all…

Of course the evening would have developed swimmingly if the guys in question were in Tiger

The psychedelic photo is interesting: It seems to be a stock shot chosen by the Spanish art department, but when I first saw the picture, I thought it might be an early Steve Miller Band shot or something. Anyone recognise who the bass player/Band might have been?

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Mystery Track

Do you know who this is or do you want to have a wild guess?
No answers on a postcard, but post your guess/ answer using the comment function.

Anyhow it's a pretty nifty heavy thudding Glamster. All will be revealed in a week's time

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Answer: Yes it is surprising, but it is The Barron Knights -pretty good track eh?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Tiger - I Am An Animal

Tiger- I Am An Animal/Stop That Machine –UA UP 35848 (1975 UK)

I Am An Animal is a full-frontal testosterone-charged, smeared in Brute assault on the senses (and sensitivities…). The words Wild Glam Cruncher were invented for this one, and it could have been a perfect follow up to Rebels Rule, with belt buckles and an extra set of dangling medallions to spare. The track has got great guitars, claps and all the trappings. And the lyrics? Oh boy…

…I am an animal, one big gruesome animal…
…Some people call me a ram, but I don’t give a damn…
…Some people say I’m a bull, cos’ I just love to pull…
…Some people say I’m a gorilla, cos’ I must get my fill-a
…Some people say I’m a beast, on women I like to feast,
it’s a concrete jungle and Tarzan ain’t got nothing on me man

Talk about raw unreconstructed specimens of manhood letting it fly…God bless the 70s!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shambles –Hello Baby

Shambles –Hello Baby/Held Me Spellbound –RCA 2522 (1975 UK)

Shambles were led by ex Mandrake Paddle Steamer singer Brian Engel and their only single is made up of two absolute corkers. Hello Baby is a great hi-energy Power Pop/Glam number that is totally infectious and the B side, the wild and rockin’ Held Me Spellbound is as good if not better than Jook covering Watch Your Step. More than inspired by That’s Alright Mama, Spellbound features 2 blistering lead guitar breaks that will strip your walls bare. Both tracks are wonderfully loud and bright thanks to the great Roy Thomas Baker production.
I am amazed at the number of acts that Brian Engel was involved with: He was in Starbuck (the Do You Like Boys one), Prowler, Liverpool Echo, Limey and others… including a stint with The New Seekers! For more info and full discographies ( a 2nd Starbuck single on Bradleys???!!!) go to the Lyn Paul website:

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Giggles – Just Another Saturday Night

Giggles – Just Another Saturday Night/Bazooka –EMI 2513 (1976 UK)A real surprising find here: Just Another Saturday Night is a cover of the lead track from Canada’s Moonquake’s second album (Star Struck). Not sure how a UK band on a major label, would have caught on to one of Canada’s finest…but in my opinion this version wins out over the original as it’s a top grade Glam/Boogie crossover with enough sound effects and twists and turns to warrant several return visits. The sleeve is a nice touch, bring out your colouring pens!
Giggles had another 3 singles on EMI, before metamorphosing into The Giants (on RCA).
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Friday, February 09, 2007

My Version Is Better Than Yours Part 4 –Left Side vs Bonnie St. Claire –(Like A) Locomotion

Welcome to a special Dutch edition of My Version Is Better Than Yours! In fact this is a case of Peter Koelewijn versus himself as he produced both versions.

Left Side –(Like A) Locomotion/Mama You Said The Right Words –Philips 6012362 (1973 NL)

For my money this may be my favourite Dutch single of all time. The Left Side original has one the best and catchy production jobs from the 70s. Peter somehow manages to create so much space yet adds so much texture. Listen to how the Leslie guitar morphs into a Fuzz part and groove to the judicious rhythmic use of the Wah Wah. The finale (not included in the edit –sorry) is simply breathtaking as all the parts converge with some strange trippy bleeps thrown in as well. It’s all so simple, but all so right. It’s a work of pure genius.

Bonnie St. Claire –Rocco/ (Like A) Locomotion –Philips 6012546 (1975 NL)

Peter revisits his great song with our Bonnie. Although relegated to the B side, it would have certainly been a better A side. This version is faster and starts off with a straight Get It On riff-off. The Gregorian chants are a nice touch and makes you think of what could have been if Peter had lent his hand to producing Lemming. Bonnie’s performance is great as usual and she was still unaware of the meaning of the number 52 or that she would ever be compared to an Orangutan...

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hector –Wired Up

Hector –Wired Up/Ain’t Got Time –DJM DJS 289 (1973 UK)

For once you can believe the hype: Wired Up is as good as it’s talked up to be and is the perfect introduction to anyone not familiar with Junk Shop Glam. So if you’ve just arrived here by chance-LISTEN TO THE BLOODY CLIP!!! before moving on. Wired Up has it all with its frenetic tempo, crunching sound, blistering guitars and killer hook. The synth part even works as it’s so over the top and I challenge anyone who loves Rock ‘N’ Roll to remain unmoved by this. The B side Ain’t Got Time is another great thumper and would have been a perfect A side for any other band. Their second single Bye Bye Bad Days (reviewed July 09, 2006) is equally brilliant, so it’s a real shame that there’s not an unreleased album lurking in the vaults).

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stuff I'm looking for

I am interested in buying (or trading for) the following singles . I have spare copies of The Mustard and Warwick singles plus more. Please contact me via email (on the profile page if you can help)

Bubbles -This is where the Hurdie Gurdie Heebie Geebie Greenie Man Came in -Decca
Buzz-Motorway Madness-Polydor
Buzz-What a feeling -Crystal
Damned-Morning Bird-Youngblood
David Rochline- La regle Du Jeu-CBS
Dazzle-Jim'll Fix It-DJM
Farm -Fat Judy -Spark
Hello-Teenage Revolution-Bell
Kansas Hook-Nervous Shakin'-Decca
Michael Elo-Wizzy Lizzy-Philips
Mouse-It's happening to me-Sovereign
Rockmore Williams-LadyRock-Mooncrest
Snatch-shout it out-Polydor
Soho Jets-Hi Heel Tarzan -Polydor
Spiv -Oh You Beautiful child/ Little Girl-Pye
Spunky spider-You won't come-Phoenix

Sunday, February 04, 2007

American Jam Band –American Jam

American Jam Band –American Jam/Nature’s Child –Parlophone R5971 (1972 UK)

One of two Bizarre obscurities released under the American Jam Band moniker by Ex World of Oz members Chris Evans and Rob Moore. The second American Jam Band single, the ultra-phased Jam Jam came out the following year on Youngblood and can also be heard on the Glitterbest CD (RPM). American Jam Band are in fact Kansas Hook who’s 2nd single -the Hammond fueled rocker Nervous Shakin’ is definitely worth seeking out. To complicate matters even more the B side Nature’s Child was also the B side of The Casuals Tara Tiger Girl single. It seems that Kansas Hook were also acting as The Casuals by this time! I hope this clears things up, but I have no clue on the identity of the girl singer…

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