Friday, January 28, 2011

Do What Thou Wilt

Do What Thou Wilt: “The Satanic Rites of British Rock Delivered From Acetates and Rare Pressings 1970 -1974”

From Rabelais, via AC and the run out grooves of Led Zep III, I’ll bring you news of the release of an excellent compilation of 70s obscurities that really knocks the socks off most of the hippy/prog driven comps which mainly clog the avenues of 70s rock archivism. This comp totally oozes attitude with some major finds to be found within. The greasy lanky haired Gentleman behind Do What Thou Wilt has unearthed some major gems. The recordings are often very primitive as apart from 2 or 3 tracks which were released on private pressings, all the remainder did not get further than acetate stage, making this LP the only way to hear these tracks AND IT’S A VINYL ONLY RELEASE!!!!

All 14 tracks have something going for them, but it’s the harder hitting ones which forge a closer link between Freakbeat, Hard Glam, Heavy Bonehead and Deviant /Pink Fairies Proto Punk which makes this baby really stand out from the crowd.

Hear edits of tracks by Shado, Grind and Tonge.

You can contact the Gentleman in question via email.
He is  a trusted source and highly rated ebay seller, so no worries there. It ‘s a limited edition of 200 with hand painted sleeves and liner notes which include all the information that has been uncovered

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Renegade –Don’t Stop - Let’s Rock

Renegade –Rescue Me/Don’t Stop - Let’s Rock –Magic MX 44 4429 (1974 US)
Although Collin should be able to fill in the gaps more accurately, Renegade was are hard rocking outfit from Iowa who released this  full frontal snotty wallop on the Magic label which peddled the wares of West Minist'r until the mid 70s. Recorded at Wesminst’r Sound and probably produced by Kirk Kaufman who also released the  soon to be reviewed Captain Kirk single Space Baby with its fine rockin’ B side Small Town Cop on the Cognito label (which also released the more Mott than Mott Too Easy To Love/ She’s  A bore single by  Dahcotah in 1976)
Not sure what became of Renegade, but the Killer Kiss-like Don’t Stop- Let’s Rock is a rampant ear-wax removing blaster.

More detailed info from Collin.:
'West Minist'r were a late 60s garage group originally from Fort Dodge, Iowa, remembered today mainly by garage collectors for their great 'Bright Lights, Windy City' single, though they continued to play, record, release records and enjoy a fairly high level of regional Midwestern popularity well into the mid-70s (their last single, 'My Life,' is great heavy rock).  Sometime in the early 70s, the band's principle songwriter, Kirk Kaufman, converted an old chicken house on his family's farm into a crude recording studio, Chicken House Music, to serve as a personal practice space for West Minist'r as well as a one-stop recording and publishing imprint for other local bands.  Kaufman and Co. then launched three small labels:  Raspberries, Magic and Cognito; the last imprint being of particular interest to readers of this blog for containing both the Captain Kirk and Dahcotah singles within its slim discography.  Who Renegade were and when and how and WHY they recorded this steaming shot of ethanol corn-punk is a mystery.  And although the Magic label catalogue numbers seemingly 'date' this single as preceding the final recordings issued by West Minist'r (approximately 1974), it would be very hard to believe that this record hailed from any earlier than late '75/early '76.  A remarkable record (don't cheat the world out of the April Wine-style A-side, Robin!) and one I probably should have never traded to the silver-tongued bozo behind this blog!!!'
Hear a full version of Don’t Stop - Let’s Rock

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mike Berry –Hard Times

Mike Berry –Hard Times/Boogaloo Dues –Scramble -26.551-Y (1978 NL)

Referred to elsewhere as sporting a certain thuggish dimension, it is the “other” Mike Berry (The Joe Meek/ Buddy Holly/Are You Being Served/ Sunshine of Your Smile one) who released this hard slamming adaptation of the Status Quo LP track. Hard Times finds Mike at the tail end of his “I wear leather as I Am A Rocker/Don’t Be Cruel” period and just before his appearances on Worzel Gummidge , Are You Being Served and his Sunshine of Your Smile Hit.
The drums thud good and proper, the guitars are rough and gritty and the vocals have more meat and attitude than Parfitt/Rossi’s delivery. The overall performance is entirely credible and probably the most Purepop-type release of his career; although Mike’s “take” on The Sorrows' Take A Heart is also worth checking out.

Hear a full version of Hard Times

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Change –Lazy London Lady

Change –Lazy London Lady/Arkmaker –Orange OAS 221 (1974 UK)

You can file this one right next to the Copperfield single as it has much in common. This is the same Icelandic Change who released the lovely Yaketty Yak, Smaketty Smack on Orange the previous year as well as the Hard Glam of Wild Cat on EMI (featured but wrongly assumed to be Swedish on the shoddy cash-in Blitzing The Ballroom Comp...Never Trust a Hippie!)
The obvious Bolanesque inflections are similar to Chunky (Albatross Baby), Hobnail (She’s Just A Friend of Mine) or the Danish Tiger, there’s even a hint of Tigers on Vaseline-like vocalising on the fade. The galloping yet stumbling rhythm and raw approach add a slightly shambolic feel to the track’s obvious attempted commercialism, but yet again...what a killer chorus!
This single was pressed up in the UK but was for an Iceland only export release. Thanks to JJ for providing me with this copy.

Hear a full version of Lazy London Lady

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Copperfield –Johnny Is The Big One

Copperfield –Johnny Is The Big One/ Have You Seen The River –Copperfield Records CR 1572 CF (1975 NL)

Now just where does this one fit? It starts off chugging and riff heavy, then turns Powerpop with some Freakbeat and Proto Punk/Glam elements. I am even reminded of a buzzsaw Buzzcocks fronted by a mutoid Andy Ellison/Howard Devoto type character. Johnny Is The Big One is a strange but catchy oddity stuck in the middle of 1975 Lowlands. What makes it even more surprising is that this Dutch band from Lochen had been releasing material since 1968 when they were known as Copperfield Style. The band seems to have been in existence until 1977.

Hear a full version of Johnny Is The Big One

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wickedy Wak –Billie’s Bikie Boys

Wickedy Wak - Billie’s Bikie Boys /Chitty Chitty Bang Bang –Sunshine QK 3118 (1969 Aus)

There is some confusion over Wickedy (Wickety) Wak. I am not sure if they are related to the Brisbane showband, but this Wickedy Wak released this jewel of a single featuring a pre-Zoot Rick Springfield going completely mental on the guitar front. The guitar interjections cut deep and go into sound effect mode reminding me somehow of the battle sounds on Sky Pilot. Now if this was a UK release, it would surely qualify as one of the top Freakbeat/psych tunes, but so far recognition of its merits have been somewhat subdued. Time for a change then as it’s a classic  tune sprinkled with attitude and some killer guitar.
Billie’s Bikie Boys was written by Johnny Young and Russell Morris (The Real Thing) and the band presumably featured Rick Springfield, Paul Shannon, Danny Finley and Ray Wright, although I have seen other potential line-ups mentioned...

Hear a full version of Billie’s Bikie Boys

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mississippi –Mr. Union Railway Man –ACETATE!

Mississippi –Mr. Union Railway Man –Fanfare Acetate (1970 UK)

Ah, don’t you just love it when you find a real bargain. When buying acetates you never quite know what you’re going to get but in this instance I got exactly what I was hoping for.
Yes, below you will find a DIFFERENT version of the classic Mr. Union Railway Man by Mississippi. The main difference is the prominent (and phased!) Jungle Call horns, and the mix is pretty different, unless it is another take from the same session. Perhaps the official version wins it due to its undiluted purity of essence, but it’s a real cool artefact. Hear an edit of the official version here:

Hear a full version of Mr. Union Railway Man Acetate

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Lee – Come On Back To Me/ Back To The USA

Lee –Come On Back To Me/ From LA To Chicago –Vogue VB 287 (1973 Belgium)
Lee –Back To The USA/Agada-Barclay 620.068 (1974 France)

Lee were in fact an incarnation of Belgian band Kleptomania (AKA Klepto). In 1973 the band was joined by Ex Grapefruit and Flynn McCool member Mick Fowler who took over lead vocals and song writing duties on these two singles. Both were released around the same time on different labels, so a lack of continuity hindered any chance of wider recognition. Come Back To Me is perhaps the Glammier of the tracks, the guitar playing from Dany Ladermacher is exemplary and the hand claps are a nice touch although the vocals let down any real Proto Punk potential. The B side is an airy commercial Boogie number with not much to report. Back To The USA starts out thumping and turns into an OK rock-by-numbers tune with another good sturdy performance.
Following stints supporting the New York Dolls and Slade in Belgium and gigs around mainland Europe without any sniff of sucess, Mick left the band who then reverted to their previous moniker.

Hear a full version of Come On Back To Me

Hear a full version of Back To The USA