Friday, August 26, 2022

Han Shake – It’s Revolting - Unreleased Glam Era Acetate

 Han Shake – It’s Revolting – Pye Acetate  (UK 1971/72?)

With a title like It’s Revolting, you probably expect a no holds barred Proto Punk venom spewing Trasher, but  in fact you get something quite different. Han Shake (who him/they?) serve(s) up a breezy, catchy but driving ditty. Kind of like McGuiness Flint meets Badfinger with a touch burgeoning Glam. You can easily imagine the same tune in full raucous Junkshop trappings, instead of its stripped back low-key delivery. No idea at all who this could be, but it sounds like it belongs in 1971/72. The answers might be out there…

Hear a Full version of It’s Revolting