Thursday, February 28, 2019

Starlust – Girly Books & Magazines – Obscure New York Proto Punk

Starlust – Girly Books & Magazines/ Solid State Hysteria –Starlust ST 100 (US 197?)

Starlust is one of those names mentioned in the same breath as other New York bands thrown up in the wake of the New York Dolls such Teenage Lust, Harlots of 42nd Street, Magic Tramps, Brats etc…However there is nary any information on Starlust let alone on this release. 
The main guy was called Steve and he later re-appeared as a member of The Grapplers who released a single on Sonic in 1980. It has been mentioned that this single was recorded at Bell Studios at the same time as the first Kiss album, which might place it to 1973, but there are reasons to doubt this: The label states it was recorded at Kingdom Sound where the Ramones, DMZ, BOC and others recorded but I doubt this as well as the A side sounds more like a home studio recording… oh and mixed at Record Plant? Again big doubt…It also sounds later than 1973
Girly Books & Magazines by Starlust sounds like a total New York sleaze classic –right? Well it nearly is - the tune and lyrical content are great, HOWEVER it goes on and on and on for over 6 minutes, so loses the initial momentum it had promised. 
A better idea would have been to have a part I and part II split across both sides of the record and it would have helped in mastering it louder than it actually is. The B side (the AM side) is a buzzing and loud instrumental with some raucous guitar, like a Dictators backing track

Hear a full version of Girly Books & Magazines

Hear a full version of Solid State Hysteria

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Nick Farinacci –Don’t Be a Fool – Cracking obscure 70s Midwest Powerpop

Nick Farinacci –Don’t Be a Fool/Trying Every Way I Can – Smile Record -475-23 (US 197?)

Nick Farinacci was a talented Anglophile Pop provider out of Cleveland (OH). It seems he was on a one man mission to deliver his vision of Pop perfection as he plays and sings it all by himself. 

As far as I can see he only released 2 singles, this one and You're Wasting My Time / Hold On To What You've Got on Edcom in 72. I am assuming this one came out shortly after, but it’s a Google “0” so no fact to back this up.
Anyhow Don’t Be a Fool is a lovely example of Midwest Powerpop, all catchy and jangly, played and sung just right. The B side is another kettle of fish, being some kind of Gilbert o’ Sullivan going Toytown while aiming to represent Luxemburg in the Eurovision song contest...

Hear a full sound clip of both sides