Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stuff I'm looking for

I am interested in buying (or trading for) the following singles . I have spare copies of The Mustard and Warwick singles plus more. Please contact me via email (on the profile page if you can help)

Bubbles -This is where the Hurdie Gurdie Heebie Geebie Greenie Man Came in -Decca
Buzz-Motorway Madness-Polydor
Buzz-What a feeling -Crystal
Damned-Morning Bird-Youngblood
David Rochline- La regle Du Jeu-CBS
Dazzle-Jim'll Fix It-DJM
Farm -Fat Judy -Spark
Hello-Teenage Revolution-Bell
Kansas Hook-Nervous Shakin'-Decca
Michael Elo-Wizzy Lizzy-Philips
Mouse-It's happening to me-Sovereign
Rockmore Williams-LadyRock-Mooncrest
Snatch-shout it out-Polydor
Soho Jets-Hi Heel Tarzan -Polydor
Spiv -Oh You Beautiful child/ Little Girl-Pye
Spunky spider-You won't come-Phoenix

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