Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fragile Rock Valley –Be My Baby

Fragile Rock Valley –Be My Baby/If You Want Me –Earth E-102 (1969 US)
As follow up to The Clingers review, here’s another Female fronted US single from 1969. Fragile Rock Valley’s version of Be My Baby hits the spot the way a good cover version should –it’s reassuringly familiar yet refreshingly different. No the famous intro isn’t there, but the upfront guitar and driving beat send the song into new territory. The chorus is more standard and expected , but it’s great to hear such an upbeat and updated version of the tune. No info on the band insofar as it being a studio creation or an actual band. The B side is also ace and a great tune; not sure which side I prefer. Enjoy both!

Hear a full version of Be My Baby

Hear a full version of If You Want Me

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