Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black Hawk –Little Suzie Looker

Black Hawk –Little Suzie Looker/Love Like A Man –Sundi Records 320 (1971 US)

Like a leaner and meaner Mississippi Queen crossed with a Sweet B side, Little Suzie Looker is a fine obscure hard rockin’ pre Glam stomper-Riff dependent with cow bell to the fore and good vocals. The B side is a workman-like cover of TYA’s Love Like A Man. Black Hawk were probably out of Orange County and this may have been their only release.

Hear a full version of Little Suzie Looker

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Robin Wills said...

From Ron McCoy

BLACKHAWK was a trio...Ron McCoy (Guitar/background vocals)/Sam Loria (lead vocals/drums) and Bob Giles (Bass/background vocals). At the time I was a Free-form DJ on Radio Station KNAC (105.5) in Long Beach (Southern tip of LA) while the band worked regular nightclub gigs throughout Southern California. Actually, the band was called SMG before, but management decided BLACKHAWK was better for the record. SMG stood for SAM/McCOY/GILES. We've all gone out separate was a long time ago.