Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hetherington – (It’s Just a) Teenage Love Song


Hetherington – (It’s Just a) Teenage Love Song/ That Girl’s Alright –Mowest MW 3007 (1973 UK)

Hetherington is in fact John Hetherington who released several singles on RCA, Uni and Neighborhood prior to being the first UK signing to Tamla’s Mowest imprint. Teenage Love Song is one those classic pop songs that will engrain itself into your head and linger. The song itself, the production and performance make this really something special and a sublime piece of British 70s Pop. which deserved hit status. The B side is more like uptempo Nick Lowe

Hear a full version of (It’s Just a) Teenage Love Song

Hear a full version of That Girl’s Alright


Peter Gough said...

Nice! Both really great songs.

pooka said...

Hetherington was in the BENT FRAME band too, their only available recording was "It's Only Me" on Backtrack vol.7, then re-recorded (?) by John for his first single on Rca

Anonymous said...

I have been searching for Teenage Love Song for nearly forty years since hearing it on radio one. Thank-you so much. Please never remove this site.

Anonymous said...

Heard this on the radio 40 years ago and have been searching for it ever since. Finally found it due to some brilliant lyric searching by my son. Fantastic record.

Unknown said...

Would that be the same John Hetherington that went to Selhurst in the 60's
and played lead guitar with The Senators / The Kinde?