Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flamin’ Groovies: 1972 Acetate!

Flamin’ Groovies –Married Woman/ Little Queenie/ What You Need is A Shot of R&B (sic) –EMIDISC Acetate (1972 UK)

How to follow up a monster single like Slow Death? Well this was a problem that UA had to contend with in 1972. Slow Death had bombed completely, the BBC ban didn’t help, but Slow Death received no exposure in England at the time, although France and Switzerland pricked up their continental ears. Now this acetate...It features Married Woman and Get a Shot of Rhythm and Blues plus the unreleased (at the time) Little Queenie. Could it be that one idea was to have these three tracks released as an EP? I think the version of Married Woman is the same, but I believe the version of Little Queenie is different from the one released by Skydog in 1977. Can anyone confirm this?

Hear full versions of Little Queenie and Get a Shot of Rhythm and Blues

Hear a full version of Married Woman


JamesTrash said...

I don't have the original Skydog 7", but the version of "Little Queenie" on Skydog's "Sixteen Tunes" CD and the version on the "Rockfield Sessions" CD on Aim Records sound the same. Both would seem to match the audio on this post too.

Robin Wills said...

Thanks James
I seem to remember that there a two versions of Little Queenie and that one had an extra guitar overdub

Unknown said...

Hi, Robin, I think the Little Queenie is the same as the Skydog version, to my ears anyway, but Married Woman is the long version which has only previously appeared on the Bucket of Brains cd that EMI put out in 1995. That cd also included the first official release of LQ and a speed corrected version of SSA. Essential, I'd say. Where's you find the acetate? BTW, did the Nick Kent article get to you? Best, Peter

Robin Wills said...

Thanks for checking the differences. No I didn't receive the Nick Kent article...I bought the acetate off a dealer in Finland!

Anonymous said...

A good article Thank you!

Mark said...

I have an acetate of the Supersnazz LP by the 'Flaming Groovies' with typed labels on the Columbia Label. It's a white label and says Reference Recording. I should really buy the CD of it so I can see what it is I'm supposed to be listening to. Being a record collector I am too anal to play and or damage my precious acetate. That's record collector's for you.