Friday, November 10, 2017

Utrecht Record fair November 2017 - Day 1

So here we are again. It is now my 21st visit to Utrecht, something that is now firmly implanted in my life and as inevitable death and taxes...

Things have changed, the rich bounties of cheap Glam singles are nor longer part and parcel of the Utrecht experience, but it is also the case that I no longer have the patience to sift through piles and piles of cheap European picture sleeves.

So it's  not now about quantity, and unexpected discoveries but generally a tighter focus on pure gems with the odd unexpected oddity.

There are 2 obvious biggies here, and both those singles were bought in one swoop. That Koobas single only appeared in France and features what must be their best track (although Barricades is another obvious contender. The French Dantalian's picture sleeve is really fetching. Both records came from The French television archives and have O.R.T.F punctured into the labels

It was nice to complete my Idle Race collection with Impostors having proved to be a painful gap to fill up to now

The oddity is that fetching Pa Pa Du Run Da Run single (Sunshine Music/Healthy Lady) from 1972

Silver Lining was a very recent discovery and a lovely purepop concoction by Tony Rivers


After a long time searching, finally got a nice spare of the Dutch proto punk sleaze of the Good Time Joe single

Anyhow it's not all about records...Behind one of the stalls, this is where the action was at 1:45 today

First cut up the garlic, then add and heat the wine, add 1.4 kgs of cheese, then stir adding a gracious amount of absinthe as a final touch...and don't forget the important sartorial cheese elegance of an apron...

Tomorrow we start all over again. Today I took 21,837 steps at the fair walking over 10 miles just for 20 records!

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