Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Rare Powepop ebay 45 Sale -28 top gems!

 I have just listed 28 original  Powerpop singles including some top rarities, including an original copy of the Quick 7” –Pretty Please Me (In Tune With Our Times) 

The  first 3 Leopards singles

There is also the elusive UK stock copy of Badfinger’s Apple of My Eye

There are no reserves and low starting prices
You can find the listings here 

Here is the full list

1  Paul Collins Beat- Different Kind of Girl -US Powerpop -Dutch pic Sleeve 1979
2  Paul Collins Beat- Rock N Roll Girl-US Powerpop - Dutch picture Sleeve 1979
3  Paul Collins Beat- Don't Wait Up For Me-US Powerpop - German pic Sleeve 1979
4  Raspberries -Tonight - Great Spanish picture sleeve US Powerpop 1973
5  Raspberries -Go All The Way - Fantastic Japanese Pic sleeve - US Powerpop 1972
6  Abbey Road - Anything You Want -Unknown UK Powerpop (Liverpool Sound) 1974
7  The Breakers -When I'm on TV- Aussie Powerpop/Punk -Kim Fowley -1980
8  The Lonely Hearts - Last Kiss - Aussie Powerpop/ Punk- EMI Custom - 1981
9  Beathoven -Do You Remember The Time -Tasmanian Powerpop ( Innocents) 1976
1  Beathoven -Shy Girl -Tasmanian Powerpop ( Innocents) 1978
1  The Innocents -Come Tonight-Tasmanian Powerpop ( Beathoven) 1980
1  Artful Dodger -Can't Stop Pretending -US 70s Powerpop -Dutch picture Sleeve 1977
1  20/20 -Cheri - Top US Powerpop -Dutch picture Sleeve 1979 !
1  Nikki Richards -Back To School- Glam -Powerpop -Japanese picture sleeve
1  The Flashcubes -Wait Till Next Week/Radio -US Powerpop 1979
1  The Leopards -Don't Go Away -1st single on Moon - US Powerpop 1977
1  The Leopards -They All Play Loud -2nd single on Moon - US Powerpop 1978
1  The Leopards -I Wonder if I'll Ever See You -3rd single - US Powerpop 1978
1  The Shout -I Won't Be There- Rare US Powerpop 1982
2  The Groovies -Boys Ride Bikes and Girls Wanna Dance -Teen-Glam- Powerpop
2  City Rousers -Do It - Dutch-Teen-Glam- Powerpop -CNR
2  Marbles - Red Lights/ Fire and Smoke - Rare US Powerpop Ork 1977
2  Marc Thor -Holiday Fire/ Bostown Boize -Rare us Powerpop Pic SLEEVE! 1976
2  Harlow -Crazy Crazy Crazy UK New Wave Powerpop -Dutch only -1979
2  Masterswitch - Action Replay- UK Powerpop/ BOOTBOY Punk/KBD – 1978
2  RPM's - I Don't Wanna Be Young - Rare US Powerpop ORIGINAL issue 1980
2  The Quick -Pretty Please Me -In Tune. - ORIGINAL issue US Powerpop 1978
2  Badfinger -Apple of My Eye - UK STOCK copy (not demo!!!). Top condition

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