Monday, October 23, 2017

Goodbye George (George Young 1946 -2017)

I very rarely use the word genius, but the inventiveness of George and Harry during the golden days of 66-68 has VERY few equivalents. They crammed so many ideas into their 2:30 pop operettas yet it all seemed so natural without coming across as over intricate or too clever clever. This is the work of genius. Do You Have a Soul, Saturday Night, Happy is The Man, Made My Bed, Heaven and Hell...let alone Friday on My Mind.

The Shame just Drained  exemplified just how much brilliant stuff remained unreleased at the time. They would just record demo after demo of their brilliant ideas.

 They pushed the envelope but always within a pop format, without ever resorting to any pretentiousness...

 One of my biggest regrets in life was actually meeting George in the early 80s, but he refused to acknowledge he was George...It was pretty funny, but Harry was lovely and very courteous to this crazy Easybeats fan


Anonymous said...

Sad news. But he left a great legacy.

Thanks for all the wonderful sounds, George.


peter mcgregor said...

i have everything by The Easybeats and as a fellow Glaswegian i am so proud of George and his brothers,a musical