Tuesday, June 07, 2011

John Bright –I’ve Tried It

John Bright –I’ve Tried It/I Gotta Go –Topomic Music 5002 (197? Argentina)

And here’s a real obscure one –a “Total Google Zero” as they say...Released in Argentina, the label states “recording in France” but the guy sounds English. Music-wise I’ve Tried It is on the cusp of Junkshop Glam and Bonehead Boogie with slight bluesy tendencies. Still it’s raucous and loud and certainly has some oomph. I Gotta Go also rocks somewhat, but the guy starts yodelling for chrissakes...Both songs are written by Iana Lony???? Out of the woods the answer might come one day...

Breaking news: Well perhaps not out of the woods, but out of some nordic pine forest. As assumed by LDK, it is indeed Jan Loseth. Now confirmed by Titanic's management http://www.titanic-rock.com/
"This is in fact Jan Loseth, TITANIC's guitar player...Recorded in Paris in the middle of the 70's
Jan had a period when he was sick of night-clubs, discotheques,night-life on the town in general and rather hung out with his friends in various studios where they recorded their stuff and this is what happened a few times.
These kind of products were not really meant to be released, we suppose, but we know he invented for some strange reasons, quite a few funny names as the recordings went along and were stocked all over Paris in various drawers.."

Hear a full version of I’ve Tried It

Hear a full version of I Gotta Go


Trudi Tangerine said...

I think this is Jan Geir Loseth of Titanic.

Robin Wills said...

Interesting -how do come to this conclusion?

Trudi Tangerine said...

I have my methods! He was definitely the writer, but I'm not sure if it's him singing; maybe a Titanic buff could confirm?

Doctor Gaz said...

I think he'd been listening to some Brian Eno, he liked an occasional yodel or two