Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dwarf –Backstage Queen

Dwarf –Backstage Queen/Couple of The Night –Merlyn Records A 3379 (1976 US)

One year on from Gotta Get Louder this is the 2nd single by Teen sensations Dwarf. Oh they must have been at least 16 by the time this one got released, with puberty but a distant memory... Backstage Queen is a slightly more controlled affair (read less exuberantly punky) than their first single but it’s a fine 70s Stonesian rocker which projects their testosterone infused dreams oh so innocently. Just in case they didn’t pull on the night, the single came with a coupon to gather all the important data from their fans. Just how many were sent in I wonder...The B side is a more “sensitive” number

Hear a full version of Backstage Queen

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