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Purepop Set Sale September 2018 - One Week Only



Here is the full set sale list of the record I am selling as a set sale. First come, first served for one week only

I will be regularly updating the list here, marking the ones that have sold (in RED)

A big bunch this spread out over 4 categories:

Part 1: 60s Freakbeat, Psych, Beat and Bubblegum
Part 2: Junkshop Glam, 70s Pop and oddities
Part 3: Heavy Psych, Bonehead, Hard Rock and Proto Punk
Part 4: Aussie Heavy Rock, Glam, Bonehead and dripping Grillfat…

In order to get the list with prices and condition you need to contact me and I will email the list to you. You can contact me via comments with your email address (I will not make the comment public), or via email purepop1ukATyahooDOTcoDOTuk,

Part 1: 60s Freakbeat, Psych, Beat and Bubblegum

Act, The - Cobbled Streets/One Heart -Columbia UK Demo SOLD
Alexander Bell -Alexander Bell Believes/ A Hymn…with Love CBS (UK)  
Billy Nicholls -Would You Believe/Day Time Girl -Immediate -German pic sleeve SOLD
Blue Beard -Sly Willy/Country Man -Ember UK Pic sleeve 
Casuals -Caroline/Naughty Boy -Decca (UK) SOLD
Cherry Slush –I Cannot Stop You/Don’t Walk Away –Coronet Germany  SOLD
Derek Paul -Drugtaker/Riverboat -Young Blood (UK) SOLD
Easybeats -Peculiar Hole in The Sky/HP Man -Parlophone (AUS)
Easybeats -Sorry/Funny Feelin -Parlophone (AUS) SOLD

Fickle Pickle -Just an Old Fashioned Love Song/ Ask The People -Explosion Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
Fingers, The –All Kinds of People/Circus with a Female Clown –Columbia Demo UK 
Fire -Round The Gum Tree/Toothy Ruthie -London (US)  
Flowerz - Flyte/Talken about Love -Kingston (US) 
Fresh Air - Running Wild/Stop Look Listen -Pye Demo (UK)  SOLD
Jay and The Americans -French Provincial/Shanghai Noodle Factory UA Demo (UK) SOLD
Just William - I Don’t Care/ Cherrywood Green –Spark Test Pressing (UK) SOLD
K.G Young -Spider/Spider Woogie 9th Movement -CBS -German sleeve  SOLD
Kult, The - No Home Today/Mister Number One -CBS Demo (UK)  SOLD
Marmalade -I See The Rain/Laughing Man -CBS Dutch Pic Sleeve SOLD
Merseys, The – So Sad About Us/Love Will Continue –Fontana UK  SOLD
Nimbo -When The Swallows Fly/ Noticeingly By - Pye UK  SOLD
Peter and The Wolves -Little Girl Lost and Found/Is -MGM (UK)    SOLD
Peter Janes -Emperors & Armies/ Go Home Ulla -CBS -UK art sleeve 
Please - We Aim To Please (rougher version) /Paper Anne (Acetate) SOLD
Power - Children Ask (If He is Dead) /She is The Color of -MGM (US) Promo issue 
Raspberry Pirates -Looky Looky, My Cookie's Gone/ Good Morning Baby Atlantic (UK) SOLD
Rupert's People -A Prologue to a Magic World/ Dream on my Mind -Columbia Belgian Pic sleeve SOLD
Smoke -My Friend Jack/We Can Take It -Columbia SOLD
Street People -Jennifer Tomkins/All Night Long -Ariola German pic sleeve SOLD
Them –Walking in The Queens Garden/I Happen To Love You –Tower US Pic sleeve 
Troggs -Lost Girl/The Yella in Me -CBS (UK) 
Yardbirds -Happening Ten Years Time Ago/Psych Daisies -Columbia 
Yellow Pages -Here Comes Jane/Ding Dong Bell -Page One Demo (UK) SOLD

Part 2: Junkshop Glam, 70s Pop and oddities

Alan Steve -Honey Baby/ Daisy Five -Egg French art sleeve 
American Jam Band -Jam Jam/ Back on The Road- Young Blood German art Sleeve) SOLD
Andy Bown -Supersonic/ Feeling Better- GM (UK) 
Angel -  Good Time Fanny/Who D'ya Think Your Fooling -Cube (German Pic Sleeve) SOLD
Arlan Green -Promo EP-Moonbrite/I Do/ Rock Hotel/The Next Time White label -Bell (UK)
Big Star -O My Soul/ O My Soul edit - Ardent (US Promo)  SOLD
Bo' Flyers  -Do The Buster/So Young and in Love -Pye (UK) SOLD
Bo' Flyers - Saturday Could only Last Forever/17 Teenage Dream - Pye -Portuguese Pic Sleeve  SOLD
Chicory Tip -Survivor/ Move On -Vogue  French Pic sleeve 
Frenzy - Poser/ Things You Do - DJM  (UK)  SOLD
Gerry Morris - Sunlover/Only The Beginning -  York UK Demo   
Giggles  - Reaching Out/ Street Dancer - EMI UK Demo  SOLD
Hero - Love Gone Bad / Nothing Comes Easy - Private Stock UK Demo 
Imperial Dogs -This Ain't The Summer Of Love / I'm Waitin For The Man -Backdoor Man (US pic sleeve) 
Jackal  -The Year of The Tiger/Big Star BASF-UK Demo  SOLD
Jet - My River/Quandary -CBS (UK) SOLD
Jinx -Saw Your Face/ I Love You - Pink Elephant (NL pic sleeve)    SOLD
Lance Romance -California Summertime/ Hollywood Nites - Now (US)    SOLD
Loco -At The Local Dance/ The Man -BUK German Pic Sleeve)    SOLD
Marcus Hook Roll Band  -Natural Man/ Boogalooing is for Wooing -Regal Zonophone (UK) 
Mustard -Good Time Comin/I Saw I heard - EMI Demo (UK) SOLD
Nick Lowe  -So It Goes/ Heart of The City -Stiff- (UK) SOLD
Ning -Machine/ More Ning - London US issue  SOLD
Pete Dunton -Taking Time / Still Confused -RCA -French art sleeve SOLD
Pheon Bear -War Against War/ 87th Precinct - Pye Demo  (UK)  SOLD
Puzzle -Houla/ Do You Feel The Pain -DJM -  German Pic Sleeve  SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1-  I Want to Save You/Amanda -Jam (UK)  SOLD
Robin Goodfellow -Why Am I Waiting/ Love You 'Til Friday -Pye Demo (UK)  SOLD
Shakane - Gang Man/ Jenny - UA (UK)  SOLD
Shambles -Hello Baby/Held Me Spellbound-RCA (UK)   SOLD
Shamrock -Bird Dog/Some Things that I Need-Polydor  NL Pic sleeve)  SOLD
Sisters  -There's a Raver Coming Home/Help The Music -WB (German pic sleeve) SOLD
Smyle -It's Gonna Be Alright /  She Means a lot to Me -Polydor -Dutch pic sleeve 
Spode -Cincinatti Woman/Singalong Song-Decca  Bel art sleeve)  SOLD
Stray -Move It/ Crazy People -Transatlantic-UK SOLD
Wellington -Alright I'll See You Tonight/How would you like to Rock with Me - Concord (UK) SOLD
Whistle  -The Party Must Be over/Hideaway - York (UK) SOLD
Yello Taxi -Anna Laura Lee/ Mary Ann -President (UK)  SOLD
Yellow Bird - Attack Attack/ Right On - Ariola German Pic Sleeve)  SOLD

Part 3: Heavy Psych, Bonehead, Hard Rock and Proto Punk

3's (Threez) - Do You See/ Transporter - Threez (US)  SOLD
Artist - Every Lady Does It/For The First Time -Peppermint (US)  SOLD
Black Rose  - Love Handles/ Man is Blind-Michigan Nickel (US)    SOLD
Brood  - The Roach/Virginia Neal -Lemon (US) 
Budgie - Crash Course in Brain Surgery/ Nude disintegrating Parachute Woman –MCA German Art sleeve SOLD
Chilly Chimes - Join The Army/ Let Me Inside Swedish Pic Sleeve  SOLD
Corporation  -Wild Time/Let’s Try to Put Him Down Negram (NL) SOLD
Griffin - I Am The Noise in Your Head/ Don't You Know-Bell (US issue)  SOLD
Hard Road - Pain in My Heart/ Movin' Down The Line -Marjon (US) SOLD
Influence, The - Driving Me Wild/ I Want to Live-Orange (UK) 
Lucifer  ‎– Mr Jack / Mr Jack -private (UK) SOLD
Lucifer  ‎– Pr**k / Want It-private (UK) 
Merriday Park ‎– Witchcraft / My Shady Friend -Columbia (Canada)    SOLD    
Morse Code Transmission - Satan's Song/ Cold Society -RCA (Canada)  SOLD
Nick Simper's Dynamite ‎– St. Louis / Soul Rider -Ariola (Dutch pic sleeve) 
Old Scratch - Devil Take You/Diamond Lady –Colly Records  (Canada) 
Pentagram ‎– Livin' In A Ram's Head/ When The Screams Come -High Voltage (US) SOLD
Raving Maniac, the - Rock n Roll Man/ Freedom -Cricket (US) 
Rog & Pip - From a Window/ Warlord -Philips German pic sleeve SOLD      
Smog ‎– Wiched Man/ Time For The Blues -M&G (Peru) SOLD
The Jax - The Jax are Back (Live)/ The Jax Are Back -Baddog (US) SOLD

Part 4: Aussie Heavy Rock, Glam, Bonehead and dripping Grillfat…

Ash band–Let's Go/ Since She Left Me –Kanandra (AUS)  
Buffalo- Just a Little Rock and Roll/Barbershop Rock -Philips (AUS) 
Buffalo- Little Queenie /The Girl Can't Help It -Vertigo (AUS)  
Buffalo- Lucky /On My Way Vertigo (AUS)   
Buffalo- Sunrise (Come My Way) /Pound Of Flesh -Philips (AUS) 
Buffalo- Suzie Sunshine /No Particular Place to Go -Philips (AUS)              
Buffalo- Sweet Little Sixteen /Essukay-Vertigo (AUS) 
Buffalo- What's Going On /I'm Coming Home -Philips (AUS) 
Bullet–Rock My Lady/Mover –Chicago (AUS)  SOLD
Finch –Out of Control/And She Sing –Picture Records Australa (AUS) SOLD
Geeza–Song to Warilla/Dragon Queen –Living Sound (AUS) 
Geeza–Sydney City Ladies/Run n Hide –Laser (AUS) SOLD
Geeza–Vambo/Get It –Living Sound (AUS)  SOLD
Nitro–Blues in My Shoes/For Me or For You –Warm and Genuine (AUS)  SOLD
Sweaty Betty–Every Little Thing/Man of The World –Van Diemen (AUS)  
U-Turn –Living in The City/Do You Remember –Laser (AUS) 
U-Turn –Sidewalk Teaser/One Day Love Affair –Laser (AUS) 
U-Turn –Traffic Lights/Long Lost Years –Laser (AUS)  SOLD

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